Apple Watch App

We just got our hands on iOS 8.2, and as expected, it includes a new Apple Watch companion app. The app will allow you to pair with your Apple watch, and contains two additional tabs for exploring the device’s features and for downloading Apple Watch apps once the device launches. Check out our the full video walkthrough.

Pairing the Apple Watch is simple. You will be able to do so by simply holding the watch face up to your iPhone’s camera. You can also do so manually.

Apple Watch Pairing

The App is designed so that it will great you differently depending on the time of day. It’s a nice touch:

Apple Watch Greeting

You’ll also be able to explore Apple Watch features and download apps from the App Store.

Apple Watch Explore Apps

There’s not much you can do with the app thus far, except look at a few videos, but it does give us a closer idea of what to expect come launch day.

Again, iOS 8.2 is now available for download. Have you installed it yet? What do you think about the Apple Watch companion app?

  • Tommy Gumbs

    So if I choose not to waste my money on the this over priced device, but I choose to update to the latest we iOS firmware, will I be stuck with an iWatch app on my phone?

    • Yep, it’s another built in application. They really should make it optional or a way to hide these other then to chuck them into a folder and mark it NOT NEEDED!

      • Petar Ðorđević

        They should do it like they do it with the Nike+ app.

      • Zzyzxd

        “Hello, my Newsstand app and Tips app, I bring you two a new friend.”

    • VITICO

      u have to download it from the appstore..

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I hope that this is true!

      • Okhoo

        No you don’t actually, it comes with 8.2 wether you want it or not

      • VITICO

        that sucks!

      • Okhoo

        Yes I know right, the icon isn’t even that good

    • Noohar

      Most likely; will prob need to go in your “Junk” or “Stock” folder.

    • AMB_07

      So glad that I don’t have to deal with this garbage on my iPad Air

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I agree 10000%

  • Cameron Nelms

    That’s such an ugly icon
    Should have used the home layout found on the watch

    • Andres

      What the app icon could’ve been…

  • Well another app to the meh folder

    • jp2002

      mail too in meh?

      • Yeah and health and passbook will join now too

      • Mike

        ibook too if you don’t read books

    • Noohar

      Your battery needs a charge bro…

      • Charging too often is not healthy to the battery. I am only charging when the phone turned off

      • Brendalee

        It’s best for your battery to keep it topped up between 30-90%. It’s not a case of how much you charge it. and once a month deplete it completely and charge to 100%.
        And btw, I like the ‘Meh’ folder. I think I might create one. :-0

      • hum okay 😀

      • Tobias9413

        Actually letting your phone die then charging it is worse for it. If you constantly let your battery for it becomes unstable since it is a lithium-ion battery. It’s better to keep your phone at a 40-60 charge and charging constantly isn’t bad at all its actually better than draining it. Your killing your battery by doing that.

      • well I learned something new. thanks

      • M L

        ummm this is not the 80’s batteries don’t need to be done like that anymore. To each their own!

      • Well Thanks for the new info

    • We don’t have it that bad. I feel bad for whoever isn’t running stock Android.. Most of those phones are bloated with tons-o-crap.

    • Anmol Malhotra

      You bought the 6? 5s sold? 😀
      Congrats BRO!!

      • 6 plus , the 5s died lol

      • Anmol Malhotra

        HAHAHA! 5s died? :p
        My 4S is immortal then. LOL. xD

  • Don’t see an Apple Watch app on my 8.2 iPad.

    • nhughes118

      this is because the watch will only be compatible with iphones, not ipads.

      • NH

        It’s a little weird how the release notes on the iPad update said apple watch support. The release notes between iPhone and iPad are usually different if the specific app isn’t there, like for apple watch

  • Chang in Charge

    I’m looking at this watch and the tweets/posts from the presentation and I’m looking at my watch collection and I want one but the case for getting this watch is not a particularly strong one. Idk if I’m ready to ditch all my other watches for one piece made by Apple. Especially with that band pricing and no idea of when this thing gets updated. Who knows I’m sure in a month I’ll be downloading a Power Ranger watchface and I won’t think twice.

  • Okhoo

    TBH the app icon is quite ugly…

  • NeftyCorrea

    So whats going to happen if YOUR JAILBROKEN and BUY the watch would we jailbreakers Need to update to the LASTEST software or will it still work over bluetooth ? APPLE trying to kill all the jailbreakers with One KILL !

    • M L

      You are right!!! Pass the tin foil hats!

  • James G

    Great, a permanent Apple ad on the home screen unless you buy an Apple Watch.

  • leart


  • Byron C Mayes

    Only on the iPhone though. Not on the iPad. Interesting.

    • It requires iPhone 5 or later. I Doubt you can connect iPods and iPads at the moment.

  • So in order to get the Apple Watch app; one has to lose ones jailbreak? (If you are not running 8.2?)

  • Maybe someone can find a way to get this app on a Jailbroken phone?

  • @dongiuj

    Yet another unwanted app on my phone.

  • TheShade247

    So Looks like iPhone 4S is no longer supported

  • @dongiuj

    Watch YouTube or apple website if you want to learn about the “smartwatch”
    App Store option. Why not incorporate it in the App Store like the iPhone and iPad.
    Synce with iPhone, what have we been doing up to now with syncing devices?
    Bloat in my opinion for the people that won’t be buying this “smartwatch”. Need to allow the owner of the iPhone to delete ALL unwanted apps. Yes, I’m sure some of you have an excuse to make it sound like there is no substitute for this app.

  • singhay559

    Anyone with a 4s updated? Im on. 8.1.3 and theres a wifi bug on mine. Just wondering if 8.2 will fix it.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Why do I need this stupid app on my phone. WTF!!

  • Göksel Yeleğen

    I updated my iPhone 6 Plus last night to IOS 8.2 and I wish I didn’t. There are few things that I discovered so far. I can’t see my AirPlay option anymore and when I connected the phone to my car over the bluetooth, I can’t see the songs, albums or the singers info on my cars display. Plus, I can’t even use my cars skip, stop and play buttons anymore. Only the volume buttons work. I am very disappointed..

    • Wolfer

      I think u will have to restore like new using iTunes. Then u will know if it is a bug or just a problem when u updated via OTA or iTunes. And if u were jailbreaked u will have to obligatory update from zero like new, so everything get to work fine. Good luck man. Hope u the best

  • Pablo

    Worst. Icon. Ever

  • Guest

    For being such a world renowned product designer Sir Jonny sure knows how to come up with some ugly-

  • bblam

    Hey Apple!
    I own this phone not you. Why do you think you have the right to plant advertising on my device?
    Is an Apple TV add the next “companion app” to waste my storage space?

    • Merman123

      You own the phone, they own the software. Don’t update.