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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Apple has finally announced the availability of its Apple Watch Edition, available for $10,000 when pre-orders begin April 10.

Given the price of the Apple Watch Edition, Apple CEO Tim Cook told attendees at the company’s media event on Monday that it will be available in limited quantities and only in a limited number of Apple Stores.

The Apple Watch Edition is available in two different sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm, and features cases specially crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-karat gold alloys. The gold is developed to be twice as hard as standard gold, along with a Retina display protected by polished sapphire crystal and a choice of uniquely designed straps and bands with 18-karat gold clasps, buckles or pins.

It’s been previously reported that Apple will outfit Apple Stores that carry the Apple Watch Edition with safes to house the expensive jewelry overnight.

  • Light

    Guessed correctly I win, all other’s will be terminated.

    • Fanboy 

      Congratulations nobody cares lol

      • Light

        You’re terminated Fanboy (Period)

  • Well, time to sell my House and my Ferrari.
     Watch here I come!

    • Light

      Time to sell my Rolex collection and buy an Watch.

    • RuddyN


  • Virus

    10K for an Apple Watch must be as useful as a 10K Rolex pair of shoes

    • Alex

      The luxury model is not for everyone.
      Apple Watch for normal people is priced $349-$599 (up to $1099).

  • SkyFall

    My reaction was at first histerical laughter, but then i realised that there are actual people who will buy the Edition version. And sure people will say that Rolex costs the same amount of money (pretty much) and people buy them. But Rolex (or any expensive watch for that matter) is a simple watch. This is a smart watch after two years its value would be minimal and it would be obsolete (both hardware and software wise) whereas the simple watch has a value after years.

  • Fanboy 

    That definitely must have crushed some dreams, and he spoke right through it didnt even care to elaborate

  • Linton Findlay

    starting from $10k too :O

  • Montgomery Tyler

    and we have dumb people that will spend that much on a watch….. damn shame

    • Chindavon

      I guess rich people and all celebrities are dumb in your world.

      • makedonii

        i will argue is the other way around, if that makes any sense, its apple that is smart and say “hey, why no get all the rich people money since we have the biggest/strongest brand out there”.
        even if they dont care and are rich, its apple thats winning here, so yeah, why not

  • jp2002

    Big disappointment, this keynote was.

  • ravinigga

    Damm Well i hope the next watch have the same price as the sport with fake gold like iPhone.

  • Ishaan Malhotra


  • jp2002

    The next version of watch will have the ability to adda wallpaper!

  • JQ2

    My question is simple… Does every watch have the same specs regardless of case design?

    • Simple answer is yes. There is no need to spend $10,000.

      • JQ2

        Well I will debate with myself of the aluminum or the stainless steel. I really like the metal bands.

      • Yep $399 vs $599 lol.

  • leart

    i will buy two

  • n0ahcruz3

    Only rich techies will buy this eg. Woz, Zuck etc. I dont see Rich Middle eastern oil tycoon buying this. But i could be wrong lol

  • Donovan

    Rolex > Apple Watch
    well, neither in my case, but I’d prefer a Rolex over an Apple Watch.

  • Victor

    Question; will a aluminum cased watch be compatible with a band made for the stainless steel version?
    Thinking of future third party bands which probably will turn the aluminum casing in to the wisest and most popular choice.

    • Alex

      Apple Store has more information about this. If you filter bands, you will get a “Watch Compatibility” section, which has a 38mm and a 42mm option. I believe you will be able to use bands made for Watch on Watch Sport.

  • Saul

    OK. You know those guys that walk into Apple Stores and buy the latest IPhone just to destroy it outside of the store after? I want someone to buy one of the $17000 Watches and just destroy it with a Hammer outside the store afterwards.

  • Tarak

    The #AppleWatchEdition comes with a 2 Year Warranty… Apple may be thinking it as a complimentary benefit 4 spending 10k on a gadget that has new version every…

  • cybersat

    What the f? I got to have this.

  • cybersat

    come on, guys.
    Tim needs your money to buy a new house in Malibu for his new boyfriend.