iphone 6 battery

Handset vendors stubbornly insist on making their gadgets thinner at a time when consumers have largely been craving for better battery life.

Apple, like no other company, is a poster child for the industry’s obsession with thinness. Whenever a new iPhone comes out, its slim profile gets prominently featured and communicated in ads.

This point was especially brought home for me in a recent Wall Street Journal article which argues that “survey after survey reveals there is one thing consumers wish manufacturers would change about their gadgets” and it’s better battery life.

Our poll today deals with this issue as we seek to learn whether you, our loyal readers, would rather have a millimeter or two thicker device with a stronger battery or as thins a phone as possible with a good enough battery.

So, would you trade thinness for better battery life?

A similar poll we ran last summer ahead of the iPhone 6 release asked whether screen size or battery life were more important to you. Nearly one out of each four respondents opted for a stronger battery versus a larger screen.

Arguing that making gadgets thinner and lighter is a trend that has outlived its usefulness, WSJ writer Christopher Mims said that things don’t have to be this way.

“There’s a simple enough solution,” he wrote. “It requires a company brave enough to persuade users that one of the things we’ve come to expect from phones and other gadgets — that every year, they become thinner and lighter — is a trend that has outlived its usefulness.”

I couldn’t agree more, but would Apple be brave enough to come out with a thicker-than-expected iPhone? Personally, I’d happily buy a bit thicker iPhone were it to come with markedly better battery life.

And what do you think?

Should Apple thicken the next iPhone in order to improve battery life or avoid doing that as to not risk reviewers calling the device a brick?

  • Same apply to ipad air 2, they should have made it thicker but to have better battery life.

    • Platy

      All they had to do was keep the same design as the iPad Air, and the device would have gained battery improvements from the updated specs. But no…make it thinner and reduce battery size :/

  • Virus

    Give me an iPhone that can last me all weekend without a charge

    • therealjjohnson

      3 days…really?

      • Why not?

      • Jeffrey

        Because the technology isn’t exactly here yet for it to have 3 days batt life AND the features the iPhone already has now

      • therealjjohnson

        What device last for 3 whole days? Its just unrealistic.

      • Courtney Macfarlane

        Would be awesome though!

      • Toxicfume

        Nokia 3310

      • 5723alex .

        My iPhone 6’s battery last 3 days.

    • Skoven

      You can have me… i will last all weekend 😛
      isitfriday . org

    • Walcy Carroll

      that would be pretty nice, I think that many will as the same for the next Apple Watch, I think the watch will sell pretty good, but eventually battery life is going to be a huge issue moving forward, seriously charging a watch every night, i can see every 3 days but every day.. i dunno. I am gonna get the watch within 3 months after it comes out, but still…

      • lars

        may I suggest Pebble Time
        i’m a pebble user and really, really happy with battery life and everything else.
        especially the community
        and with the new pebble coming up on kickstarter i’m exited as never 🙂

      • Pebble seems to be the only one with such great battery life… don’t know why the other guys can’t do it?

      • Rowan09

        I own a Pebble and it’s not a color screen or touch screen device. All the other smart watches are color screen with a powerful CPU. I love my Pebble but I wouldn’t compare it to the Gear, LG, etc.

    • Benedict

      I think you have to consider another brand then..

      • Guest

        may I suggest Pebble Time
        i’m a pebble user and really, really happy with battery life and everything else.
        especially the community
        and with the new pebble coming up on kickstarter i’m exited as never 🙂

    • salilmulay

      iPhone 6 Plus lasts me a full weekend. I get easily 12 hours of screen on time, and 2 days standby.
      Anyway, another 1mm thick iPhone 6 Plus would have given killer battery.

    • They should make it as thick as the iPhone 4. or even the 3G, Imagine the battery life gain that would bring…

      • Rowan09

        Battery life wouldn’t matter if they made it as thick as the iPhone 4. The Droid Razr Maxx had a 3300mAh battery in 2012 and it still couldn’t last all day. Battery tech needs to get better and this thought that making a thick phone means better battery is just not true.

      • Making it bigger while making the power hungry components more efficient like theybare in the current iPhone is a possible solution. Sadly, firms that have potential to do it are shooting for those 4k displays.

  • The current battery life for iPhone 6 Plus is good enough. I can use continuously and heavily for over 2 hours after low battery alert.

    So unless a breakthrough in battery life (a week perhaps) happens that requires thicker phones, I’d say keep it thin.

    • RarestName

      We all know that batteries can really degrade over a year or two with heavy usage, so it’s more about future proofing rather than it being good enough for now.

      • I have a MacBook that remains 80% of the original battery capacity after 3 years of heavy use, so I don’t worry a lot about iPhone which almost definitely will get replaced by that time.

        I usually charge my devices when I sleep, so a day, a day and a half doesn’t really matter.

      • RarestName

        I know some people who are still using the iPhone 4S from 2011!

      • HamptonWalley

        Wow, they must be really old fashioned people.

      • RarestName

        No. They can’t afford newer models.

      • Starman_Andromeda

        Our iPad 1 is still going strong! And it’s just about 5 years old!

      • SteveZ

        Just so you know, MacBook’s battery can go through 1000 charging cycles before getting down to 80%, but iPhone’s battery will get to 80% after 500 cycles.

      • Walcy Carroll

        True but I would say that there are a good majority of people that upgrade their phones at about a 3 year cycle

      • JayDee917

        Definitely wouldn’t say a majority. I think the 2 year upgrade cycle is the most popular choice.

  • Agru

    I will definitely sound rude and dictatorial, but the options are basically:
    – do you have a brain? click here
    – did you sell yours to get a thinner one? click here

  • :)

    Go back to iphone 5 thickness. That’s perfect.

    • Damian

      It is easier to carry it in one hand
      But iPhone 5 sharp edges also caused sometimes an issue

      • :)

        o_o ? Never had that issue when i had my iPhone 5

      • gittlopctbi

        Sharp edges? What issues? Curious. I do not consider my 5 having any sharp edges, let alone any issues.

      • Damian

        The issue was that when I would go to bed or lie on the sofa and I held my iPhone up in front of my face, it was difficult to hold it in one hand and type. If I did it for a longer time my hand would hurt a little bit and my fingers would stretch uncomfortable.

        It was caused by an uncomfortable grip caused by the square edges which I call sharp. If the edges were round than my grip would be much firmer and typing experience in this position would be amazing

      • This Guy

        It’s time to put down the phone.

      • gittlopctbi


    • Gregg


      Although the rounded edges on iPhone 6 are quite nice, I really did enjoy the sturdiness and the chamfered edges of iPhone 5. And now my iPhone 6 has developed multiple little dents on the back cover, around the logo, even though I don’t do anything insane with it… When I complained at the loca Apple Store, the immediate question was: “Do you keep it in your pant pockets?” DUH… I don’t recall any marketing materials saying “not suitable for storing in your pant pockets.” Idiotic. All in all, I feel the iPhone 6 build quality is a little lower than the iPhone 5. There, I blasphemed.

      • gittlopctbi

        “There, I blasphemed”


  • klouud

    How about a new battery technology that is superior to the old crusty one? Or what about this new screen technology that is 10 times more energy-efficient?

    • Gregg

      Why do you think they’re poaching Tesla guys?… Oh, wait, yeah…

  • SteveZ

    Wait for a couple of years.
    Better battery life and thinness will be in harmony.

    • Victor

      Nope. Apple will continue to persue its insanity for thiness

      • Damian

        I think they reached the point of max thinness
        Otherwise it will be uncomfortable to hold phone as if it was a piece of paper

      • Victor

        They won’t stop untill the iphone is just a touchscreen

      • Damian

        How would we hold it?

      • Victor

        There have been several designs after apple filled a patent for the touch screen:

      • My Wasted Fantasy

        There’s a phone that’s even thinner than the iPhone. It’s so thin that it doesn’t even have a headphone jack.

      • Rowan09

        You mean like everyone else does. There’s no insanity for thinness, the bigger the device the thinner it should be.

      • Victor

        But why making it thinner if thats not what we want? Clearly the majority of the audience is craving for better specs (improved battery life, etc)

      • Rowan09

        The iPhone 6+ has a 3000+mAh battery with better and the 6 has a 2000+mAh battery. Adding a larger battery is a small part of the bigger picture for better battery life. People do want slim phones, I for one love the iPhone 6/6+ size. Microsoft made the Surface 3 thinner, the S4 was thicker than the S5 and the S6 is suppose to be thinner than both. Thinnest is not an Apple invention, everyone is doing the same. We’ll move away from wanting bigger phone again to no phones at all with just a chip with a virtual screen you can enlarge.

    • gittlopctbi

      Why should we have to wait a couple of years? Especially since the vast majority do not care about “thinness.”

      • Kritika Singhania

        Because Apple is too cool to care about what the masses actually want. -.-

  • therealjjohnson

    iPhone 6 Plus battery last me the entire day. Took it off the charger at 9:00AM and made it to bed at 2:13AM. Im always on my phone. I just picked it up this weekend after I got rid of my iPhone 6. Im ok with that.

  • reginald

    kind of a non issue as they don’t need to get thinner, so keeping it as is it plus the inevitable continual improvement of batteries means soon enough we can have both

  • Considering my OnePlus One is 8.9 mm thick and already lasts almost 2 days on a charge. I think iPhone 4s (9.3 mm) thickness with the tiny internal components of the iPhone 6 (7.1 mm) could give enough room to make the battery last 3 days…

    • Victor

      That is so true. If they made a iphone with, lets say the thickness of the iphone 5, but with (bigger) smaller components of the iphone 6 it would have way better specs.

    • Rowan09

      If it was only that easy other manufacturers would have 3 day life phones out.

      • It’s not easy for sure. Even the massive Droid Turbo doesn’t last longer than the iPhone 6+. Here’s wishing OnePlus makes yet another well priced leader…

      • Rowan09

        Is this graph saying you get 13 hours? No review online I’ve found agrees with this graph. Your phone gets about 8.5 hours at best according to the reviews I’ve seen.

      • Got it from this review of the Droid Turbo’s battery (http://bit. ly/1EzouoE).

  • I’m happy with my iPhone 6’s form factor and battery life. Been charging all my iPhones over night since 2007 and I can’t see that habit changing any time soon.

  • Rupinder

    What people don’t realize is the weight of a battery. If the next phone somehow IS thicker with a bigger battery, people will complain about the weight.

    • RarestName

      People were complaining about the iPhone 5 being too light last time. No one can stop them.

  • Walcy Carroll

    I don’t see the next gen iphone’s getting thicker or much thicker, we could see a similar thing like the camera bump out in thickness…. I do see that battery life continuing to get better over the next 2 handsets, there will be a break thru in batteries in general within the next 2-3 years, Apple if not already done will buy that company or use their services for their batteries… eventually it will get great battery life like the apple laptops. I am wondering if we will again see another change in the iphone design in the next 2-3 years as the design is common place now and current/future phones are using similar design’s in their devices as well.

  • Although being thin shows how far tech has come to be able to put something like the iPhone 6 together…I still prefer a thicker slab of metal. When holding the 6 bare in my hands, it simply feels too fragile. That’s why I always get a case with some heft to it. For example, adding the Mophie juice pack case on the phone feels perfect! it curves nicely into my hands and a joy to hold! Just my 2 cents. I really think they could’ve made it thicker around 8 – 10mm to compensate for a battery around 3000mAh or more!

    • Walcy Carroll

      I agree that the iphone 6 & plus feels nice, but I could never not put any case on my phone. This year I did something different I am only using the RhinoShield for the iphone 6 plus and the screen protectors for the front/back, that is about as much risk as I am willing to go. Usually I have case similar to lunatik where i can drop it as many times and not do any damage.. but the iphone 6 plus with any other case is just too bulky..

  • Ahmad Al-Qaed

    I want usability rather than pointlessness, it’s so pointless to make a phone thiner than now, you have to put more work into it, literally as well, to compete with others for stupid reasons

  • Ahmad Al-Qaed

    People are saying about 2 days lasting iPhones, well, iPhones should have so much more battery life, not only 2 days, I wish Apple could hear the world now, the thinness games are over, stop it, make iPhones a leap again

  • Tom

    I’m happy with my iPhone 6 Plus’ battery. Lasts for me for 10 hours.

    • Victor

      Yeah, but if they made a iphone with the thickness of a iphone 5 and the battery technology of a iphone 6 it would last 2 days of use…

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Battery all the way.

  • christophsullivan

    See what would be awesome is saying “We decided to make the iPhone thicker. But this also means we got a 30 hour battery to fit inside.” That would be more than worth it and even though I go through battery faster than their numbers (s/o to spotify) but i would be confident it could last a 16 hour day.

  • iPodDroid

    I could care LESS if the phone was very very thin,what matters to me the most is the battery life of a smartphone, which is something Apple needs to work with.

  • gittlopctbi

    “It requires a company brave enough to persuade users that one of the things we’ve come to expect from phones and other gadgets — that every year, they become thinner and lighter — is a trend that has outlived its usefulness.”

    Uhm, no. The polls obviously show that no persuasion is necessary. It requires a company brave enough to just make a phone with a better battery. Duh.

    • Kritika Singhania

      It requires a company to, for once, listen to its consumers. That’s it.

      • gittlopctbi

        Yes, and that’s the one problem with Apple–in their own minds, they always think they know what’s best. Most of the time, they’re correct, but not always.

  • Bob

    With the size of the phone now, in order for it to feel good in my hand, it needed to be thinner. If Apple kept the 4 inch screen, then I think it could be thicker. The volume of the device actually matters when one holds it, at least one handed like I do.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Of all the iphones ive used, iphone 6 is the worst when it comes to battery life

  • neutrino23

    If people want more battery life why not just get a Moshie Juice Pack or similar? This will easily give you 2x or 3x battery life. Most people buy a case anyway. Why not one with a battery?

    I’m not being snarky. I just don’t get it. If you worry about scratches you get a screen protector. For overall protection you get a case. If you want more battery life why not get an external battery?

  • Unicorn Drank

    The iPhone 6 battery is not that great, but then the battery on the 6+ is much better, but it’s just too big

    • Rowan09

      That’s’ the only solution right now for better battery life and that’s going bigger.

  • Better Battery Life, I have been saying this since iPhone 3G.

  • Anthony Antunez

    If Apple would have made the iPhone 6/6+ just a little thicker, it would have had a slightly bigger battery and wouldn’t have a protruding camera. Fixed two problems right there.

    • Rowan09

      How much bigger of a battery does one need in a phone 4000mAh? Battery tech needs to advance and adding a larger battery alone is not the solution.

      • Anthony Antunez

        I agree but battery tech isn’t advancing as fast as the growth of the power consumption of these phones. When Apple announced a larger phone people weren’t expecting the same battery of the smaller 5S. That is just disappointing. The iPhone 6 has just a 1810mah battery and that is impressive for the amount of battery life it has but making the phone a little thicker could have let Apple put a 2000mah battery which would have made a difference. I don’t know about you but I hate the protruding camera on the iP6 and a thicker phone would have fixed that, so with that added thickness why not take advantage and put a better battery in there? It’s just common sense.

      • Rowan09

        It’s not that easy as you make it seem. As the picture up above the 6 is now running an HD screen (720) when the 5s wasn’t HD and still keep the same LTE browsing time. Making a phone thicker doesn’t mean a thicker battery because as we’ve noticed the iPhone since the 3G got thinner and yet the battery capacity increased. It takes the CPU, screen choice (main reason I believe Samsung choose Amoled screen for battery efficiency), OS, etc to make a device last long and the most important is individual usage. I agree I don’t like the protruding camera because it seems as if it might get the glass scratched up, but I like the size and feel of the 6 and 6+. The 6+ has great battery life, I use it from 6AM until 5PM with 60-70% left of moderate usage while at work. I don’t own the 6 so I can’t really speak on it.

  • Sohail Wahab

    Solved, make it thinner and put uranium inside. Buy an iPhone with lifetime battery, TAAAAAADAAAAA

  • Yunsar

    The iPhone 6 plus can give you about ten hours of usage on average use.

  • Starman_Andromeda

    Thicker would not only provide better life, but also a better camera! It could have image stabilization along with an actual optical zoom!

    All those thin devices with the slippery, cold to the touch metal get put in cases anyway, so, why not start out bigger and better to begin with?!

    No question that Apple’s fetish for thinness is counter-productive! And we like Apple devices!