Apple TV price

Apple has cut the price of its Apple TV from $99 to $69, following the announcement of HBO Now coming exclusively to the Apple TV in April.

“We would like to make it accessible to more people,” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said during the company’s “Spring Forward” media event on Monday.

It looks like Apple is making a bigger commitment to Apple TV. HBO Now, which got stage time during the media event, will cost $14.99 a month and include HBO’s entire catalogue of TV and movie content — no cable subscription required.

  • Kris Elers

    Awesome! I’ll probably snag it now.

  • locomambo

    Im on my way as soon keynote is over!!

  • HouserM.D

    Someone dumb this down for me;;; when i buy one, is there a monthly fee , or do i get channels already,, how does this work and what can i do/jaibreak wise/ what comes straight out of the box

    • Dan

      I’m no Apple tv expert (I had one for a few days a while back and returned it), but as far as I know, the current Apple TV cannot be jailbroken. There is no subscription fee per se, but you have to pay for certain services (ie: netflix, hbo channel etc). I do believe there are some free channels but it’s nothing to write home about.

      • HouserM.D

        i heard gen 1 and 2 can be JBin

      • Dan

        Yeah, but I don’t think those are the ones you will be getting in store though. I jailbroke the 1st with FireTV but I brought it back to Apple store since I didn’t really like the product.

      • HouserM.D

        what was the reson for returning it, not enough channel or is it the same 1000 cable channels with nothing on

      • Dan

        There weren’t many channels in Canada back then (maybe more now?), airplay was laggy. FireTV gave me access to Icefilms but long loading times. Most likely my connection was partly to blame, and atv 1 was weaker than atv 3 so… Sounds like it’s worth it now though if you have an iPad and/or iPhone, especially for 69$.

      • HouserM.D

        Thnks for the info , i needed first hand input, There is a ATv 2nd gen in a shop down the street for 80. so maybe i can jew them down a lil since the ATv 3 is 69 now

      • I’d go for the new 3rd gen if video quality is important to you. 2nd gen only gets 720p, 3rd gen is 1080p. Plus it has the updated interface.

      • Guest

        I have 2nd gen jailbroken and put kodi on there. It’s pretty much all I watch for TV and movies wise.

      • Out5poken

        But the problem now is that the kodi devs have said they won’t support the ATV anymore, as it’s too much work to code for.

    • Chliii

      You get channels right away and there are others you can subscribe to. No jailbreak for the atv 3

    • Nitsud

      I have 2nd gen jailbroken and put kodi on there. It’s pretty much all I watch for TV and movies.

  • solai

    i expect refresh of  tv

    • Same here and I thought that was what the news initially was. Sad they didn’t introduce a new device and now I’ll wait some more for a new one…
      On a sidenote, do we really need like 8 new Apple Watch articles? Yeah, it came out today but pretty sure all the info iDB is covering could have been done in 2-3 articles…

  • Well maybe they are preparing for a new  tv model?

    • smtp25

      Yep can’t belive iDB missed mentioning that. One was due out soon but they have pushed it back to later this year.

  • iPodDroid

    I appreciate the price drop, but I was REALLY hoping for a refresh of some sort, the Apple TV needs one.

  • Tommy

    This annoys me a bit! I returned something from XMAS the other day (7-10 days ago) to the Apple Store, & finally got the Apple TV, which I happen to love! I was kicking myself for waiting so long to get it! But I paid $99 for it! If I friggin knew, I would have waited until it went to $69!

    • Furby8704

      you can get back the difference as long as you still have a receipt or something to show it was recently bought. apple takes good care of their customers!

  • Nathan

    Sweet. I may actually pick one of these up.

  • Judge

    They had to do this Amazon and others are blowing them out of the water. But it needs a UI Refresh

  • They dropped the price so get ready for a new apple tv at the end of the year.

  • ravinigga

    This says there is a new generation on the way with AppStore and other stuff:)

  • Blip dude

    Yet the retailers still have it priced at $90+ (looking at you, Amazon and Best Buy). Oh well, I have an Amazon gift card coming my way so I’ll give them a few days to change the pricing.

  • Mark Kramer

    How does $30 price difference make it more accessible? Does he mean more accessible to cheap skates? Is it more accessible to people who need to use a crowbar to get anything out of their wallet? Who exactly? The price of rentals and purchases isn’t changing so what’s $30 really doing? Want to make it more “accessible”? Give it away for free. What this sounds like is it isn’t selling or a newer model with more features is coming and we don’t want to take a bath on all the models we have left in the back room.

  • Nice price drop, but kinda pointless when you can get something like the Ouya console for $30 more and do a lot more…