power vault

Running multiple apps, maintaining Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and just staying connected on the move can drain your phone or tablet battery in a few hours. If you ever find yourself struggling for a charge, you need a portable battery pack – the Power Vault from iDownloadBlog Deals is a great option that will give you a ton of power on a tight budget: 18,000 mAh for just $30 (and $35 for international customers).

The Power Vault packs its huge amount of charging power into a small package. Its 18,000mAh battery is powerful enough to juice up multiple devices, and with its two USB ports, including one port with 2A-output for tablets, you can charge two devices simultaneously. When fully charged, the Power Vault has enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 6 eight or nine times, and an iPad Air 2 two to three times.

That should be enough portable power for even the thirstiest of users. And at $30 with free shipping, this is a product that will save you a lot of headaches for a little cash. The brushed aluminum finish is stylish and contemporary, and at just .4” thick, it’s easy to slip into a pocket or case.

Break open the box, charge the Power Vault with the Micro USB Charging cable and get out into the wide world, safe in the knowledge you can stay in touch and in control. Get it for $30 at iDB Deals.

  • phattrance

    anyone know how the quality of the battery is? the most cheaper batteries i bought usually drop like 50 – 80% of the charge within 2 weeks which makes the entire idea with extra battery pointless

  • U.S. only?

    • Andrew

      If you actually read the article or even checked the website, there is an international option ($35 in total).

      • Shipping inclusive?

      • Andrew

        huh? The shipping is $5 so it’s $35 in total.

      • but i dunno. waitin 2-3 weeks for a product i propably can’t complain if smth isn’t working as expected doesnt seems to be a good deal for me.

      • amol p

        it would help if you learn to read an article in the first place, instead of blindly writing comments.

      • think about it: international shipping needs at least 2-3 weeks.
        right of return is within 2 weeks.

        do you realize smth?

      • amol p

        yes that you’re an idiot who cannot read.

      • you made 3 mistakes in 1 sentence. who’s the idiot now?

      • amol p

        still you.

      • amol p

        well you’re an idiot since you cannot read before commenting on an article, its as simple as that

      • Kindergarten

      • /o

  • Mark Kramer

    $30 for 18,000 mAh? Please remember that you get what you pay for. Cheap batteries don’t impress me.

    • Andrew

      It’s normally $109. The deal if for 3 days only.

    • amol p

      why do you equate price with quality?

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I was looking at this yesterday……but now the comments have me worried about the longevity of the unit.

    • Cy

      me too. Really want to get it. Ba the comments 🙁
      Think it’s too good to be true.

  • Rasmus Halvarsson

    I bought it, If it’s crap I’ll let you know, but since I live in Sweden it should be 2-3w at least before I get it delivered….

    • ikwyl6

      So is this battery pack any good?

  • tstsr6

    Question – do the cheaper chargers ruin the phone’s battery life? I bought one off eBay (Chinese knock off) for cheaper but not sure whether it’s safe to use or not

  • Showa

    is it possible to chose color.

  • Noam

    and again not worldwide…if only

    • Andrew

      “18,000 mAh for just $30 (and $35 for international customers).”

      Why do you not read the article before commenting?

      • Guest

        so that maybe if the see that non us nor Hawaii citizens is interesting with this product they will decide to ship worldwide!…

      • Noam

        so that maybe if the see that non us nor Hawaii citizens is interesting with this product they will decide to ship worldwide!

      • David Goorevitch

        Thanks for clarifying that, Noam 🙂

  • Cy

    This deal is just too good. Was it really $109? And if so why was it discounted so much.

  • Notverycreative

    I ordered this product from Bgr And its a scam, 3 weeks ago they said this deal only had 2 days left , product came today and unit was scratched and had marking on both ends, customer service stated maybe it was marked during transport but it was in its packaging, then they never answered me back, I had it charging for 8 hours to get a full charge then plugged in an iPad 2 and an iPad 4 and 2 hours later the battery is almost dead and neither iPad has even charger 1/4 of the way yet. Shit product, shit service

  • Notverycreative

    Oh and it keeps saying this deal is expiring but it’s been going on for over a month now, it’s a scam to get you to buy it .

  • Erich Quist

    I have one of these and there’s no way it’ll come close to charging an iPhone 6 eight times. Maybe Three. Maybe.

  • David Goorevitch

    Glad I checked the reviews. Thanks, gents.