idb full stack hacker

Transform yourself from a novice into a full stack hacker at an incredibly affordable price with this bundle from iDownloadBlog Deals. It brings together a comprehensive range of online training packages all in one place for the first time, and today’s your last chance to get it for 93% off – just $49.

This deal includes 8 complete courses. Each course comes with detailed and clear lecture notes plus over 70 hours of elite course footage covering everything you need to know to become a programming whiz.

With this offer you will get access to:

  • The Complete Web Developer Course – Learn to code in all major web programming languages including HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, creating beautiful, functional websites.
  • GitHub Fundamentals Course – Work through the process of creating a program including how to manage your team’s code, from Alpha version to release. You can also join the GitHub fraternity – an online community of open-source experts.
  • HTML5 Fundamentals Course – Understand how to use HTML5, the programming language that powers the web. Learn the basics, master the mechanics and create beautiful web pages.
  • Learn Computer Programming with Python Course – Harness the power of Python, this easy to learn but super-powerful language. When completed you’ll know how to install and develop an environment, create and organize data structures, and much more, all covered in 42 lectures.
  • Master PHP & MySQL from A Leading Zend-Certified PHP Trainer Course – Explore how to download and install PHP and My SQL tools and frameworks onto a server and your home machine, and open yourself up to one of the world’s most popular relational database management systems.
  • Learn To Use MongoDB Course – Become a MongoDB master with 72 lectures, and 7.5 hours of content that will transform your ability to work with this cross-platform, document –oriented database system.
  • Marketplace & Daily Deals: Coding for Entrepreneurs Course – Listen to the experts and see how to create your own store, marketplace or daily deals site with a solid foundation in Django, Python, Bootstrap and other languages.
  • Amazon Web Services-Certified Developer Course – Prepare for the AWS Certified Development Program with over 40 lectures and 8 hours of content on this agile and fast-growing cloud-computing platform.

For just $49, you get instant access to everything here: 8 courses, over 70 hours of content and hundreds of lectures. If purchased separately these courses would cost a wallet-busting $668.

The Full Stack Hacker Bundle is available to users worldwide. But act fast – it’s only available until 11:59pm PST tonight. Take this chance to learn something new at an awesome price. Check out the deal.

  • reginald

    the picture makes it look like there’s an iPhone app course in there..

    • SoylentGreen

      I so want to agree but to anyone who codes it’s obvious that it shows devving an app for iPhone on a Mac and that app running on intended platform, referenced by the emulator the code is being tested on, That said, this is targeting non coders so your view is probably more representative of the target audience than mine, therefore more valid

      • reginald

        that’s what i meant, a course for devving iPhone apps on a mac etc…, i probably said it badly 😉

  • SoylentGreen

    Lol is this the modern version of “learn C# in 1 day” style books, my first ever tutor in coding said it should be “learn C# in 1 decade”
    Note to would be coders:- There is NO way too learn optimised event driven languages in less than say 1 year to do semi competent, client/server level, and a lifetime to refine, actually after beginning learning VB6, HTML & javascript, Objective-C and JAVA to degree level, I still get shown ways to optimise code every week.
    Not saying this course is not good, just adding wisdom ☺