New MacBook space gray

The new 12″ Retina display-equipped MacBook Air is heavy on new innovative features, but noticeably light on ports. In fact, only one port (outside of the headphone jack) for external devices exists on the new machine—a new USB-C connector. This connector will take care of all duties when it comes to external connections. It will handle the power adapter, it will handle USB, and it’ll even do the heavy lifting for external video like HDMI and VGA.

As you might expect, the MacBook doesn’t come bundled with any adapters outside of the power cable. Here’s a look at some of the adapter accessories that will be available when the MacBook launches on April 10th.

USB-C to USB Adapter

This $19.00 adapter will allow you to connect iOS devices as well as any other standard USB accessory to your MacBook. It is a USB 3.1 adapter, and hence, supports the moderately fast USB 3.0 speeds. It’s basically like a USB port on a current-gen MacBook, except it’s external and connected via a cable to the body of the machine.

MacBook USB-C to USB Adapter

From there, I would think that you’d be able to connect a USB hub of some sort to the cable for hooking up multiple peripherals simultaneously, but at this point that’s just speculation.

USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

This $79.00 adapter features three different inputs—USB, HDMI, and an additional USB-C connection for connecting a charging cable. This adapter is what you will need if you want to connect your MacBook to an HDTV.

MacBook USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter

Lastly, we have the VGA adapter. This adapter is similar to the digital adapter, except it replaces replaces the HDMI connection with a VGA connection. It, too, is $79.00.

MacBook USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter

As of now, none of these adapters are available, but that should change to coincide with the launch of the MacBook on April 10. What do you think about the idea of needing an adapter for such simple functions as USB connectivity or HDMI output? Do you agree with Apple’s radical decision to eschew all such ports in the name of saving power and space?

  • What adapter is actually included?

    • Just power 😛

      • AMB_07

        What a joke…

      • Brad

        Jeff, any idea when to expect a refresh on the Magic Trackpad to include ForceTouch and (possibly but hopefully not) the Taptic stuff? I mean that is clearly going to be built into the next major release of OS X, if not one of the minor releases.

        That hardware is what, 6 years old now and on its zeroth revision?

  • XZavier

    If Apple had made a space gray macbook pro, given it force touch and the new butterfly switch keyboard, then I would never get this new macbook.

    • tdvx

      They updated the MBP today to include the force touch trackpad and improved battery life, i’m assuming that they’ll start putting the new keyboard on the pro as well. Colors… i’d love a space grey, and i could definitely see apple bringing the 3 colors to the Pro and Air series.

      The fact that the plain Macbook is thinner than the air and is using an M processor leads me to believe that the Air will be discontinued, or apple has something in store that’s somehow even thinner.

      • Totally agree, I believe the Air series is now over. Unless like you said they can make it even thinner which would just be insane at this point. The colors need to come for all their products and it’s getting there.

      • Andrew Roth

        Where does Apple go from here, though? They’ve always relied on “it’s 30% thinner” to sell things for them. Now there’s basically no way – or reason – to make iPhones, iPads, or Macbooks any thinner…

    • Cal J

      They will, if they haven’t already.

  • M L

    So is there not a way to have an external monitor, power, usb accessories hooked up and the same time??

    • If you look at the display adapters, they have Power – HDMI – USB or Power – VGA – USB as options

      • M L

        My bad….good find!

      • Good that it is available, but bad that you spend enough for the book itself then automatically need to spend more on accessories.

      • You must be new to Apple products…

      • Nope, this connector is new so its brought some changes.

      • Yeah that’s a joke! This article makes me glad I never got a Mac! Lol

    • coLin

      unless you get an apple tv, no

  • Jonathan Talbot

    People… U have to realise that is not fro power users… This is for average use when web brpwsng, blogging, light working, being at a coffe store, school, etc

    • Agreed but an average user isn’t going to shell out 1299 for a device such as this when there’s better out there for a lot less, even in apple products.

      • Jeffrey

        Microsoft surface etc. is also 1.000+ dollars!

      • Andrew Roth

        No, it’s not. It’s $600 starting price – this has a starting price of $1,300. Not even the most expensive Surface reaches that point. Nice try, though.

      • Jeffrey

        600$ for Windows RT right? The Macbook comes with a REAL operating system!

      • :/

        Also Macbook is not as versatile as Surface Pro 3 and has no touchscreen and has lower resolution.

      • BoardDWorld

        There’s no logic in this device except to bend forwards and drop them because you’re going to be an absolute fanboy to get one.

        The Mi Note Pro has some better specs and a lot of benefits, for $500 & fits in my pocket..

    • Sean Cua

      also average school use requires you more than one usb port.

  • Shredded

    I just went on apple store and it says ‘MacBook’? What’s that mean? There’s no Air or Pro anymore? There’s only 1 MacBook?

    • Blip dude

      Yes, there are still Air and Pro’s available, they even got minor updates apparently.

    • Andrew

      It’s in between. There used to be just a plain MacBook, but they killed it off.

      • Jonathan

        So, it’s a MacBook Arrow? (say arrow very slow)

      • SMH

        That was a terrible terrible joke…terrible….

      • Jonathan

        Then mission accomplished.

      • rockdude094

        I respectfully chuckled at your comment

  • Zzyzxd

    The new MacBook is slim and lightweight. But you will need to carry a bulkier adapter, or several adapters…….

  • :)

    YES! No 15″ Macbook Pro update. Now I wont feel like shit for buying one in January. Phew.

    • Timothy

      Saaaame. 😀

    • Lucas Tres

      it does have the new trackpad and better battery life now…

      • ReUp

        That’s the 13 inch the 15 didn’t get anything. Probably waiting on the Skylakes

  • Linton Findlay

    no ethernet? i was under the impression usb-c would support usb sticks, otherwise its just a charging port!

    • It does support USB sticks that conform to the USB-C standard (likely none at the moment but this will change)…

  • Matt

    I see this as a glorified iPad that runs OSX and has a keyboard so to me this computer is completely useless. A dual core processor with a clock speed that’s just over 1GHz isn’t going to cut it for applications like Photoshop CC etc. Even though there is the turbo boost which bumps the clock speed to over 2GHz, the boost won’t last long because of heat and the fact that there is not a fan and all of us who have any kind of MacBook know that they get HOT! You can jus get much more performance by just going with an Air and saving $$$, but the beauty might fool us cause it sure is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while especially the space gray one!
    Still 1 USB port – C’mon, should have at least included a cable so that the user can charge the device and use a USB device at the same time….
    EDIT: The Apple logo doesn’t glow

    • Carlos Gomes

      It depends on what you’re actually working on. Unless you’re working on a heavy PSD file, it will be fine.

      Does your MacBook get hot all the time?

      • rockdude094

        Mine does a lot while doing 3D CAD designs. I can never see myself using this macbook. Especially when there are no usb ports

      • Carlos Gomes

        I understand what you’re saying, but if you need to use two external HDDs, an ethernet port AND a really portable computer, you have to compromise on something.

        This is a product made to be away from cables.
        Light & compact enough to be transported comfortably? Check.
        Enough battery life for a day? Check.

        I also think that the target customer already exists. Even though it can be done, this MacBook’s target isn’t people who are into 3D modelling, heavy video editing and that kind of stuff. That kind of work shouldn’t be done on a 12″ screen, to begin with.

        Keep rocking, dude!
        This is a compact, reliable, convenient and not-a-beast-not-a-slug kind of product. And that’s precisely what’s on demand, regarding this segment.
        Compact, fast and with a nice battery life, so I can be productive (or just waste my life on the Internet) outdoors.

      • rockdude094

        Excellent point my friend, depends on everyone’s needs. As a whole, this laptops features/price ratio really out of portion. Ofc the only reason why I own a Mac is for the precision and quality.Thats how I justtify their products. I think this laptop is more of A statement of their engineering abilities.

      • Vince Reedy

        At least somebody understands what this is for. It’s not for power users for sure. It is overpriced for the specs though. I was hoping $999 but not surprised it’s $1299. I’ve been wanting a MBA but wanted retina. Not worth it, may as well compromise on display and get the 13 MBA or wait for the next refresh and see what happens.

  • AnArcticMonkey

    I was ready to sell my MBPr to get the new slate Macbook, but one port?! I’ll stick with my current one for the next few generations until Apple adds, at the very least, a power and usb port.

  • hell0san

    The adapter cables only support displays up to 1080p but the tech specs states that the computer supports up to 3840p. How are you going to achieve that? I certainly hope that it’s not just achieved from apple tv mirroring.

    And what about thunderbolt? Is it dead to this laptop? They ironically updated the macbook air’s thunderbolt to version 2 and excluded support for it in their new laptop, at least according to the keynote were they showed all the supported frameworks, HDMI, VGA etc. I’m confused.

  • Chris

    woohoo ethernet is not even included in adapter. great… sorry i have to do it again: 480p camera hahahaha………

    • xD

      LMAO 480p Facetime cam. LOOOOOOOOOOL

    • Jeffrey

      Ethernet ain’t on the Macbook Pro Retina or the air either… They obviously assume you have WiFi

      • Kyle Warwick-Mathieu

        but you can purchase ethernet lightning ports for last year’s model

      • Jeffrey

        Ah, I guess third partyies will release them

  • Alejandro Delgado

    So…gotta throw extra $20 just to be able to conect ONE iPad/iPhone/whatever? Apple’s milking everything they can nowadays.

    • Jeffrey

      Well if you’re spending 1399$ you can spend an extra 19$ too right?

      • Alejandro Delgado

        Absolutely, i understand what you say. BUT they should at least pack one adapter with the macbook. I mean, you are not able to conect your iPhone out of the box, bummer.

      • Completely agree with this.

      • Jeffrey

        Yeah that’s true…

  • The new MacBook should automatically come with the USB adapter. I think paying an extra $20 to connect my iPhone or other USB devices is lame.

    • Kyle Warwick-Mathieu


  • Alexander Gennadievich

    Yeah, that’s such a turn off. Power (MagSafe) + USB-C would be perfect.

  • Derp

    Lol Apple forever ripping people off with exorbitant prices. Well off to ebay people go to get the adaptors.

  • 9to5Slavery

    Let the chinaman games begin!!!!!!!!

    • GzyOnline

      LOL.. REAL TALK.

    • GzyOnline


  • Mike

    Go to school and sit down. Open laptop and try to get notes or whatever from a friend. Forgot adapter at home. What now?

    Want to watch a movie? Where’s the HDMI port? oh I don’t have one….

    Save pictures off a sd card. Didn’t bring my adapter…


    Thin doesn’t equal good all the time

    • Kyle Warwick-Mathieu

      I totally agree. You would think Apple would have looked at this “from every angle” but I guess this is  showing off they can make a really thin product. Keep in mind that a MacBook (imo) is for the casual user who doesn’t care about multiple devices being connected all at once. I sure hope to god they don’t do this with the MBPr in later models or the iMac (Im considering replacing my 5/6 year old iMac with a newer model some time down the road)

      As for making the products thin, I know for a fact that too thin, is just too thin. Theres evidence to support my statement from the latest iPhone models. I’d say if you’re looking to get a new iPhone either buy the 6 or the 5s at least those phones don’t bend (maybe the 6 will)

  • Timothy

    Too bad USB 3.1 is still only half the speed of Thunderbolt 2… :/

  • n0ahcruz3

    Do yourself a favor and buy a MBP not this crap lol

  • JDB

    Apple needs to quit wasting time creating another MacBook and update it’s existing Air and Pro lines. Why the hell would you buy this and spend extra on adapters when there are much better options for the same price or even less?

  • when it get release

  • Exstinction

    in the end, it still back to the “multi” port mechanism

  • Innes

    That is ridiculous just having one port. I often have to be plugged in for power and like to use an external mouse rather than a track pad. So i’m going to have to have this adapter dangling out the side of the laptop just so they could make it really thin? And what if I want to charge my iPhone at the same time? Get a USB hub as well? This whole ‘saving space’ thing apple are doing is crap. Its not saving space if everything you need is having to be carried around in an accessories bag with extra cables, hubs etc! Ridiculous! I’m assuming this Macbook Air isn’t aimed at people who need work horse machines but rather folks who are on the fly all the time? Journalists maybe?

  • PghMike4

    I bought my first macbook because it had a magsafe adapter, so the thought of moving back to a plug that damages the logic board if it is kicked out is pretty disappointing to me.

    The price of $79 for connecting a USB 3 device is adding insult to injury. I don’t see this macbook in my future purchasing plans.

  • flowirin

    this is stupid. i’m going to end up with a bag full of adapters, hubs and cables to lose