Apple Watch battery

We’ve been waiting for months to hear how long the Apple Watch’s battery will last, and luckily the Cupertino-based company has appeased us during its “Spring Forward” media event on Monday. Apple says the Apple Watch will have an 18-hour battery life, or what Apple calls “all day battery life”.

“During a typical day you can expect 18 hours. This works for most people I think,” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, told attendees at the event.

Apple Watch inductive charging

The magnetic charger will click to the back of the Watch to charge at the end of the day, Cook told attendees.

  • Virus

    what kind of watch can’t last a full 24 hours big fail

    • You don’t sleep?

      • Domodo

        One day lasts for 24 hours, so if it can’t last for 24 hours, it doesn’t have an all-day battery. Sleeping aside, it’s simply misleading.

      • Cameron

        Apple has been using the term “all day battery life” since the MacBook air 2012 was known to last about 14 hour. I really don’t see anything wrong with that term and can’t understand how anyone would still be mislead by it

      • Domodo

        Meet more average users who consider one day to mean 24 hours.

      • Cameron

        i wont even argue with statistics that no one can prove, the fact is that Apple has been using this term for a long time with no complaints, if people are mislead by that then its their fault, besides, apple has an excellent exchange policy.

      • nfusion0

        They did not say all-day and all-night which together would mean 24 hours. An average person is awake 16 hours and asleep 8 hours. All-day battery life is a good term to use for an 18 hour life time for a device.

      • Domodo

        Day; noun ˈdā; a period of 24 hours beginning at midnight : one of the seven time periods that make up a week.
        Mislead; verb mis·lead ˌmis-ˈlēd; to cause (someone) to believe something that is not true.

        The average user doesn’t dig into what term the did or didn’t use. All-day, all-night, all-workday… That is why it’s misleading.

      • CollegiateLad

        I don’t find it misleading at all… Tim said it would last 18 hours. That’s all day for me.

      • Yep and life-time warranties don’t mean life-time either. life sucks. move on.

      • Domodo

        Good point. Thanks for contributing. Now use the same logic to reach the conclusion that inaccurate advertising isn’t OK because others are doing it too.

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right but in this age and time those big companies aren’t going to change any time soon. So for now its just something we have to deal with unfortunately.j

      • Virus

        18 hours is it probably on the stand by mode bet if you used it a lot in the day would probably be closer to 6-8 hours

    • Andy Copeland

      I hope you at least sleep sometime during the day! Like the 6 hours it can’t last. It can charge then.

    • trfe

      You’re supposed to charge it each night.

  • Brandon

    I wear my current watch, maybe 12 hours a day max. Should be fine for most people I would assume

    • Peaingel

      You do realise that your use case cannot be extrapolated to everybody or indeed to most people? I myself don’t know anybody who doesn’t wear their watches at all times, except while showering or in the sauna.

    • Benedict

      I wear my G Watch the whole day and the whole night. I use it at night for alarm clock, track sleep, read new messages in the morning, check weather, check journey time to work and other stuff. When I get up, I charge it for about 50 minutes to 100%. So 12 hours would be too less for me.

      • Brandon

        yeah i guess a smart watch would get used more. I would hope so for the price haha

      • Benedict

        I only mentioned the things which it is used in the night time for comparison. Of course it is even more in use over day time for Emails, tweets, facebook, whatsapp, navigation, google search, music etc. So agian 12 hours of the Apple watch is too less for me. 30 hours minimum.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Wallhugger of a watch.. I’ll wait til they offer atleast 2 days of battery life. I dont want to charge 2 devices every night

  • jp2002

    Time to wear power banks on our wrists along with the apple watch!

  • ck125

    “all day” ok apple….

  • ready1take1

    Great news if you’ve become disenchanted with your 24 hour watch that runs for years on a battery