ios 8 -2

On stage at Apple’s media event on Monday, Tim Cook announced that iOS 8.2 will launch to the public today. The software update, which has been in beta for several weeks now, will bring about the Apple Watch companion app that will allow your iPhone to talk to the upcoming wearable.

We saw a preview of the app back in January, when it was unearthed from a developer beta. It will allow users to customize a wide range of things on their Apple Watch including the Clock app with personalized monograms and alerts for notifications, people in your Contacts list, and more.

Additionally, the Companion app will offer up details on the device itself. Users will be able to view the storage capacity of their Apple Watch, the number of songs, photos and apps onboard, and other info like serial number and connection status. We’ll let you know as soon as iOS 8.2 hits today.

  • Merman123

    Goodbye jailbreak !

    • javier

      change jailbreak for new ios ?? you are crazy!

      • Southgaia88

        Lol I stay in jailbreak 🙂 but my YouTube app always crash dunno what tweak I have that make YouTube useless :/

      • iNterestingMind

        m glad it comes. finaly couse. im. stucked in ios 8.1.3 fuckkkkkkkkkkkhhhh it…. withaut hopes for jailbreak and today will start the hopw for new jailbreak

      • Merman123

        I meant when I get my Apple Watch.

      • RainyMoody

        Do not ever update ur apps till jb comes out on 8.2 xD

  • diggitydang

    No jailbreak… no watch… yet!!

  • Patrick Saucier

    why i cant see the update yet ?

    • Andy Copeland

      It’s not posted yet. Will drop soon I imagine

  • Southgaia88

    im using ios 8.3 beta 3 on my ipad mini and its fine so no 8.2 for now 😀

    • Patrick Saucier

      is it normal that i cant see the update of 8.2 ?

      • Southgaia88

        It’s searching but don’t do nothing. Dunno if having jailbreak the update would show up. Good question

      • Garth K.

        Apple hasn’t made it available on its servers yet. Hopefully around 12pm PST it will drop

      • iNterestingMind

        it is steel not in the servers we have to wait some hours 🙂

  • 8.2 for the iPad as well? (phone is jailbroken; its not gonna be updated of course.)

  • Javiers

    Now all we need is the Jailbreak!

    • Southgaia88

      8.3 is around the corner so don’t expect it 🙁

  • Skyline83

    Does anyone know if 8.2 will be jailbreakable? Thanks.

    • Southgaia88

      With 8.3 just months away don’t expect it bro

      • Theam Sotthea

        iOS 8.2 could be jailbroken with TaiG tool brother? Help answer me please!

      • Stanley Taylor

        yeah i think it can , because the whole point is that people are stuck on iOS 8.1.3 and can’t jailbreak but iOS 8.2 is jail breakable!

  • Stanley Taylor

    to update to the proper iOS 8.2 will i have to downgrade from the ios8.2 beata

    • idontknow

      Have you jailbroken yours?

      • Stanley Taylor

        no not yet because I’m waiting for the official iOS 8.2 and am then going to jailbreak on that

      • idontknow

        Okay, Let me know how that goes!

  • Alejandro Delgado

    Another useless app that i’m stuck with (Apple Watch), since i won’t be getting one. I tought it was an optional download from the AppStore but hell to the no, it wasn’t.