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Apple CEO Tim Cook will deliver George Washington University’s commencement address at the school’s graduation ceremony, the university announced on Wednesday. The ceremony takes place on May 17, at the prestigious ‘National Mall’ national park in downtown Washington, D.C.

“I am delighted that Tim Cook has accepted our invitation to give this year’s commencement address,” University President Steven Knapp said. “I know our graduating students will be inspired and enlightened by his reflections on the lessons he has garnered from his distinguished career.”

Cook’s invitation was suggested by GW students during the nomination process, and in addition to speaking, he’ll also be receiving an honorary “doctorate of public service.” Past commencement speakers include First Lady Michelle Obama and former United States President George H.W. Bush.

It’s not the least bit surprising that Cook would be asked to deliver such a speech. The CEO has been on an impressive run in recent years, getting named the Financial Times’ Person of the Year in 2014, introducing a slew of new Apple gadgets last fall, and driving shares of AAPL to all-time highs.

In 2005, Steve Jobs gave the commencement address at Stanford’s graduation, and it went on to become one of his most famous speeches.

Source: GWToday

  • Maxim∑

    Awesome! always wanted to see tim

  • jake kneller

    Nothing against Tim cook I like Tim and all but I just don’t see him as a person with such wisdom as what Steve had not doubt it will still be a very good speech Steve put him where he is for a reason

    • mp

      If Steve selected him, surely wisdom must have played a part. I get your point though.
      When you think about it, a company must be in very good hands if its leader is invited for such an occasion. The ones who are tasked to select a speaker surely know that their reputation and who they represent is at stake.
      I don’t read the leaders of Microsoft, IBM, Walmart or even Samsung for that matter given such an invite. Or maybe iDB didn’t cover it. 🙂
      When Tim reaches towards the end of his reign with Apple or life, then would be a fair opportunity to measure the man.
      Comparing wisdoms across different time tech periods is like comparing athletes across generations.

      • jake kneller

        You stated that very very well I belive cook is a smart man the only thing with cook is he doesn’t seem to have the kind of wisdom Steve had