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When you surf online with an unencrypted device, you’re naturally exposing yourself to risk. Using a VPN is a simple and easy step you can take to protect yourself. But what does complete, lifelong VPN security and protection cost?

With this deal from iDownloadBlog, you can get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for just $39.

Jam-packed with features, VPN Unlimited offers complete and unrestricted online protection for your lifetime. Naturally, it will protect your surfing history, and encrypt and secure your data when surfing on a public Wi-Fi connection, but it does so much more. You get unlimited traffic with no restrictions, an unlimited high-speed connection, and servers located across the world to ensure complete, unrestricted and unaffected access.

It also allows you to bypass annoying web content restrictions, enabling you to access content from across the world. VPN Unlimited 3.0 has servers across various locations, which just sweetens the deal whilst upping your protection. VPN Unlimited owns and operates servers in Romania, Canada, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Ukraine, Japan and Texas.

It is compatible with iPhone 4 and up and Mac OS X 10.7 and up. The lifetime subscription will give you access for up to 5 devices. You can even access hands-on statistics for each device to see what you’ve been using.

As cyber-threats increase, we all need to take control of our protection online so give yourself lifelong cover with VPN Unlimited, all this for just $39.

  • Adan

    Yeah, you keep trying flog this VPN service, but they have a zero tolerance for torrent downloading, so, NO THANKS.

    • C Mac

      I don’t see any Torrent restrictions when I look at the VPN unlimited website. Where did you find that out?

      • Adan

        Google search “vpn unlimited review” and chose a reddit review. Scroll down to a post by blackVPN.

      • Adan


      • ‘Ariff

        are there any other catches besides Torrenting?

      • Adan

        I suppose any other activity of dubious legality. But seriously, just don’t buy this.

  • Faisal

    Is it better than hotspot?

    • Annie Leonhardt

      NO! Speeds are reduced by 74%… do NOT purchase. Don’t believe me, they have a free trial…

  • n0ahcruz3

    Has anyone here tried kebrum free vpn for pc’s? If u guys ever used popcorn time

  • Annie Leonhardt

    Their VPN is pure garbage. Servers so slow, you won’t even get half the internet speeds you have now.

    Tested their VPN with same country and state as location… I didn’t even get 50% of my speeds. HotspotShield USA as location.. I get 100% of my speeds. Just goes to show, they have crap servers. Do NOT purchase.

    If you need a VPN … go to DigitalOcean purchase a server, install Debian 7, and install Squid VPN… there you go, you can now use that server as a VPN. 1gbps network. You will see 0 reduction in your internet speeds 😉

    • Enrrique510

      What is your isp? What were you using it for? US based servers on VPN are not worth trying, if your in said country its always better to use out of the country. Because even though VPN may try, ISP in US location can still affect the VPN. I always use a country such as Argentina. Rememeber some countries do not affect “Virtual network” only its own country ISP traffic.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Dude… the location of the VPN does not affect the connection of the VPN. Trust me, I run my own VPN on a Digital Ocean server running Debian 7 using Squid and OpenVPN. 1gbps port, and based in NY, California, and London. No speed reduction from any of them… Quality VPS servers.

        Now, yes I tested them out on their China, UK, and Japan servers… 99% speed reduction in those countries.

        ISP speed is 25 mbps average.

        After VPN in those countries, speed is 0.45mbps

        Speed in the US based in same state and out of state I get 2 mbps…

        VPN is heavily depended on the servers ability to route your traffic.

        DigitalOcean servers: speed 967 mbps download 617 mbps upload. They can route traffic across the country and not lose speed. The power of a 1gbps port.

        I bet these guys are running their VPN service from their own home. lol

        $39 for a lifetime seemed like a good deal, until you realized it’s $39 for a lifetime because it’s crap and they can’t get sales otherwise.

    • HamptonWalley

      Thanks for reccommendation, Can I find any guide, how could I setup this DigitalOcean VPN thing? Currently I’m trying this HotspotShield and seems good, but not sure to continue with this or Ocean?

      • Annie Leonhardt

        There are plenty of guides to setting up a VPN server with DigitalOcean. HotspotShield is good. You won’t see reduced speeds with them. I prefer using DigitalOcean since I have more control and can add many features to my VPN such as auto rotating IPs every few minutes. But, the cheapest server with DigitalOcean is $5 a month which is powerful enough for a VPN, but that’s around $60 a year compared to Hotspotshield’s Free and paid version of $29.95 a year.

        Though with DigitalOcean, you can create your own billing system and add users to your VPN for a monthly fee which can cover your own costs if you want to.

        Both are good.

        Tutorials for VPN on DigitalOcean

        http://www.digitalocean .com/community/tags/vpn

      • HamptonWalley

        Many thanks, i guess I purchase Hotspotshield VPN, it is really easy to set up and the price is absolutely acceptable.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Good choice!

  • Valinor

    Sad, so sad….still trying to sell this garbage.
    Stop spamming us with this stuff.

    • I sure liked iDB a whole lot more before they started trying to sell these gimmick products….

  • Meerkat Mick

    And it drops out for no good reason, in the process of going elsewhere

  • FreeGreezyDoe

    Just go with private Internet access they don’t record your info

    • Enrrique510

      They are US based they do log terms and conditions

      • Cameron

        Actually in US there’s no legal obligation for them to log unlike in Europe or some other countries. So its really whether you trust them and if they don’t have a legal obligation to do so I don’t see why they would lie.

  • Alexander Gennadievich

    VPN dropped a few times over the past couple of hours, however SpeedTest shows pretty good speeds for my connection, only 5-15% speed reduction. Considering it’s a lifetime offer, I think it’s worth it. Hopefully it will keep improving.

  • OneBigInFiniteJoint

    i am happy with Cloak !!!

  • Oshane Williamson

    This is a great VPN it never dropped for me, it has never effected my speed much I tested it to prove it. your comments are over exaggerated I only use it on my phone so far and it works great.

    • duepointe

      i have been using this for 6 months and so far its been great for the price i got. its $18 for 3 years. i just got a new email to get the lifetime service for $18 again.. im in asia and use it mainly to stream netfilx and hulu..

  • Enrrique510

    Read which countries have data retention. And terms and conditions on those VPN(each vpn follow different rules) try countries such as brazil(even though they may join Data Retention soon) or my personal favorite Argentina and/or Luxemberg. And if you want Torrent specific VPN, read on reviews because even though some countries “say” they support Torrent, they will still “throttle” remember reviews are “paid” at times so be careful how statements are written.

  • James Vang

    I don’t think i need to change my provider anymore because I am using PureVPN from VpnRanks. I am with this provider from past couple of years and having no problem with it.

  • Sally Croft

    Its a great deal, some more best deals on VPN, you will found on PureVPN. Hurry up!