Following word on Apple Watch pricing on Monday, you may be asking yourself: Which Apple Watch case is best for me? Apple is offering two different size cases – 38mm and 42mm – and which case you choose could have an effect on comfort, price, and looks.

Luckily, Apple has updated its Apple Store iOS app with a sizing chart to help you make the decision. Using actual size images, it’s as easy as placing your iPhone on your wrist to see which Watch looks, and works, the best.

When you launch the Apple Store app, tap “Learn More” on the Apple Watch banner on the storefront, then tap “View Pricing” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Lastly, tap “compare case sizes” from the price comparison screen and you’ll be presented with the option to toggle between the 38mm and 42mm watch cases at actual size.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.14.38 PM

On Monday, Apple also posted a sizing guide to help customers to see which band accessory will fit their wrist. Apple is offering several different types of bands for purchase, ranging in price from $49 to $449.

You can download the Apple Store app for free from the iTunes App Store.

Source: App Store via iMore

  • Valinor

    Bigger is always better. Case closed.
    Unless you’re female. Then you need to get the small one.

    • I disagree. I don’t want a huge touchscreen strapped to my wrist. Plus it’s lighter and less noticeable. I’m rolling with my 38.

      • Andrew

        Really? I thought you had big hands. Wouldn’t the little one look a little silly? I assume that’s your arm in the picture, and the 42mm one looks proportional.

      • Merman123

        I don’t think thats his arm. I’m going with the 42mm myself, only because I like bigger watches. I don’t think the size is strictly dependent of sex, some people like small watches, others prefer larger.

      • Andrew

        Oh I know it’s not dependant on sex at all. My petite female friend has a huge watch and loves it.

      • Yeah it’s my arm. And yes I have insanely big hands…but I have a smaller wrist. I dunno. I still think I want 38.

      • Andrew

        Well don’t let me stand in your way :p Get what you want and be happy. I’ll rock my Pebble Steel until the next gen.

        Edit: the smaller one is like $100 cheaper, isn’t it? So that’s a plus.

      • Merman123


      • Andrew

        I swear somewhere, somehow, at some point, I’ll be right about something :p

  • romeodesigns

    The main image had me rolling. Lol

  • basilis

    i guess samsung will start making older screen smartwatches now, as they did with phones. Imagine the samsung note watch..

    • George

      ??????? Samsung phones and tablets have some of the most beautiful screens out there and I don’t even like Samsung.

  • Jamessmooth

    I’ve decided… 42mm for me. I have small wrists, but I like large screens. However, I can’t decide between sport and watch… What if the aluminum is too light? What if the stainless is too heavy and gets uncomfortable? UGH. I’m going to order two and take the one I don’t like back, I think. Anyone else with a similar issue?

  • solidsephiroth

    Does the bigger watch also house a bigger battery?

    • iPhoner

      I think this will be my deciding factor. Leaning towards the 38mm tho

    • Valinor

      yes it does.

  • Mark Kramer

    61mm or bust! Don’t need no girly man watch. Might as well get a clutch purse while you’re at it.

    • Quadzilla

      that would be awesome if the watch was as large as the picture at the top of this post. Talk about a conversation piece when you whip that thing out.