Jailbreak the Apple TV 2 With Seas0nPass

9to5mac reports Apple is working on a new version of its Apple TV set-top box, which will feature a slimmer profile and finally bring the most sought-after Apple TV feature – the App Store.

The publication, who is often correct in its reporting on Apple, reports that Apple had originally hoped to ship the redesigned Apple TV this month, however it could be delayed until later this year. Apple is said to be working on new content partnerships, like the reported HBO Now, and it could be the company wants to secure a few more before bringing the redesign to market.

The new Apple TV is also said to have a redesigned, more capable and tactile remote control for controlling content and navigating the App Store. It’s not clear how the App Store would work, but presumably developers would have to submit apps through the Developer Center to be approved.

There’s no word on if Apple plans to move away from its current $99 pricing for the Apple TV.

It sounds like Apple has quite the fall lineup with the Apple TV and iPad Pro.

Source: 9to5mac

  • iViperzLTD

    I’ll buy this in a heartbeat, been holding out for far too long.

    • ericesque


    • I’ve almost purchased the last model myself. Have had it in my cart many times and talked myself out of it. I keep expecting a new model anytime and with the long wait, it should be upgraded extremely.
      Hopefully the new model may give some devs some motivation to jailbreak this one?

  • revivalstore

    Pricetag 500 dollars.. Shut up and leave my money alone

  • A new remote could be cool. Allowing a Bluetooth connection between my iPhone and AppleTV for a better Remote app experience would be cooler. Or, even better, let the AppleTV cooperate with my Logitech remote. But that’s crazy talk.

    • Glarus

      My logitech harmony 650 does control my apple tv perfectly. What Logitech remote are you using?

      • My wife bought me the Logitech Harmony Home Control for Christmas. Don’t think there’s a specific model number attached to it. The Amazon listing says it works with AppleTV, but I’ve had no luck getting it to recognize my remote these last two months.

      • Glarus

        Not sure how that remote works, but with mine I set up an “activity”, in the logitech software, called Apple TV and added the Apple TV as a device. Also had to tell the software what input to use for this activity. Everything else worked automatically.

      • Same process for me, if I remember right. Maybe the Logitech didn’t differentiate between Apple TV and Apple TV 2? I’ll give it another shot now that I’m a bit more comfortable with it. Hopefully it works out this time around.

  • dsgcobra

    What ever happened to the TV Apple was making???

    • Newgunnerr

      iTV? Probably still in the back of Apple’s head.

  • Virus

    i’d only buy another apple tv if it runs xbmc/kodi

    • Chang in Charge

      well we know that’s not going to happen unless it’s jailbroken. But lets hope that Apple adding an App Store and other features means this thing has more security holes for hackers to poke at.

      • Rowan09

        I agree the ATV 3 seemed to have been the only device that’s unhackable.

      • Or just didn’t get enough hackers interested in it…

      • Rowan09

        They did and just couldn’t figure anything out and that’s why the ATV 2 is sold at such a premium.

      • Then they simply weren’t smart enough. Nothing is unhackable, you know that, get someone like GeoHot desperate and they’ll crack the code in a day or 2. As for the Apple TV selling at a premium, yeah I see that a lot, funny thing is, you could easily get a console like the Ouya for the same price as the Apple TV, and it’ll do a lot more than what people are using as justification for selling jailbroken Apple TVs at a ripoff. Then again, that’s the power of fruit logo.

      • Rowan09

        Trust me there were some smart people behind trying to jailbreak the ATV 3 it just didn’t happen. Maybe it was just too hard and people gave up but I’ve never seen a device that the community wanted hacked and wasn’t. The ATV 2 was and is priced this high still because people don’t know any better. Prior to the release of the Fire TV, etc it was more understandable, but now it’s just a huge ripoff.

      • Platy

        If there is an App Store where anyone can make apps, you won’t need a jailbreak, just a developers account. Even on iOS 8, you don’t need a jailbreak for kodi if you know how to compile it / can sign it yourself.

      • Chang in Charge

        And most people don’t have and won’t pay for a developer’s account and I don’t think signing apps will achieve the same thing as a jailbreak.

      • Platy

        Agreed but if you can build apps for it, I’m sure someone will find a way to install apps without a dev cert e.g changing the time back ‘bug’ that got fixed in 8.1. Isn’t there also some Chinese method :P?

        I never said it would achieve the same thing as a jailbreak, the OP was saying they wanted a jailbreak to install Kodi, which as I said, if you could build apps for it, you *could* get kodi without relying on a jailbreak.

  • Joe Bingham

    Please include Dish’s new Sling TV service!

  • Funny because the current gen could run an app store just fine. Unfortunately Apple didn’t bother including it because they haven’t spent any time with a functional OS. The current OS is awful! It’s extremely barebone and runs similar to that of say IOS 1 or 2. So unless they have a new OS installed and I mean a full resign with new icons and ways around it then it’s not worth my time. Chromecast can do a lot more for a lot less.

    • Out5poken

      Agreed, hence why I held off buying an Apple TV and bought a Chromecast in the black Friday sales and couldn’t be happier, for such a tiny device this thing rocks and works awesomely with certain movie streaming sites

      • Rowan09

        The fire stick is 100 times better and gives you way more for the price as well.

    • I love my Chromecast too but I wish more apps would get on board. NHL Gamecenter would be awesome and so would Amazon Instant Video. I never use their streaming service because my TV runs the app like complete garbage. Would be nice to finally take advantage of it. And NO I have zero interest in a Fire Stick.

  • ravinigga

    Well still have 3apple tv. Cant wait.

    Is cool if You use THE remote as controller like THE remote of Philips tv’s

  • Rigs101

    I been waiting for so long I bought the Apple TV 3 less than a week ago oh well time to return it

    • Same exact thing happened when I bought the ATV 2. I returned it assuming that the new model would be jailbroken eventually and look at the mistake I made.
      You obviously won’t have that problem. I was still happy with the 3 because I am HD freak and only watch 1080p whenever it is available.

  • john diaz

    About time !

  • Chindavon

    This is long overdue. ATV is great, but has some annoying issues.

  • What I don’t understand is why apple doesn’t add Amazon instant, Pandora, or Spotify? I guess they compete with iTunes too much.