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One of our most popular deals from the iDownloadBlog Deals store, you can get 3 years of VPN Unlimited for just $19. Unblock restricted content, protect yourself over Wi-Fi and increase your surfing or streaming speed, knowing whatever you are doing and wherever you are in the world, your connection is private and secure.

Using a VPN is the best way to encrypt your data, essentially hiding your precious information like passwords from hackers through a complicated series of algorithms and connections. With server locations across the world, you can be confident that your connection will be speedy as well as safe.

We’re happy to offer this sweet deal on VPN Unlimited 3.0: at just $19 you are saving over $40 on the list price and getting 3 years of VPN access at a no-brainer price.

You can monitor your usage with hands-on statistics for each device, but don’t be worried about throttled bandwidth – all users receive unlimited traffic bandwidth as part of the deal.

It works with whatever you do, including Mac, iOS, PC, Android or Linux, but it’s not available for Windows Phones. Get this deal.

  • Victor

    This is actually a great deal! Anyone who worries about their internet security should grab it. Hard to find a better deal on the web.

    Ps. I grabbed it myself 🙂

    • spacewalk1

      Could you let me know what is your internet speed when connected to their vpn and does it maintains at that speed always or gets lowered after using an specific amount of data.

      • Victor

        I experienced a slight delay when on my wifi home, which I guess is normal. But on low speed wifi, like on the airport you might want to turn VPN off, as the delay is significantly larger.

  • yoshif8tures

    Can you torrent on this service ?

  • Guest

    Has anyone tried it? How are the speeds?

  • OneBigInFiniteJoint

    i installed the trial version to check it out first as i use “Cloak VPN” instead so i disabled cloak completely and installed this and trying to get it to work but it won’t connect to any server whatsoever. help here ?

  • Nex


  • Nick

    If you look on their website you will see they log your information to prove you aren’t doing anything illegal. They log it if provided with a warrant but nonetheless they still have the power to log it. I would go with private Internet access as they can’t even see who is using which server as it is all shared.

  • John

    Or use frootvpn by the piratebay guys that i no is not logging my ip and is FREE

    • gary w

      I’m not seeing how it’s free.

      • John

        Sorry mate. Used to be free. Now looks like they charging.

      • John

        My account is still free though

      • gary w

        Yea. That’s the way things go… Thanks though.

  • AnArcticMonkey

    They log your IP, kind of defeats the privacy portion of a VPN?

  • 9to5Slavery

    Private Internet access ALL THE WAY!

  • William Z. 

    NOTE: Due to government regulations, this product is not available to residents of China.

    • Victor

      I believe its forbidden in china to use a VPN to elude gouvernment filters.

      • William Z. 

        Doesn’t matter~~ everybody use VPN to get around the GFW. I just feel irony. Like I need the key to open the door, but I need to open the door to get the key~~

      • czbird

        Hmm, that’s exact description. I feel sorry for you.

  • spacewalk1

    Can someone who uses their services could answer me what is the actual internet speed you get to use when connected to their vpn and is it really unlimited or you get your speed lowered after certain amount of traffic used.

  • Dante Arellano


  • Dante Arellano

    I got up this morning checking IDB and i find this godt it was like was dreaming or something i was waiting for something like that sice ever it does looks like new ios take look apple!!

  • tauseef

    wow this is really cheap but still i have some details of paid providers that i have found on vpnranks. And this is really good must choose the provider from here as well .

  • Mohammed Gurain

    i got this deal a few days ago, a very good and fast service.
    Thanks IDB.