If you are anything like us, your MacBook is an essential part of your life – powering your work, arranging your social life and, in some case, providing our livelihoods. Losing power is often simply not an option, which is why you need the brand new BatteryBox Macbook charger.

This unassuming little beast (smaller than a soda can) stores enough power for 13 hours of extra battery life for a MacBook Air and 7.4 hours with a MacBook Pro. The charger is made specifically for MacBooks, with a custom cord already fitted to the unit that will work all MacBooks made after mid-2012 with MagSafe 2 Connector.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t charge other things too – there’s a spare USB port for all of your power needs. You can use them both at the same time to charge multiple devices.

The BatteryBox isn’t your average charger: rather than “charging” your laptop’s battery, the BatteryBox “powers” it. That means your battery % will remain the same, and the MacBook is pulling it’s power directly from the battery box instead of the internal battery. This process is supposed to increase efficiency.

They claim it has a life of over 3,000 charging cycles, compared to 300-800 for most batteries.  When not in use, the BatteryBox keeps outputs in ‘off’ mode. It protects against shorting, has a lovely LED battery display and works with the BatteryOS function to keep your precious power source in tip-top condition.

The unit ships free in the US for $134.99, 38% off the $220 MSRP (also available to our international readers). This is especially nice considering the product is brand new and has never been discounted before. Check it out here.

  • Tim

    I am curious as to why the connector at the laptop-side has this weird hook shape instead of just the magnetic one like the original charger.

    • Dodgy Debjit

      Yeah its odd. Maybe its not allowed to be magnetic for patent reasons and its therefore some kind of mechanism for clamping the connector to the Mac case.

      Unfortunately the $80 premium to ship overseas kills it for me.

  • Gervaas

    Isn’t MagSafe patented?