idb full stack hacker

Transform yourself from a novice into a full stack hacker at an incredibly affordable price with this bundle from iDownloadBlog Deals. It brings together a comprehensive range of online training packages all in one place for the first time, and today’s your last chance to get it for 93% off – just $49.

This deal includes 8 complete courses. Each course comes with detailed and clear lecture notes plus over 70 hours of elite course footage covering everything you need to know to become a programming whiz.

With this offer you will get access to:

  • The Complete Web Developer Course – Learn to code in all major web programming languages including HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, creating beautiful, functional websites.
  • GitHub Fundamentals Course – Work through the process of creating a program including how to manage your team’s code, from Alpha version to release. You can also join the GitHub fraternity – an online community of open-source experts.
  • HTML5 Fundamentals Course – Understand how to use HTML5, the programming language that powers the web. Learn the basics, master the mechanics and create beautiful web pages.
  • Learn Computer Programming with Python Course – Harness the power of Python, this easy to learn but super-powerful language. When completed you’ll know how to install and develop an environment, create and organize data structures, and much more, all covered in 42 lectures.
  • Master PHP & MySQL from A Leading Zend-Certified PHP Trainer Course – Explore how to download and install PHP and My SQL tools and frameworks onto a server and your home machine, and open yourself up to one of the world’s most popular relational database management systems.
  • Learn To Use MongoDB Course – Become a MongoDB master with 72 lectures, and 7.5 hours of content that will transform your ability to work with this cross-platform, document –oriented database system.
  • Marketplace & Daily Deals: Coding for Entrepreneurs Course – Listen to the experts and see how to create your own store, marketplace or daily deals site with a solid foundation in Django, Python, Bootstrap and other languages.
  • Amazon Web Services-Certified Developer Course – Prepare for the AWS Certified Development Program with over 40 lectures and 8 hours of content on this agile and fast-growing cloud-computing platform.

For just $49, you get instant access to everything here: 8 courses, over 70 hours of content and hundreds of lectures. If purchased separately these courses would cost a wallet-busting $668.

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