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Apple Stores across the globe have posted backlit displays showing off the new Apple Watch and 12-inch MacBook, ahead of the devices’ launch next month.

The new graphics are in typical Apple fashion, showing large images of the products and their detail for customers to see. As you can imagine, Apple has posted these images to get customers’ minds wandering about the new Apple products, hoping it prompts purchases in less than a month.


The MacBook graphic shows off the laptop’s new gold color option, while the Apple Watch graphics show off various bands and cases, including the milanese loop, leather band, and Apple Watch Edition.

Apple Watch preorders and in-store previews begin on April 10, the same day Apple’s MacBook is set to hit store shelves and Apple’s online store. The Apple Watch will be available to purchase on April 24.

Source: Instagram via AppleInsider

  • Can we get an article about the dial on the Watch? I feel like iDB has covered EVERYTHING there is to know about this stupid thing by now…

    • Merman123

      Bitter much?

    • CS

      It is the newest product apple has released…since the 2010 iPad. I think they are doing a fine job covering the info on it.

      • Merman123

        I hate when an Apple website covers Apple products extensively……. -____-

  • @dongiuj

    Visuals, now believed to hypnotise blind people.

    • BoardDWorld

      “Give me your credit card, who cares if you can’t afford it”