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The purpose of Apple Watch is something that has been greatly discussed ever since the company first unveiled it last September, and as the release date nears, it seems to be the topic of even more arguments.

Admittedly, Apple isn’t doing a great job at highlighting the true selling points of Apple Watch. If you go to the Watch mini site on, the first thing Apple tells you about it is that it is an incredibly precise timepiece. I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall ever wondering if the time I was looking at (be it on my iPhone, my Mac, or my microwave clock) was indeed precise, and I imagine most people feel the same.

To me, there are three features Apple should have made essential parts of its marketing materials. The company either didn’t feel the need to because they aren’t actual features per se, or maybe Apple didn’t realize their importance, something that can only be measured as you use the device day in day out for an extended period of time.

I will not pretend I know better than Apple when it comes to communicating. That’s clearly not the case, but as someone who’s been using a Pebble every day for over a year, I believe I have a very good sense of what makes a smartwatch so indispensable.

Read this first

Before you go any further down this page, there needs to be some sort of warning. I am very well aware that everything I am talking about here can be summed up by the popular hashtag #firstworldproblems. But just like it was hard to make people understand back in 2007 how indispensable the iPhone was and why they needed one, it is incredibly hard to formulate the necessity of an Apple Watch. Until you have used a smartwatch, you just don’t know how essential it is to your daily life.


As a device worn on the wrist, interaction with Apple Watch is a fast, easy, and instant involvement. There is no need to reach for the phone in your pocket to find out who is texting you and what this person is saying. It makes communicating more immediate.

This is arguably a first world problem, but let’s not lie to ourselves: we jump on our phones at the slightest ringtone or vibration. We love the idea of being connected to so many people, and we love it when a new notification appears on our screens. Apple Watch will bring those communications even closer to us, instantly.


Convenience is an extension of immediacy, and both are very much tied together, in my opinion. Just like we like to get access to things instantly, we like to have access to them easily, and again, Apple Watch will offer just that, at the raise of a wrist.

There is no time wasted reaching for a device to find out about a notification that could be trivial. Think about it. How many times have you reached for your iPhone to have a peek at the latest notification to find out it was something you didn’t care about. It’s time wasted. It’s inconvenience to get your phone out of your pocket for something that may be trivial.

With Apple Watch, you can simply raise your wrist and have a glance at what is happening. You can decide to act on it, or you can decide to go on with your day. No friction, just plain convenience.


To me, focus is intrinsically tied to immediacy and convenience. Because of the immediate and ease of access to our connected world, Apple Watch allows us to be more focused on things that require our immediate attention.

Any time I am not spending looking for my phone, unlocking it, and launching an app is time I can use to focus on things I am currently doing. It could be focusing on my work, focusing on my driving, or more importantly, focusing on the people I am physically interacting with.

Disrupting a conversation to look at your phone is something that is mostly accepted nowadays, although I still find it extremely rude to talk to someone who’s looking at his phone and gently nodding as if he was still part of the conversation. With that said, quickly glancing at a notification on your wrist while sitting at dinner with the in-laws is much more socially acceptable than pulling your iPhone out of your pocket to see what that notification was about.

With glances, Apple Watch gives you a bite size look at your notification in a very discrete way. The screen size and its somewhat limited capabilities also allow for less distraction. In contrast, the iPhone is merciless in that once you unlock it to act on an incoming message, you soon get drawn to its attention grab in the form of other alerts, messages, apps, etc.


As I mentioned above, there is no obviousness in all this. It’s only when you live with Apple Watch for an extended period of time that you realize the most incredible features aren’t the gimmicky heartbeats you can send to your friends, or the tracking of some basic health indicators. The most important features of Apple Watch are those that allow you to quickly and easily stay connected while still giving all your focus and attention to the physical world you’re in. It’s the time saved. It’s the convenience of communication without the burden of distraction. It’s the connectivity to the whole world without the disconnection from our immediate world.

Yet again, just like you didn’t really know how much you needed an iPhone until you owned one, you won’t know how much you need an Apple Watch until you get one.

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      • batyoma

        Too Long. Didn’t Read

      • SoylentGreen

        Atleast your honest, I search they things as and when needed lol ☺

      • SoylentGreen

        This statement needs accompanied by the French “shrug of contempt” to be fully appreciated 😉

      • Is that the esteemed “moue”? Or the audible “henh” or something like, translated in sub-titled movies as (“scoffs”)? Though “moue” is more pout than shrug, I think. Any Francophones on the line?

      • BoardDWorld

        This post was a bit of a laugh, sounds more like you’re try to convince yourself(& perhaps the wife) there’s good reason in spending an addition $400-$1000 each year… It looks like at least you are more than well and truly convinced 🙂

      • GR

        Millions of people pay more than that for watches that only tells the time. So yes. I’m already convince.

      • BoardDWorld

        I’ve had my watch for 6 years and people still comment on it. It has no expiry date. The Apple Watch isn’t a diamond, it’s a throw away product that will be annually superseded by a later generation and should be priced as such.

      • GR

        People will find something to talk it down. The longetivity is gonna be the one. The truth is people don’t care how long your watch will last. People buying the Apple Watch are not buying it because it will last 20 years. We could careless.
        Just like any Apple product. Buy it. Sell it two years later for a good price, buy a new one.
        There’re plenty of people that buy 2 or 3 years old iPhone and iPads. It will not change with the Watch.
        People will not care about keeping an Apple Watch for 10 years.
        Like it or not.

      • BoardDWorld

        There’s a ton to talk down about the current Apple Watch, not just the longevity. I buy and sell in secondhand Apple products(mostly iPhone) and for the past 2 years they’ve been loosing a lot in resale value due to supply & demand which overall comes down to senseless updates every year. For the first time ever I can easily buy 64GB 5S in as new condition for 50% of the original cost. Typically it would have been 75%.

      • GR

        Exactly. People will buy Apple Watch and sell it after 4 years. 4 or 5 years will be the average upgrade cycle. Unlike phones, you don’t need to upgrade your watch that often.

      • BoardDWorld

        Really? what with all the planned sensors missing, poor battery life & thick profile, all eventually resolved with new models. With out a doubt, like all things Apple the first iteration is a joke, funded by enthusiasts that have nothing better to do with their money. There will be good reason to upgrade annually for at least the next 3 years if you’re, cough-cough, lets say “SMART” enough to invest in the first place

      • GR

        Still. Product line have to start some where. Instead of being so negative about it just wait for the second gen. Tons of people don’t care about waiting. Battery life is not bad, if people really want the extra sensor when 2nd gen comes out they can upgrade. Just like every years some people upgrade their iPhones before the two years mark because they want to.

        Even if only 10% users buy it. That’s still plenty of sales that will support a 2nd gen

      • BoardDWorld

        Negative and realistic are 2 different things.

      • GR

        Same comments were made for the iPod, iPhone, iPad

      • BoardDWorld

        That was back when they were they most refined product available, they just totally aren’t anymore. Take this $370 Mi Note for example Sony 13mp OIS with no lump and thinner, all quality parts including under the radar things like a far superior digitiser, more than double storage access speeds…

      • GR

        and a serious lack of ecosystem and OS support. Glad they don’t sell that crap In US and they never will.

      • BoardDWorld

        That comment show’s just how much you don’t know. The ecosystem massive. Where you went completely wrong is the OS (MiUI) is completely driven by the users and support is above any other smartphone manufacturer. Something wrong and the teams are listening. The weekly updates are far more stable than Apples official releases, that is a fact.

      • GR

        And we know user supported OS end up no where

      • BoardDWorld

        Correction, I said driven. The OS supports itself but actually listens its users and proactively encourages comment via official forums. You know a bit like Apple’s official forums, but moderators actually respond, run polls etc.

      • GR

        Meh. I’m only glad that company won’t be allowed to sell phones in US.

      • BoardDWorld

        Meh.? Nice argument.. I’m glad to say that in future they will be very present in the US. It’s just a saturated market so the immediate interest isn’t there for growth. But they will be coming because somehow the US does emit global trends. Take Beats, the product is mediocre at best but it sells. Sadly, in regards to Smartphones, Apple has become Beats and ironically enough they bought them. Initially I was puzzled at the large purchase, why couldn’t Apple just spend an extra $15 on manufacturing the ultimate ear buds to ship with their premium phone? Stepping back and looking at it now it was the perfect marriage despite the massive dowry.

      • GR

        What ever you wanna believe. Cool. Sadly you are wrong iPhone still the leader in innovation and in US that company won’t survive courts. They stilt rightful their company in China where stealing is permitted. Glad they will not survive in US.

      • GR

        won’t be allowed in US. Law won’t allow it

      • BoardDWorld

        Yeah, just like the law didn’t allow the G S1 which was completely copied from the 3G/S. In the mean time they’re not even supporting US LTE etc so they obviously don’t care at all about the US. 2 months on this Mi3 and it lays all iPhones to shame. The Mi3 display is better than the 6/Plus, no wonder the 6S will try use Japan Display this year, the digitiser doesn’t care about being in your pocket or having even wet hands, it always works. My Mi Band that monitors my steps, runs, sleep, vibrate & LED colour code notifications and unlocks my phone instantly as if there was no pin, no touch ID required lasts 40 Days or more on one charge. I have converted 6 people in 1 month. Seeing is believing… I sold my 64GB 5S and bought the 64GB Mi3 second hand for $180 as a trial to the Mi Note. I’m keeping the Mi3.. it’s that good. I received $200 extra while upgrading.

      • GR

        Whatever floats your boat. I have never converted anyone. They just bought what ever they bought because this what they like. Glad xiomi piece of cramp will not make it to US. Unlike Samsung, apple and Samsung are working together to keep them out. And do not come here comparing prices. People do not buy phone looking at prices. People buy what every they want and don’t care how much it cost. Keep you crappy mi3. Piece of crap hardware.

      • BoardDWorld

        Such insight, such play with words. I must admit defeat here and now. Just to note, it was their choice. I didn’t exactly convert, I only showed how Miui 6 and the quality hardware works vs Apple’s current line up using a 1.5 year old device from Xiaomi… Now their friends are wanting one and so the chain goes on spreading.

      • GR

        What ever dude. I have seen one and I would not get that crap even for free. Your friend are a few of millions. They will never be sold at US carriers.

      • Keyan Fayaz

        I think every/most iDB articles need a TL;DR, I understand it’s your job, etc, but allowing that option to be there for readers who don’t have the time to scroll through every article should be there

    • Kyle Warwick-Mathieu

      The Lockergnome Daily Report

    • mike

      Person buys a iphone 6+ for the big screen… then buys an apple watch so he/she can do everything from a tiny screen… how does that make any sense? It would take 3 seconds max to take you phone out at use it

      • GR

        They will not do everything on a tiny screen. You need to use a pebble for a long time to understand the key uses of a watch.

        Just like every other product in the ecosystem it has place and function in our everyday life.

  • Jordan Ross

    the watch is gonna suck lol i’m not even trying to troll.

    • Annie Leonhardt

      Yes, it’s going to suck sooooooooo bad. I’m going to need to pre-order mine on April 10th! Thanks.

      • SoylentGreen

        “Oh look Leo”, says Steve, “is that a…”

        Ps. Must cease now, this is gold, and rubber ☺

    • igorsky

      You’re not even trying to make sense, either.

  • :/

    All 3 of your points are the same thing said in different ways and aren’t things that make the Apple Watch stand out from other smartwatches which all have that feature (yes feature because you said one thing 3 times)

    • QuarterSwede

      I have yet to use one but from tech journalists that have pretty extensive experience wearing a variety of Android Wear watches (the 360 included) they seem to think the Apple Watch brings quite a bit to the table that Android Wear does not. Apps are a HUGE part of that.

      • SoylentGreen

        That lies, critics are slating it mercilessly for having a “rubber band” strap & no more tech than a 3 dollar gas station issue time piece

      • GR

        Lol yeah right.

    • k8l

      “SEO” : use 10 sentences instead of 1.

  • Tearjerker

    I feel most people seem to forget that Apple is not marketing this as a smart watch, but as a watch that happens to be smart. It’s meant to compete with luxury watchmakers and to a lesser degree, with the other smart watch companies.

    • George

      If this is a watch before a smartwatch then it is the ugliest most expensive watch I’ve ever seen.

      • Darthque

        Agreed. For a tech device, its beautiful. For a watch? Its a form of birth control. If you wear it women will avoid you. lol

      • Tyler Smith

        you put that 10k watch around your wrist and see how many women actually avoid you….

      • Eduardo Marquez

        Touché. Unlike rolex and other regular watches alike you cant fake a $10,000 apple watch.

      • SoylentGreen

        I guess you think women can’t fake cumming either.
        are you using a type of online translator that makes nonsensical comments out of sensible ones?

      • Translators! What a cool idea!! (Even kinda like Verizon “celebrating” the Net Neutrality FCC ruling in Morse code!). Here goes:

        Je devine vous pensez que les femmes ne peuvent pas truquer ‘cumming’ non plus.

        êtes-vous utilisant un type de traducteur en ligne qui formule des commentaires absurdes hors de les sensibles?

        Of course, we’d want the program to take English in, and spit STenglish (stupid English) out. Does anyone know of a better polylingual translating program than Systran, author of the Widget wot shipped w/ the AOS? Or a better dictionary (this one doesn’t even know “polylingual” and its supposedly based on the Oxford English Dictionary. Sheesh. (“scoffs”).

      • SoylentGreen

        Yeah, cos watches are well known women magnets, right? :S

      • Tyler Smith

        you don’t know women do you.. 90% of their first impression is on looks.. (i apologize if that is not true for all women) but in my experience if you are dressed nice the first time you meet someone they will find you more attractive and having a nice watch is the thing that goes with any good suit

      • Waitaminnit–ain’t it s’posed to be men at the visual end of the coupling equation and women at the empathy/feeling, OTHER end of the equation? Or have sociology, psychology, etymology and linguifaction* gone all trans-gender while I lay sleeping, nearly nodding, lamenting o’r my Lost Lenore?

        * Yeah, made that’n up. But I like it, the more I look at it. Sorta like that
        “WHENAS in silks my Julia goes / Then, then (methinks) how sweetly flows / That liquefaction of her clothes.” thing of Herrick.

      • Tyler Smith

        you didn’t read. i said first impression. as in is this guy a creep or is he someone i would like to talk to.

      • George

        What an idiot

      • Tyler Smith

        please explain buddy. the all knowing George ladies and gentlemen or should i just say gentlemen because you obviously don’t get the ladies.

      • George

        Just look at my screenshot it will explain all

      • Tyler Smith

        No need I already know you are of no help to any conversation. Good day.

      • George

        Alrighty then dick.

      • SoylentGreen

        Na, I dunno women, apart from my 24 year old daughter who is in as team of international human rights lawyers that prosecutes war criminals, or my old ma’am who’s over 70, or even my 17 year old sons mum that’s still a good friend or etc etc etc,
        Just for the heck of it I will educate you about women.
        Good women do not see your suit or your watch or in your case, your wallet. Obviously like most humans they will weigh you up and make an opinion based on the first 10 seconds of the encounter, this ritual it’s quickly over and the concurrence dispensed within the next 5 mins.
        Unless ofcourse your one of those guys that ‘fills’ a new girls wish lists every month whilst looking for lurve with camchicks?

      • Elias

        Is 400 usd the most expensive watch you’ve seen?

      • George


    • Andres

      One again Apple’s trying to be in their own category!

      • SoylentGreen

        “Worse move in modern history by a company known for quality tech”
        that category?

    • Lagax

      No it’s not. They want us to believe it is.. Apple knows very well what’s their crowd (we tech nerds)

  • JulianZH

    Smartwatch overrated.

  • Elias Chao

    If Google made Android Wear compatible with the iPhone, we should wait for a great upgrade in the 2nd generation of the Apple Watch. Because there are a lot of people who would buy a cheaper, and subjectively best-looking smart watch (as the Moto 360) instead.

    • SoylentGreen

      If…. They gave them away… If… They never made this blunder…. See where I’m going with this.

      • Elias Chao

        Well, afaik there are rumors of Googe making Android wear iOS-compatible, so those aren’t just assumptions of mine.

  • misterz

    This is written as if the author already has an Apple Watch and is passing on his experience with it. Did Sebastien somehow get one early? I’m guessing no.

    • Merman123

      I know where he’s coming from. I’m in the same boat. When I bought my pebble watch, I went into it with skepticism knowing I didn’t really need that in my life. As soon as I started using it daily , I knew the potential for smart watches was strong. Even knowing the pebble lacks some features, I can’t go without it anymore. Now that the apple watch is here, I know that it has everything that the Pebble lacked. Albeit, with some compromises. So to sum up, I was skeptical about the Smartwatch accesory in general , now having used one I fully understand where Sebastien is coming from with his points in the article.

      • CollegiateLad

        This guy rocks!

  • Reygok

    Correction of the very last sentence: you don’t need an Apple watch, you’ve got a Pebble already 😉 Way better smartwatch than the Apple Watch, because it does your 3 most important things, and for a longer period of time than the Apple Watch.

    • The big downside of Pebble is that it allows for one way communication only. You can receive notifications, but you can’t do anything about them. You can see someone is calling you, but you can’t answer. Apple Watch is a two way communication device.

      • Reygok

        So you haven’t heard about the Pebble Time yet 🙂

      • CollegiateLad

        But you said he has a pebble “already” and that’s it’s way better than the Apple Watch. It is not.

      • Reygok

        Yes, he has a Pebble, that’s why he posted this, because he knows how useful a smartwatch is. And the most useful feature(s) of a smartwatch, well the pebble has them, too. And it’s less expensive and has 10 times more battery life.
        And the new Pebble, coming out in May, has 2 way communication, too. So in my opinion, it’s better than the Apple watch.

      • CollegiateLad

        You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Come April, I’m going with the Apple Watch – and there’s nothing wrong with that(and regardless of price).

      • Reygok

        And that’s the main point, price ^^ The Apple watch certainly is fancy, but it’s so expensive, it’s the most show-off product Apple ever made.

      • CollegiateLad

        That’s your opinion. To you, it’s expensive. To me, it isn’t.

      • Reygok

        Perhaps, but that’s not the point. If you judge a product, price plays a role, too. If you’re just a rich fanboy, who buys everything from Apple regardless of price, then don’t argue with me if these things are better than others or not, because you don’t care if they are. I made my point with arguments and facts, you just say: “No, Apple better, I rich, I buy Apple watch”. I’ll stop wasting my time with you. Bye.

      • CollegiateLad

        It is the point. You think Pebble is a great buy. I think the ‘current’ Pebble is garbage and wouldn’t waste my money on it. However, I’m in love with the Apple Watch – I think it’s a great device. And our opinions aren’t facts. You think the pebble is better that doesn’t make you wrong. I think Apple’s watch is better – that doesn’t make me wrong or right. It just means that’s my preference.

        I won’t even entertain the last bit of garbage you typed.

      • @dongiuj

        Well needed say. Some people are either too well todo or just show pure ignorance/arrogance to understand what people are saying sometimes.

      • Rowan09

        The Moto 360 and Galaxy Gear where all $350 at release, so the Apple Watch falls right in line.

      • Andres

        Well, hey. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thanks for sharing though…

      • Merman123

        The pebble will have limited replying functionality on iOS. That hurts the experience.

      • Manuel Molina

        I think the watch is a good concept – it’s great and does a lot for how small it is. My real issue is that it is way too much money. Period. Its why I won’t get one. I won’t spend 350 dollars to 600 dollars to do everything my iPhone can do just to save me a few extra seconds in my life. I won’t spend 600 dollars for a piece of technology that will be outdated in 6 months to a year. When a new watch will be released in a year as oppose to a watch at 350 that will last me a life time even if it is only telling me the time.

        The Apple watch is not a timeless watch, and not by any means does Apple say that it is or will be. But I have an iPhone, a phone which does a lot and even more jailbroken. It is cheaper than the watch in the long run. The battery life on my phone will last longer than the watch and will and can last me 4 years hands down with iOS updates. But does the watch or will the watch do this? If it does, can it even work without the iPhone or iDevice? It doesn’t.

        So why invest hundreds of dollars for extra seconds? My view of course can be different than others.

      • Fanboy 

        Nobody needs a smartwatch, just like nobody NEEDS a smartphone. We dont NEED any of these things but if you had read the article you would see he highlighted how highly convenient the Apple Watch will be. There are thousands of people who appreciate and love technology and we will ENJOY this piece of technology although we do not NEED it.

      • Manuel Molina

        Your username suits you well, as I did mention that I would not spend so much money just for a few extra seconds shaved. So maybe you didn’t read my comment at its length, but the point of what I wrote was based on what I read the entire article to be: features that are explained which are you having a watch to do what your phone already does.

        And I need a smartphone. I don’t have a MacBook, so I use my phone to send emails to my professors, to my clients; text messages to my parents, FaceTime my parents; phone calls, use the gps, and so forth. So the idea of not needing a smartphone is invalid. But since I need a smartphone and use it as is, I don’t need a smart watch because my phone does everything the watch does and better. Which is what I said in the first place. I will not buy a watch to do what my phone already does and spend more money in the process. Doesn’t seem like you read my comment fanboy.

      • Andres


        Sebastien, are you getting a watch? Which one?

      • Mismatch

        Uhh you can answer calls on a pebble.

    • CollegiateLad

      Obviously you haven’t done your homework.

      • Reygok

        Obviously you don’t know how to take part in a discussion ^^

  • john myth

    Longest TLDR ever

  • Tommy Gumbs

    That felt as if you were basically trying to tell how you can’t live without, and we need to have it, when you don’t even have it yet. Lol.

  • Stefano

    Sebastian, are you getting a watch, which one?

  • My Wasted Fantasy

    Don’t forget you can microwave it for 2 minutes to get a quick charge up to 100% 🙂

  • Immediacy; Convenience, Focus. Beautifully summed up.

  • JC2903

    Love my MacAir, iPad and IPhone. Can’t see the watch. Maybe it will become more evident with time.

  • Eli Montoya

    I read the comments. I didn’t even read the last paragraph

  • Steved

    Great idea but it s missing the boat in my opinion convenience is not disruption
    Now Apple could have a killer watch if they had the rumored sensors glucose, blood oxygen, R to R heart beats that give you a real time state of your health
    Anyone would spend 350 $ for that hands down
    The rest is gadget

  • Alberto Espinal

    How many people here are commenting, hummm let’s guess about 20 and I will bet you the Watch will sell millions in the first week, AndroidWear will never come close to what Apple is going to sell, and I will bet anyone here to how much

  • As big of an Apple fan than I am, and have been, I’ve got to admit the Moto 360 has got it going. The Apple Watch just looks like an expensive Pebble. Too bad The Moto runs android, or I’d consider it.

    • Google did say that Android Wear will support iOS soon though I don’t like how Google handles privacy.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Have you seen an Watch in person, no right! Because I have seen the Moto360 in person and it’s just a round something with no thought behind it, just because it’s round? The band it’s just plain and there is nothing to it!

      • That is very true, I’m very excited to try the Apple Watch. But just from using it, I like the circle screen way more than I think I’ll like a square one. Maybe if it was the same size on all sides, but the rectangle just seems weird…

      • Alberto Espinal

        Just wait and see it in person, a member of the Yacht club where I work of was at the event and he said That you have to see it to appreciate the Level of details this watch has even the bands were well thought out! But we will have to wait see it then comment or criticize it afterwards

      • @dongiuj

        Don’t you know? Apparently apple has a patent for rectangular shaped devices.

  • Michael Sweeney

    I like the features and think this watch, an Apple edition will do well and only get better with every new update, but me personally, I like my space from technology from time to time, time away from the world fast paced society carries with it and from society itself, to feel free and distant from all that connects is, to actually feel like part of the world and not “Society.”
    Don’t get me wrong, this is a cool watch, which I may want just because it’s Apple, but it wouldn’t be something used to keep me connected to media or society. It would be used only with my training, pedometer, health conditioning, pulse, rate, food consumption (if I can log that.)

  • mikhailovitch

    Apple always leaves some of the most compelling things about their products to be discovered when they’re finally in people’s hands. It’s a very conscious marketing strategy, and thus far it’s worked well. Apple usually under promises and over delivers.

  • tsiv

    “At the raise of a wrist”. Slick! Great article and insights. Thanks.

  • SoylentGreen

    The watch that turned the industry upside down.
    Upside down with laughter at the rubber band gaff

  • @dongiuj

    The 3 points that are covered in this article are virtually saying the same thing as each other.

    Immediacy: if you want immediacy then you need notifications sent straight to your brain. At the end of the day you still have to lift your arm, turn your wrist and navigate through the OS.

    Convenience: yeah, because it’s really inconvenient to reach into your pocket/handbag

    Focus: in your car it’s actually more of a distraction and focusing on a small display while driving is a deadly distraction, FACT. In a conversation it’s more of a distraction.

    Mix immediacy with convenience and your talking about even more distraction.

    You’re in a restaurant/coofee shop with a friend. Message comes on your “smartwatch”, you feel the uncontrollable urge to reply to it but require a more user friendly display and keyboard. This is where your phone comes back into action. Now you feel the need to check the 50 other “social” networks that you’re registered on. Your friend now feels the uncontrollable urge to do the same. Conversation is dead for some time now. I see this every day almost everywhere I go. It DOES happen A LOT.

    Kids in school/university now have even more risk of being distracted even easier than before therefore not listening nor learning. Which probably explains why a lot of businesses have reported loss of business due to lack of spelling for example.
    Further lack of verbal commutation giving more excuses not to communicate at home with friends and family. It has already become an issue.
    At work, it gives people even more excuses to laze around the office being distracted by their so called immediately life changing comments on “social” networks.
    I could go on but you probably can logically guess the rest.

    There are a lot of mindless, ignorant and arrogant drivers out there and the last thing they need is more of an excuse to kill people.

    I’m talking from what I see and hear all around me every day.

    Some of you will no doubt class this as a “negative” comment but the fact is that all of these are real issues and outweigh the “positives” that are mentioned in this article which is why apple hasn’t gone too deep into this topic.

  • SoylentGreen

    You’d be a good “ad-man”, that’s a sly tactic to say you won’t understand the thing until you own one. Appeals to our natural curiosity at a deep level

    • @dongiuj

      A good “ad-man” to mindless 21st century first-world suckers, yeah.

      • SoylentGreen

        Says the free Ferrari commercial guy

      • @dongiuj

        Oh….good one…..yes…..ha…ha. That comment was about as funny as kick in the head which sounds like you’ve had one too many.

  • mav3rick

    And to not forget:
    – it will come with a Mickey face, great when you’re an adult to get overexcited about.
    – you can get it in gold for only $17000.

    Reasons for such ridiculous device a tool can find.

  • JQ2

    I apologize if this question has been asked before. I did not find it… The apple watch will only work with your iPhone if it’s running 8.3 or is that just an option?

    • VITICO

      8.2 or higher

  • To take issue with this graf of yours:
    “…an incredibly precise timepiece. I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall ever wondering if the time I was looking at (be it on my iPhone, my Mac, or my microwave clock) was indeed precise, and I imagine most people feel the same.”

    If you were riding in a “driverless car” on a highway with hundreds of other cars, let’s suppose, I’d wager you’d like to know that every car around you, including yours, was really, really tightly synchronized. That traffic lights were equally well synchronized. That passenger and freight-train speeds at grade-crossings were tightly synched into the driverless auto system. Or if you were a professional 9/11 Debunker (in paygrades GS-14 & above), say, and were putting together the chroma-key and luma-key video composites of “planes” hitting “buildings”, you’d want highly refined control of your time sequences/time pulses.

    If you were a forward artillery observer calling for air-burst weapons (daisy-cutters, thermobaric bombs, time-delay fuzed artillery, you might be concerned about incredible accuracy in the gear controlling delivery of these manslaughter machines.

    Or, what if you were one of those Bankster High Rollers, trading billions based on micro-second latencies in the stock price-fixing systems–you would be very concerned with temporal precision AND accuracy.

    And if you were Apple, making computer tools “for the rest of us,” with which to counter the OneWorlders and the Police State (Mussolini had his black shirts; Hitler had his brown shirts; and we have our blue shirts–and camo-shirts and (in NYC, even white shirts). You’re invited to surf YouTube for further evidence.

    At least I’m hoping Apple is on the side of “the better angels of our nature” inhabited by the secularly similar trope-ers “We the People.”

  • GR

    Every thing was crap

    • BoardDWorld

      I would hate to know what you think of your iPhone…

      • GR