Apple on Monday issued a security update for OS X to address a handful of vulnerabilities, including the high profile SSL flaw known as “FREAK.” Spotlighted last week, the bug allows would-be attackers to spy on communications made through Safari.

More specifically, FREAK stands for Factoring RSA Export Keys, and it affects certain embodiments of web encryption technologies SSL and TLS. If used maliciously, the flaw could leave systems open to what are known as man-in-the-middle attacks.

Apple spokesman Ryan James told reporters last week that Apple was aware of the problem, and was working on updates to rectify it. Today, the company released security updates for OS X, Apple TV, and iOS—iOS 8.2, which also adds the Apple Watch app.

To update your iOS device, simply launch your Settings app and navigate to General > Software Update (jailbreakers beware). On Apple TV, open Settings > General > Software Updates, and of course on OS X, visit the Updates tab of the Mac App Store.

  • Andrew

    Where does the A in FREAK come from?
    “Factoring RSA Export Keys”
    It should be FREK.

    • PoIsonX

      A came from
      “FREAK” (Factoring Attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys) attack.

      • Andrew

        Wouldn’t that be FAREK?

      • p0is0nX

        If you read my post attack is highlighted because it comes after keys,
        so “FREAK”= Factoring RSA-export attack key

  • Mr. Unknown

    i don’t even see the update in the app store

    • kokeropie

      Same here. I guess only for 10.10.2 and not for 10.10.3 public beta.

  • ugsvsbhi

    what about a fix for iPhone 3GS?

  • The upgrade to 8.2 wiped out my bought ringtones AGAIN. Gahh..