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Would Apple consider acquiring electric car-maker Tesla? That was the question posed to Tim Cook by two Apple investors during the company’s annual shareholder meeting today. And as you’d imagine, the chief executive gracefully deflected the question.

Recode attended the meeting, and noted Cook responded to the query by talking about CarPlay and its 40+ model rollout this year. “Was that a good way to avoid the question?” When pressed he joked, “let me think if there’s another way to give a non-answer.”

Cook’s evasiveness, as opposed to giving a flat-out “no,” will likely further fuel speculation that Apple is looking to take its automotive ambitions beyond the dashboard. In February, Bloomberg reported that the Cupertino firm hopes to launch its own car by 2020.

The Tesla buyout theory has popped up several times in Apple Car conjecture, given its position in the market, and the similarities between the two companies. In fact, Elon Musk confirmed last year he met with Apple’s mergers and acquisitions chief Adrian Perica.

As for the rest of the shareholder meeting, it was pretty uneventful. The Board of Directors were all reelected to their positions, with 95% voting in favor, and a handful of amendment proposals were shot down—including one on disclosing “Green” energy spending.

Source: Recode

  • Rares

    Haaa, in your face Samsung.

    • @dongiuj

      “Haaa”? “In your face samsung”? Sorry, I don’t get the connection to this article.

      • 空白

        I think he means, “Haa, in your face Samsung” as Apple has enough money to do whatever it wants and everyone is jealous af about it.

      • @dongiuj

        So surely he/she should have said something along the lines of “Haaa, in your face anyone that is jealous”.

      • lol.

      • 空白

        Samsung has a target tattooed on it’s forehead. It’s ugly 4xforehead.

      • @dongiuj
      • 空白

        Can you read?

      • @dongiuj

        Can you make sense?

      • 空白

        Can you lighten up?

      • @dongiuj

        You’re asking ME to lighten up? LOL, that’s so funny!

      • 空白

        What’s really cute is when people try to turn the conversation table so blatantly.

      • 空白

        Not everyone has to be a stone faced d**k on the Web. I know it’s hard for you to imagine.

      • @dongiuj

        Well, you’re showing a prime example of that. Only you…and that first person that had to make that dumb comment that is completely unrelated to this article.
        Not wasting anymore time on you, bye now.

      • 空白

        Oh… absolutely. Funny, for a minute there I thought you had plenty of time to spare. Shouldn’t make assumptions now should we? ✌

    • Marcus

      Sorry bud, Samsung wasn’t mentioned once in this article…

  • George

    Do people ever consider the fact that Tesla might not be for sale? Is no one else worried that there will be less competition in the world if apple just buys every company that is successful?

    • 空白

      The proposal was to buy one company out of the dozens of competitors. I don’t think it would hurt competition seeing as Tesla is already s***ting on everyone in regards to it’s technology. Much like beats you can believe that Apple will benefit. Can you imagine going to an Apple Store with a car parked in it? I sure can. And furthermore everything is for sale depending on the amount of zeros.

      • mike

        tesla cars aren’t that good…. 200 miles per fill up and there aren’t that many electric stations throughout U.S. My friend has a tesla and if your battery dies on you then you have to call the tow truck to come pick it up for you. Plus if I was buying a car that cost around 75k I would just get a good audi, bmw, or mercedes. Another thing is that beats headphones aren’t that good its just because of advertising… try the bose headphones and you can tell how much better they are. Tesla wouldn’t sell their company because even if you put all the zero’s at the end they rather have a company that will always bring in money and make something new.

      • Matt

        How exactly is Tesla “shi**ing” on everyone.
        Are you talking about the tablet that’s in front – is that it?! You’re really calling that a technological advance?
        I dunno man, have you read anything about McLaren cars where they barrow technology from F1 cars and as far as I’m aware, F1 cars are the most technologically advanced cars… Having a tablet and wifi in the car does not make the car technologically advanced. All it does is replace the button with a display and I like having button in the center console…

      • 空白

        In their sector they do s**t. I’m talking about their drive train… not the tablet. As far as I’m concerned internal combustion engines are obnoxiously behind the curve.