One of my favorite apps on iOS, and my early pick for iOS app of the year, Workflow, has received a fairly significant update. Not only does it usher in a ton of different bug fixes, but there are some meaty content additions as well.

Included in Workflow version 1.1.2 is a new action to translate text between different languages, a new call via Skype action, and support for a new grid mode when combining images. Needless to say, if you’re a Workflow user, you should head over to the App Store and grab the free update.

Workflow Skype Image Grid

Here’s a full change log featuring all of the new features and fixes:

Workflow 1.1.2

Interestingly, all of Workflow’s releases feature codenames. Version 1.1.2 is named Bubble Tea.

  • Five new actions, including one to translate text between different languages
  • Added a plus/minus button to number keypads for typing negative numbers
  • Added a grid mode to Combine Images and improved memory handling (it should work in extensions now)
  • Fixed a crash when deleting workflows on iOS 8.3
  • Fixed a crash when running workflows from the home screen
  • Fixed an issue where Edit Image would shrink images and updated Aviary tools
  • Fixed an issue where Delete Files from Dropbox did not properly finish
  • Fixed an issue where adding an event with an alert did not save the alert
  • Fixed an issue where the Play Music action wouldn’t always work
  • Fixed sharing ZIP files
  • Fixed getting workflows from the gallery when using VoiceOver
  • Fixed issues with Quick Look at the bottom of the workflow
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs

The new actions included are as follows:

  • Translate Text
  • Get Tally
  • Update Tally
  • Add Task to The Hit List
  • Call via Skype

Interested in seeing what a combined image grid looks like? I was too. It’s one of the first new features that I tried out, and I wasn’t met with disappointment. Here’s what a 10-image grid looks like:

Workflow Grid

Pretty cool, no? You can download Workflow from the App Store for $4.99.

  • QuarterSwede

    Heck yes.

  • Faisal

    I can’t find the Skype work flow? Can anyone tell me why?

    • Do you have Skype installed?

      • Faisal

        Yes it is installed and it just popped up under contacts tab. Thanks

        Also, do you reckon the developer can have action buttons for each action added in the app on iOS share sheet insted of just one Run Workflow button? Dynamic buttons would be awesome.

      • Faisal

        I simply love Workflow. I made this one and it makes much easier to make calls through Skype by selecting the contact from iOS’s, simply by tapping contact>share contact>run workflow>call via skype and it makes the call. Try it yourself too.

        If only developer can make it look pretty by giving us dynamic buttons within the sharesheet, so instead of tapping Run Workflow then it takes you to another pages, we could have Call via Skype button within share sheet and it looks pretty too.