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Apple is running its rumored electric car projectcode-named “Titan,” through a shell company called SixtyEight Research from a small top-secret office building in Sunnyvale, California, just minutes away from the company’s 1 Infinite Loop headquarters in Cupertino, according to intriguing findings published Friday by AppleInsider.

Citing two people with knowledge of the project, the publication claims the Titan building, itself code-named “SG5,” is home to recruits from Tesla and Apple’s other automotive related hires. One person claims that some of the projects underway there have been kept “very secret” within the company.

“To keep their presence under the radar, Apple employees have allegedly been told to turn their official company badges around when entering the building,” a source said.

Another source with an unproven track record contended that Apple bought automotive testing hardware that was delivered to offices near its Cupertino headquarters.

Just to be clear, Apple already has a strong presence in Sunnyvale.

As reported last May, it was looking to set up a seven-building campus which spans nearly 300,000 square feet previously owned by semiconductor firm Maxim Integrated.

City documents and commercial property sources indicated Apple would move about 1,450 workers to the Sunnyvale campus. AppleInsider’s sources asserted that much of the App Store review team works out of these offices. Moreover, the iPhone maker recently invited select developers to test out WatchKit at the Sunnyvale lab.

As for SixtyEight Research, it has a pretty barren website which identifies the company as a market research firm. That being said, there’s very little evidence that the firm has actually done any real projects for clients.

“We are experts in market research, helping companies find the relevant market data and industry analysis required to make informed decisions,” reads a short notice on the SixtyEight website, which was registered through GoDaddy less than a year ago.

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Sources apparently told authors Neil Hughes and Mikey Campbell that project Titan is well beyond the concept stage, with “serious work” underway at the Sunnyvale office and Apple already “receiving shipments” related to the project.

While the report couldn’t determine with a high degree of certainty if car-related work is being carried out at the Sunnyvale campus, Apple’s “large presence” on the premises, which include an “auto work area” and a 4,239 square foot “repair garage,” has been established beyond doubt.

When AppleInsider visited SixtyEight’s headquarters at building ‘175’ earlier this week, its windows were a “frosted opaque, and security cameras were visible outside,” notes the story.

“Even more interesting, however, was a note taped to SixtyEight’s front door. It informs drivers that the company’s lobby has been moved to a new address: the same office complex’s flagship three-story building, leased entirely by Apple.”

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It’s worth noting for the sake of completeness that Apple has been leasing other nearby buildings for years so it’s not like this is the first time the firm’s put up shop in Sunnyvale.

In addition to the campus building described in the aforelinked May 2014 report, Apple in 2012 signed a lease in the city for a four-building campus that now accommodates close to 1,300 employees. That same year, it began building a similar six-building campus in Santa Clara, California.

Apple’s electric car dreams were previously detailed in reports by The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Reuters and Bloomberg.

Source: AppleInsider

  • Jordan Agaran Riley

    After seeing the prices of the watches….I feel like they’re going to end up trying to charge a good $1,000,000 for this car -_- lol

    • X5

      That will be the price of the student discounted Apple Care not the car.

      • Brian Brown


    • Fanboy 

      Wrong, the car itself will be priced fairly (just like the Watch). The tires however, will run $20,000 each 😉

      • They’ll probably use proprietary pentalobe nuts and bolts too so you can’t easily change them 😛

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I can already see the limited and the “behind the market” battery life coming. That’s the Apple way.

    • Fanboy 

      Since when is Apple’s battery life behind the market? Find me another phone that has the same mAh battery capacity that the iPhone 6 does and see which one lasts longer. You cant compare a phone with 1,810mAh to a huge fat android with a 3,000mAh battery, OBVIOUSLY those will last longer doesnt take a engineer to tell you that much.

      • Well said

      • Tommy Gumbs

        LOL. wouldn’t expect any other type of resonse from someone who calls themselves Fanboy. LATER!

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Ok I lied…I have to respond. Your comment is ridiculous because it is not about the size of the battery. For example, race cars use tinier, but stronger batteries. Now the faster the car the more the different the battery will be. A better example is buying a red top batter versus a blue from Auto zone. The red top is smaller and stronger.

        And when is Apples battery life behind th market..? Let’s use the watch for example. apples will not last a day….but thier competitors have watches that will last days.

      • Dude, you really need to learn to research outside the Apple store. The Samsung Galaxy S2 (http://bit. ly/1BgcUsG) had a smaller battery than that, it was 1650 mAh, yet it was still able to get 10 hours of screen on time. To put it into perspective, my OnePlus One today gets just 6 hours of screen on time, but look how spread that usage can be. Just ’cause Apple fails to do something doesn’t mean others can’t…but never expected a fanboy to know anything beyond what their divine corporation tells them.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        You you really expect a “fanboy” to figure that out? He still thinks bigger means better. Lol.

      • Fanboy 

        OMG OMG YOU CALLED ME A FANBOY WHAT AN INSULT EVEN THOUGH THATS WHAT MY NAME IS LOL. I put it specifically for people like you. Btw, I didn’t say there isn’t ways to improve battery life, optimizing software is a very important and Apple is known for having he best software optimization to improve battery life. My point is you always have people comparing an iPhone to another type of android that always has a WAY bigger mAh capacity and then claim iPhone battery sucks. Do we wish apple would put a bigger battery? Of course we do, but Apple is obsessed with design. Not to mention a lot of androids are running AMOLED screens so that does greatly help them too. Point is 99% of the comparisons people make to iPhones are always androids with a much higher battery capacity.

      • “Point is 99% of the comparisons people make to iPhones are always androids with a much higher battery capacity.”

        So what? Who’s fault is it that Apple chose to remain behind the market with crappy battery capacity? That’s the point Tommy was making…no need for the asinine bait switch game.

      • 10 hours of on screen battery life doing what? Also what other factors come into play? Is this 10 hours of battery life off because of the batteries alone or is the processor energy efficient so that the battery life is longer? What about the software is the OS attempting to do any sort of battery saving? There’s a lot of factors that come into play when discussing battery life…

        The only true way to quantify battery life is likely via benchmarks (since every device is subject to the same testing). For example here’s the result of the Geekbench battery life benchmark on my iPhone 5s. I don’t know how good or bad this is since I’ve not compared it to other devices but I’m guessing it’s not that great…

      • Why not go to the source and have a look for yourself? It was 10 hours of constant usage with the screen on, mostly gaming (according to their battery stats screenshot).

        “Is this 10 hours of battery life off because of the batteries alone or is the processor energy efficient so that the battery life is longer? What about the software is the OS attempting to do any sort of battery saving? There’s a lot of factors that come into play when discussing battery life…”

        So you’re admitting Android could be better optimized for battery than iOS? That’s kinda part of the point; just ’cause Apple fails to accomplish something, doesn’t mean others can’t.

      • I can’t admit to Android being better optimised in the battery department then iOS since that would imply I’ve actually tested Android out for a large period of time. I do highly suspect that Android is optimised to preserve batter life though…

    • Timothy Chan

      Not if they use simular methods with TESLA’s

      • Tommy Gumbs

        if they can’t even match the battery life of watch makers that have had the markets for a few years now………then I doubt it.

  • Freddie Webster

    The future is here

  • my guess is that it’s gonna be packed with Mercedes-made features and it’s gonna cost at least $68.000 (it’s a hatchback and it’s not made of gold ;P)

  • Dante Arellano

    Apple is no ready may in 20 years

  • jp2002

    They will announce the car at wwdc 2022 and get it out by 2025. By then android drive would be in place with samsung mass manufacturing s-car.