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Apple will soon introduce a new trade-in program that will accept Androids and other non-Apple smartphones, reports 9to5Mac. Citing sources familiar with the upcoming rollout, the outlet says the program will be very similar to Apple’s existing iPhone trade-in program, which provides customers with gift cards to be used towards the purchase of a new iPhone.

Trade-in values of smartphones will be determined by Apple Store representatives, based on the age of the device as well as its cosmetic and functioning condition. The reps are said to be beginning extensive training sessions later this week, which will better prepare them to appraise these new devices when the program launches sometime in “the coming weeks.”

The move is the latest in Apple’s larger campaign to increase iPhone sales within its retail stores. In July of 2013 Tim Cook held a secret summit for Apple’s retail leadership, noting that although 80% of iPhones were not sold at Apple Stores, the chain accounted for at least 50% of all repairs and replacements. He then outlined his plan to change those numbers.

Since then, Apple has gone on the offensive with a new trade-in program, various in-store promotions and even offering free content within the Apple Store app to attract users. And it all seems to be working too. In January, Apple announced that it sold over 70 million iPhones during the holiday quarter, and it’s on track to sell another 50+ million this quarter.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • mlee19841

    They need to jumb in the mobile carrier game and offer unlimited data!

    • They used to and I still have it. 😉

  • Interesting. I’m curious how much they the low end models are going to be worth.

    • Fanboy 

      Considering that even the higher end android phones dont retain their value for long even on the 3rd party market, then consider you’re going to instantly lose a good % for trade in value, these guys should be glad to get a $25 iTunes gift card for their junk LOL

      Hopefully though Apple gives an appealing enough offer to help switch some people over.

      • Thanks for typing what I wanted to say lol.

      • Fanboy 

        Haha, read your mind! Welcome ;D

      • George

        The htc one m8 is going for the same price as an iPhone 5s on eBay so idk wtf you are smoking

      • Fanboy 

        Is that so? lol. Bye

      • Ethan Monteon

        I’ll take the HTC M8! Root that suckered up and make it even more amazing than the iPhone! (even if it was jailbroken)

      • Buying an M8 makes you a sucker lol. The M9 is coming out soon. Just sucker up and buy that one instead.

      • Ethan Monteon

        Were talking about the M8 though. Do you see a 9 anywhere? Still point proven I will be buy the M9.

      • Funny how you don’t notice your a sucker for buying either one.

      • Ethan Monteon

        If buying the M8 or M9 makes me a sucker then so be it.

      • Ethan Monteon

        Android is just awesome for me, especially with root access. I love flashing roms. 😛

      • Have fun with that lagtastic interface.

      • Ethan Monteon

        have fun with the limited environment.

      • Limited or secure? I’ve seen plenty of android devices with ransom ware and that needed to be factory reset to return for normal use. Haven’t seen a single iPhone with that. After jailbreaking its not limited and still secure from those infections..

      • Ethan Monteon

        You must be blind or ignorant if you haven’t heard about any of the potential malware that can infect iPhones and Macs. Oh and FYI yeah you are still limited with the jailbreak since everything is either an extension to the file system or editing an icon.

      • Not ignorant. Check my link I’ve been working on all types of phones for years. With Android you’ll get ransom ware ware from the Google Play store. That’s something you don’t normally have to worry about with Apple from the App store.

      • Ethan Monteon

        I’ve had my fair share of phones as well and while it is true that Google Play is home to malware, I still believe that Android has something that iPhone (or any apple product for that matter) will never have. True innovation.

      • Not just had, We repair phones and computers. Sure macs get infected too but never seen a single iPhone infection. Android is okay just not as good as iOS. Sure having most features first is good but that’s it. I don’t want first I want done right, not beta test.

      • Ethan Monteon

        If you repair phones then wouldn’t you agree that jailbreaking an iPhone or iPod or whatever the heck you do it on just someone infecting their Device? I mean your basically just injecting unauthorized code. By Apples standards id say they’d classify that as a bug or malware even. Another thing is that if you don’t want a beta test then why Jailbreak? There’s really no telling what’s stable in Cydia? I mean isn’t that why most people even jailbreak there stuff. To have the most features?

      • I like the Apple phones more than the company itself. If the customer wants the phone jail broken we let them know the good and the bad. Either way its still more secure than a factory unroooted Android POS. We also sell phones too. I see the repeating history of Android having stupid errors all the time. iPhones aren’t perfect either, far from it, but after repairing all brands for years now I still prefer an iPhone over any Android device.

      • Ethan Monteon

        Well yeah from your perspective I can understand that. An iPhone is a basic thing and this easy to fix (whether stock or jailbroken) Android on the other had is somewhat difficult, there could be a number of reasons as to why it’s damaged varying on the phone and whatever the hell the user did because once again the number of reasons are astounding.

      • Which is why iOS is less vulnerable to novice users. Also have far less astounding reasons on why you’d need a restore.

      • Ethan Monteon

        Yes, yes what you say is true but personally I like a challenge which is why android is my personal favorite. I always get a kick outta fixing my phone and my friends phones. I wouldn’t call it a business (since I do it for free) but rather a really bad habit.

      • Im that way as well. This day and time it shouldnt be that easy for your mobile OS to get that bad in the first place. People lives depend on their phones now. Thats why I prefer iOS.

      • Ethan Monteon

        Hmm you make some seriously valid points about iOS. While it is good have all the best features, Apple has done a seriously good job at making them stable and somewhat more efficient for people which is really what most phone companies should be doing. Looks like you’ve really enlightened me today. Then again i am only sixteen and thus not much of a chore. Still I feel somewhat different about the matter at hand.

      • Guest

        Ransoms started on jailbroken iphones…you are aware of that?

      • I am aware they started on PC, arrived on Android, recently possible to happen on iOS . Not very common though. Definitely can’t get it from the App store as easily as you can from the Play store.

      • George

        You’re such a moron

      • George

        I could find the most expensive htc one aswell you dumb troll

      • mike

        *searches for the highest iPhone 5s price and the lowest M8 price* smh

      • Fanboy 

        #Facts: That M8 was the FIRST listing to show up in my search, and that iPhone 5S was the SECOND listing in my search. Guess what? That single M8 is still there LOL. The iPhone 5S listing showed it had already sold 42 at the time, and doing a search again right now shows its at 47 sold. Dismiss yourself kindly 🙂

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      They’re ALL low end models…

    • Benedict

      You mean low-end devices with around 1280×720 displays? Like the iphone 6 has?

      • Yea the ones that no matter the resolution look and function better.

      • Benedict

        Oh ok. Then we talk about the same Androids…

      • No definity not androids. The low-end are low end. Givin away for free most of the time.

      • Mike

        iPhones are low end too but dumbass buy them for a much higher price and don’t have a clue they are getting ripped off. My HTC HD2 from 2009 can still out perform iphones right now and probably has the same specs

      • Yea it can probably out perform a 2g and 3g. Nothing else.

    • MKB4k

      Nobody I know in the technology game would legitimately choose any iPhone over any Android handsets.

      Apple is so far behind in reality and technology it’s sad that people even waist there money on Apple products.

      At the end of the day Samsung owns Apple and always will Apple doesn’t make products they just put there name on shit others make for them.

      • That only means you don’t know the right people… Samsung outsources there own devices too, anyone I know in the technology game knows that no company makes all of their own components. IF you didn’t know that then you definitely shouldn’t be talking.

  • Joe Brunet

    Not gonna happen

  • Probably just another rip-off trade-in program for the lazy, we’ll see how merciless or merciful it is this time…

  • mike


    • Kurt

      My Note 3 is still better than the iPhone 6 Plus in most ways.

      • Mike

        My HTC HD2 from 2009 is still better than iPhones right now