white hat hacker 2

Hacking often boils down to identifying weak points in digital security systems and infrastructure. Ethical hacking (aka White Hat hacking) is all about plugging those holes before someone with nefarious intentions exploits them. So how do you get started working with the “good guys” and protecting your own systems when it comes to hacking? With the White Hat Security Hacker Bundle, of course.

Offering access to six comprehensive online courses, this is your last chance to take advantage of the White Hat Security Hacker Bundle at the price of $49 – saving more than 90% off the $622 MSRP. The deal ends tomorrow.

With this bundle you’ll receive six complete courses, including:

  • The Basics of Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Course – Work through 55 lectures and 17 hours of content to understand how to improve system protection, exploit Windows and Linux systems and much more.
  • Advanced White Hat Hacking & Penetration Testing Tutorial – Test the strength of your network, explore reverse engineering and how to use it to protect against threats, secure your hardware from attack and build robust networks after completing the White Hat Hacking and Penetration Testing Tutorial.
  • Advanced Mac OS X: Technical & Security Skills Course – Safely protect your Apple hardware and software with this advanced, Apple specific training course designed by certified experts.
  • WordPress Security Course – Follow simple, step-by-step instructions from the basics to advanced strategies, and learn how to keep your WordPress blogs and sites locked down tight.
  • Mastering The Linux Command Line Course – Use Linux command line to control your system, control directories and file management, create shortcuts and more with 28 lectures and 3 hours of content.
  • Web scraping for Sales & Growth Hackers – Learn the basics of web scraping, create huge targeted lists from data available on the web and optimise your content marketing with this package.

If you’re concerned about your systems, or just want to learn the basics of hacking, take control with the White Hat Security Hacker Bundle today.