Apple Watch East Touch magazine editorial 005

Multi-page editorial coverage of the Apple Watch in the world’s top fashion magazines continues with a new cover appearance and multi-page spread in Hong Kong street fashion and lifestyle magazine East Touch this month, Hype Beast reported Monday.

In addition, the wrist-worn device has appeared on the cover and a two-page spread inside the Big Spring issue of London-based fashion mag Style.

As pictured above and below, young male hipster-styled models can be see wearing the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch versions, featuring different straps and watch faces.

Apple Watch East Touch magazine editorial 006

And this is the Apple Watch cover in the March issue of East Touch.

Apple Watch East Touch magazine cover

Seen further below: the cover of the Big Spring Issue of UK’s Style magazine for March 2015 with model Guinevere Van Seenus wearing an Apple Watch. The cover is accompanied by a two-page spread inside the magazine.

Apple Watch Style magazine March 2015 cover

Interestingly enough, the inside feature mentions the “Apple Watch Sport with 38mm Space Grey aluminum case and black band” costing $349.

This contradicts Apple pundit John Gruber who speculated that the space grey Apple Watch Sport and the space black stainless steel Apple Watch models may end up costing more than the baseline $349 price.

Noting that Apple’s device will “wipe the floor with existing smartwatch manufacturers and give mid-market watchmakers a fright,” the featured story lavishes praise on Apple’s design czar Jony Ive who led the Watch project.

“Jony Ive has got the tone of the Apple Watch just right,” reads the story.

“It looks elegant but not standoffish, and as well as the 18 variations of the regular version, there are the 10 Sport options, which come with a lightweight case, strengthened glass and a rubber strap, plus the more expensive Edition range (six models), made from 18ct gold.”

Editorial features in the world’s top fashion and lifestyle magazines are part of a marketing campaign leading up to the Apple Watch launch in April.

Past examples include Self magazine which dedicated its March cover to the device, with supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel wearing an Apple Watch Sport model on photographs.

Similarly, the March issue of the Vogue magazine sports a multi-spread feature containing actual-size photographs of the wrist-clad device, while the magazine’s digital edition features a video ad showcasing the device.

Apple Watch Sport Self magazine Candice Swanepoel

And back in November 2014, Vogue China ran a cover story featuring the 18-karat yellow gold Apple Watch Edition.

Apple is expected to share more information about the wrist-worn device at its “Spring Forward” media event on March 9 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Stay tuned as iDownloadBlog will be providing live coverage of the event.

Source: Hype Beast, The Sunday Times

  • Steven Code

    The jealousy is real.

  • Rupinder

    I think it looks really nice! I, for one, actually want one.

  • Still hoping the price will be less then 349.99 but I know it’s basically false hope at this point. Just can’t justify putting down that kind of money for a device that just piggy backs onto the phone. If it was self sustained I would be more into it. Though I am curious to see the keynote about the device.

    • avd98

      Apole already announced that the price for the watches will begin at U$350

      • I know, just keep hoping they’ll change it during the keynote and put 249.99 on the board. Like I said, it’s false hope at this point though. These things just cost to much for what they can do. Now the 2nd gen will probably have all the bells and whistles on it that will warrant the 349.99 but right now I don’t see it. Ah, but that’s why there’s a keynote because maybe they’ll wow me and change my mind. As of now though, I don’t see a reason to buy one of these at the pricetag they are asking. 🙂

  • nvog

    I’ m an overall happy iphone 6 owner, but this one… is thick and way too big square piece to my liking… let’s hope the iwatch 2.0 will be closer to a “time piece” line (a round shape would be most appreciated) than an info band.

  • George

    The watch looks redic.

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    Not buying it if it’s $350+

    • john myth

      too bad you’re poor

  • Alberto Espinal

    Not for nothing but the Watch is freaking sexy, sorry Android wear guys but you came out with something without a thought just because Apple was going to come out with one not because you thought of it before, one thing is to have an original idea and another of copying that idea because someone else had it first, you catch what I’m saying right, I think you do!