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Episode 72 is all about Apple’s big watch event. In it, we talk about the new MacBooks, Apple TV, Apple Watch pricing, availability, battery life, bands, and more.

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  • just wondering; what about theft issues? Will the watch be a high target item in the criminal world?

    • Yes.

      • If you’re a criminal then good luck getting the watch off someone’s wrist. I doubt it’ll be the easiest thing in the world…

      • I’m sure if the said criminal has a weapon, it shouldn’t be an issue.

      • Realistically how many criminals do you see with weapons everyday? Unless you live in a high crime neighbourhood probably none. Sure Apple watch will be an item that thieves will want but I can’t see it being much of a problem…

        Doesn’t the watch have a security feature anyway that can tell if it’s being ripped off the wrist or disconnected from the iPhone for x period of time. I might be making this up but I’m sure I read this somewhere…

      • Luckily I haven’t seen any personally but in my location folks are killed over smaller amounts. $10 Was the lowest I could remember. Another time was an empty purse. They don’t care about anything these days so don’t assume its safe just because you know they can’t use it once they take it.

  • No One Important

    One thing y’all didn’t mention on the new MacBook is the much weaker M Intel Chips. The I core series’s hat the air uses blows these out of the water.

    • But then the air isn’t as thin / portable now is it. If the MacBook was priced similarly to an iPad Air I’d buy one in a heartbeat but for what it is it’s not worth buying unless you have money to burn…

      • No One Important

        My point. If it found a price near the Air or a bit lower then it’d fit in perfectly.

  • George

    Sebastien, apple finding a clever way to say to people that apple watch is here by putting bloatware on their phone is called advertising, you don’t need to make excuses for apple.

    • Nobody is forcing you to open the app. It’s not like you get the “Welcome to iPhone” screen and then the watch app forces itself open and cannot be closed. If you don’t like the watch app then put the damn thing in a folder and forget about it. I swear people get worked up over nothing sometimes just because Apple has done something they’re within their own right to do and you don’t agree with it…

    • They’re not forcing it any more than they’re forcing, Safari, mail, Weather, Calendar, Podcasts, Music, Messages, Compass, Notes and other applications on you. If you don’t like it, you put it in a folder and you never have to look at it again.

      • George

        Still advertising, why can’t you atleast accept that that’s what it is.

      • You’re taking it the wrong way but I do agree with you though it should not come bundled with the OS. Not every one is going to buy it and if they do its not that hard to download the app.

      • George

        Exactly. The fact that you have to hide it just shows its bloatwear.

      • Not exactly, I hide my settings app because I don’t use it everyday. Doesn’t meant I want to delete it or that its bloatware. I’d just rather not see it all the time. Even if/when I get the watch the app will still get hidden inside of a folder.

  • Jcsilva46

    it would be nice if you guys take Phone call so the people can have their own opinion

    • Perhaps we will in the future.

      • Jcsilva46

        Can’t wait thanks jeff

  • So Apple decided to leave out Facetime on the watch. But would not the iphone be able to stream video to the watch via bluetooth or wifi?