Take remote control of your household electronics with the awesome Bayit Smart Socket. Link your electronic devices and appliances to your WiFi connection and, using the simple iOS app, turn them on and off wherever you are in the world.

The Bayit Socket enables you to manage your devices from the palm of your hand. Schedule your coffee pot to turn on and wake up with a fresh brew, switch your oven on and come home to a warm dinner or switch on lights when you’re out to ward off intruders. How you use it is up to you.

One of the hottest products at this year’s CES, the Bayit Smart Socket is a simple but essential addition to the modern home. As well as offering the convenience and utility of remote control of your devices, the Bayit Smart can help you save money. Set the unit up properly and the Bayit Smart helps ensure you only pay for the energy you use. With energy prices going up, every little bit can help; this thing could even pay for itself over time.

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