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Google’s music locker in the cloud, called Play Music, has just outsmarted every rival service out there by more than doubling its storage limit, letting you store 50,000 songs in the cloud as opposed to the previous 20,000-song limit.

You don’t even have to be subscribed to the $9.99 per month Google Play Music All Access subscription service, meaning everyone can take advantage of this offer immediately, without upgrading their Drive storage.

The change, effective immediately, gives Google Play Music more competitive footing against Apple’s scan-and-match $25 per year iTunes Match service that supports storing up to 25,000 user-uploaded songs in iCloud (more if songs are purchased from the iTunes Store).

“Google Play Music now lets you upload up to 50,000 tracks so you can mix your entire collection with our 30 million songs,” said the search giant.

But again, iTunes Match is a paid service ($25 annually also buys you ad-free iTunes Radio) while Google Play Music lets anyone upload twice as many songs to the cloud versus iTunes Match, at no cost.

As for Amazon Music, that service lets you store 250 songs in the cloud free of charge. In exchange for a subscription fee of $25 per year, Amazon Music users can upload as many as 250,000 tracks to the service.

Last updated in mid-February, the official Google Play Music iOS app for the iPhone and iPad gained revamped artist and album pages with descriptions and an all-new immersive Now Playing experience.

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Featuring Google’s Material Design look and feel, support for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus resolutions and containing a whole bunch of useful features, the service is actually worth checking out and highly recommended, especially given that the service is also available for Android, on the web and through a Chrome extension.

To upload songs to Google Play, use the Google Play Music Manager app for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. On your computer, go to and click Upload Music (Add Music if you’re a Chrome user) near the top right. Now click Download Music Manager and follow the installation directions.

Download Google Play Music free in the App Store.

And in which music-locker in the cloud do you host your out-of-print CDs and other music collections? I’m a loyal Spotify fan and a former iTunes Match subscriber who keeps his existing music library in the Google cloud now.

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  • I use iTunes Match but also use Google Music. It would seem that Google Music is better assuming you don’t care about matching your music collection with a copy stored on iTunes. Since I live in the UK there’s no iTunes Radio so I guess what I’m getting at is there’s literally no reason for me to keep using iTunes Match when my subscription expires (except for the fact that iTunes Match is built into the Music app).

    • Rupinder

      Though they’re two different services, I prefer Spotify over GoogleMusic AND iTunes Match.

      • I actually subscribe to Spotify but don’t consider it the same as iTunes Match or Google Play hence I didn’t mention it 😉

        While I like Spotify I’m one of the people that likes to own music as opposed to rent it. Spotify is great for discovery though…

      • Rupinder

        I know EXACTLY what you mean! Even though I use Spotify, I like to download each album individually and have it in my my music app/library. Lol it’s weird, but satisfying.

  • T_Will

    I am finally copying my entire CD collection into iTunes and getting rid of my CD’s. So I recently subscribed to iTunes Match mainly to act as a 3rd level of backup for my music.

    Plus, it is pretty cool being able to instantly access CD’s that were copied into iTunes without having to sync my iOS devices. In addition, it is effortless to keep track info, album art, play count, playlists, etc. synced up between devices.

    I also use Google Music though, it just runs in the background and keeps an eye out for changes in iTunes and syncs up new tracks and changes to meta data.

    It would be nice if Apple would be more competitive overall with their cloud storage pricing (iTunes Match, iCloud, iCloud Photos, iOS backups), and bring it more in line with the other cloud storage providers.

  • Abe Masri

    Spotify for me is way better, $10 a month, and when I’m in college it’s $5.
    I just look for something really simple, I love Google and its products but Spotify is great to discover new songs, and the design is definitely a plus.

  • WonkieInc

    Still 20K apparently, in Australia.

    • Chris

      Should be updated by now, I just checked mine and it’s correct.

  • Unicorn Drank

    This might just convince me to cancel iTunes Match.

  • Miguel

    If you’re allowed to upload songs to the Google Play Music app for free then why does apple charge for iTunes Match? It seems to me like they’re the same thing