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Episode 96: We discuss the recent controversy over our jailbreak tweak coverage, why we don’t often review themes, how to jailbreak iOS 8.2 beta, and discuss a whole host of new jailbreak tweaks like Profluence, StickerMe, and Stratos.

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  • :)

    There’s an app that lets you save profiles of your springboard setup. so you can easily switch back after you rearrange.

    • Merman123


  • DaYiM

    thanks for the post guys,
    Quick question please;
    I am on 8.1, can i update to 8.1.2 and rejailbreak?

    • Merman123

      Apple is no longer signing 8.1.2, so no. 8.1.3 will be installed if you update, which is no longer jailbreakable.

  • gittlopctbi

    Pretty silliy “controversies.” You don’t review themes? I’m with you–who cares? And what is there to review about a theme, anyway? You look at the screen shots of a theme, and decide if you like it or not. Big whoop. Why should you waste your time “reviewing” themes?

    Benjamin is “biased” towards the tweaks he reviews? Come on, boys, that’s silly. He’s excited when he likes a tweak, he warns when he’s not particularly enamored with a tweak, and tells ya if a tweak isn’t ready for prime time.

    Look–if you think the guys here at iDB are biased or don’t review just the right things for ya, go somewhere else.

  • anyone have crashing issues when backing out of a folder? What tweak could be causing that? Waiting for some stability updates.

  • Chocolatewe

    Im sorry guys i hate when old people talk about snapchat, im 17 and i use snapchat so much, more than imessage. You say ‘oh i didn’t know how to log out’ why on gods name would you want to log out?? makes no sense. Also the update messed up snap, best friends is GONE, if you guys had even used snapchat in the last 4 months you would know what im talking about. and jeff stop feeding the trolls you are brilliant at what you do and never change <3

  • Chocolatewe

    and cody i love you no homo, and Sebastian my tage partner keep being awesome