Apple Watch Manufacturing 003

Taiwan-based Quanta Computer, the principal Apple Watch manufacturer, is experiencing what could only be described as extremely low defect-free rate of less than thirty percent as it continues to struggle with low yield issues.

And in order to help solve purported manufacturing issues, Quanta has enlisted help of three-thousand workers from Foxconn to improve the yield rate, according to G for Games Thursday citing Taiwanese media.

Why would Quanta borrow workers from rival Foxconn. Well, market sources believe Foxconn is more likely to be another Apple Watch assembly firm than Inventec.

It’s unclear if the low defect-free rate will affect Apple Watch shipments, which will commence on April 24. Apple is set to kick off pre-orders for the device on April 10 and the publication has speculated that an unusually wide one-month window between the March 9 “Spring Forward” announcement and April 10 pre-orders to give its contract manufacturers ample time to solve the yield issue.

It should be noted that Quanta began mass production of the device back in January. It would be very atypical of Apple to hold a second media event and formally announce pre-order and shipping dates whilst its contract fabricators were coping with really bad defect-free rates.

Hopefully this sketchy rumor doesn’t hold a grain of truth. I’m taking this one with a few pinches of salt for the time being.

Source: CTimes via G for Games

  • Dodgy Debjit

    So to convert that to English, 70 percent of what they are producing has defects.

    • arvindb02

      That title was worded so terribly…


    So were is the apple watch made exactly. It would be kinda funny to buy a 10,000 dollar watch and it be made in China. You would expect to see somewhere like Japan, Switzerland or mabey us/Canada.

    • George

      Its def made in China.

    • “So were is the apple watch made…”. Because this is a “wearable” computer, you should ask “So, WEAR is the apple…” (Or, because it’s wearable hardware, maybe, “So WHERE is the WEAR of the watchWARE…?”


        Instead of Preamble Project should be Precum Project.

  • George

    3,000 workers more like slaves.

  • Let Leica manufacture the watch.

  • Innes

    That title is hard work to read! Would it not have been easier to say ”
    Apple Watch manufacturer experiencing extremely high defect rate

  • Why the verbal contortion of “low defect-free rate” when the less tortured language “high defect rate” saves you a word and spares the reader the effort required for untying a double negative? Almost Orwellian–“JoyCamps” for POW/concentration camps, enhanced interrogation, instead of the real word, truthiness-laden words like torture, or just the re-wordifying such simple but waaay too common occurrences of killing millions of people with Peace Bullets and Democracy Bombs, Freedom White Phosphorus, Constitution-Loving Cluster Bombs, Liberty Drones and Hellfire Sparklers. And don’t forget Homeland Security Heroin. (I wonder if the CIA, State Department & USDA have teamed up to develop advanced poppy-and-cocao-culture programs, all the while working to stamp out the competition from hemp-growing, wanting to keep control of their flagship product as the Cocaine Importing Agency, as they’re known throughout the non-US world.
    Or perhaps you’re just aping Apple “marketing lingo,” as in “the new MacBook is 1.31 inches THIN.” (Of course, using this kind of marketing practice, we could eliminate the words “thick” and “thickness,” drop “weight,” “heavy” and “heaviness” in favor of “light” and “lightness.” Could we replace “heft” with “lift”? Maybe “hift”?
    And while on the subject of neologisms: “unique” is a binary term–which IT folks should appreciate. Something is either the one and only, or it’s not. Ditto “pregnant,” or even “atypical”. And of course “Congressional A**ho*e is redundant, and “Security” in “National Surveillance Agency” is a tautology.

    • mp

      Apple Watch manufacturer experiencing high error rate?
      I use the word error as the article doesn’t indicate what the ‘defects’ or mistakes are.
      If Apple were indeed atypical you’d be lucky to get one media event. Not all of us are big on publicity.

      Preamble Project I like your style, not your typical atypical.