Sling TV on Jailbroken iPhone

I can’t say for sure whether or not it was intentional, but ever since Dish’s Sling TV launched, I haven’t been able to view video on my iPhone 6 Plus. That’s because my iPhone 6 Plus was and still is jailbroken, and it appears that the app won’t play video on jailbroken devices. Other jailbroken users have reported the same problem in the comments of our Sling TV review, and I’ve seen other complaints elsewhere online. In other words, this definitely wasn’t just a problem with my device.

Yesterday, Sling TV pushed an update that appears to have fixed the issue. Nothing has changed on my iPhone 6 Plus, but I can now watch Sling TV video from my jailbroken device. Coincidence?

Sling TV Change Log

The change log for the 4.0.3 update simply states the following:

Resolved issues preventing some users from seeing video within the app.

Some users, huh? You mean jailbroken users, Dish?

Again, I’m not sure if it was intentionally done, or if it was an honest mistake and they didn’t mean to lock anyone out. What I do know is that flags exists within the app’s code to identify jailbroken devices.

Regardless of the reason, I’m happy that I’m finally able to enjoy Sling TV on my iPhone 6 Plus without any sort of workarounds. I was pretty bummed out when I found out it didn’t work, and it gave me serious doubts about hanging on to the service. Now the decision to cancel just got a lot more difficult.

You can download Sling TV free of charge from the App Store with a 7-day trial. Did the Sling TV upgrade make it so that you can now watch TV on your jailbroken device? Drop us a line down below with your findings.

  • Merman123

    So you ended up sticking with Sling, Jeff?

  • sh1ku

    Well… Jailbreak messes up with the sandbox system from Apple, with some weird consequences for some Apps. Or it could be just what you said, an anti-jailbreak measure. Who knows.

    • Nope. Bad programming messes up apps not jailbreaking. Obviously tweaks can interfere with apps but this is your fault not the apps fault. If your device is jailbroken and has zero tweaks installed all AppStore apps should work no problem at all.

      • sh1ku

        Yes… and no. Apps that used, for example, Apple’s WebKit, often crashed on early stages of Pangu’s JB, and even now. Of course, if the devs of that app updates it quickly, no harm is done, but that doesn’t mean that a developer that “bad-codes” an App has to deal with third-party problems. It’s not that easy to deal with unexpected behaviours. Don’t take bad my words, I have a JB i5, and I’m the one’s that thinks similar to you, that the devs must stay updated, and should avoid crap-programming, but hey, we’re humans, we just can’t save ourselves from making mistakes xD

      • Apple’s WebKit, often crashed on early stages of Pangu’s JB, and even now.

        I’m pretty sure Apples WebKit is buggy as hell on non-jailbroken devices too (hence the “Reloading webpages prompt” that happens all the time in Safari). If Apple wasn’t to blame though and the fault lies with Pangu / Taig I think if anything this is down to the agile approach they seem to take when developing jailbreaks. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes (so by all means please do take every word coming out of my mouth keyboard as bullshit :P) but it seems like Pangu / Taig take the approach of “Let’s make a jailbreak as fast as possible to get it out to the people” as opposed to taking their time and continuously testing things and giving access to select key developers in the community to use, test and report bugs before releasing it to the public…

  • RuddyN

    My iPhone 6 was jailbroken since the day I got it. I downloaded Sling’s APP the day they sent me my information to start watching it. I was able to watch it no problem since the beginning. I don’t know why you weren’t able to. Maybe it’s because I have the 6 and not the plus?

    • M_thoroughbred

      I have an iPhone 6 jail broken as well and I wasn’t able to watch anything in the app but my non jail broken iPad mini 3 worked fine. So I don’t think it didn’t matter which iPhone you have

    • csterno

      Same – I have a iPhone 6+ and iPad air that are both jailbroken. I never had an issue playing sling from either and I don’t have any JB hiding tweaks (xCon, etc.) on either device.

  • iPhoneWINS

    why is this a big deal??? fact is you are paying for it so it should work jailbroken or

    • iBanks

      That’s what makes it a big deal. I couldn’t watch it even if I was paying for it because of the fact my device is Jailbroken.

  • Dave Newcomb

    The same thing happens to me with Comcast’s Xfinity X1 TV app. I have to drop into safe mode orit will crash on launch :-/

  • Antzboogie

    Sling TV is looking more and more better to me.

  • Thinking213

    I used the tsProtector 8 tweak in cydia and that allowed me to watch videos before this update.