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Drones have been the talk of the tech town for quite some time now. Consumer drones range from huge, 8-blade octocopters that autonomously follow you based on your GPS location to tiny toys a couple inches wide. With today’s deal, you can get the awesome Code Black Drone (named for its stealthy matte black look) at an entry-level price.

With the pre-order price, which ends Thursday, you can get this limited-edition drone for just $89, saving $110 off the $199 MSRP. But best of all, you won’t have to wait for pre-order delivery times: it ships in just 1-2 weeks for US customers! It’s also available to international customers for $99 pre-order price (which also ends Thursday).

The Code Black HD is ready to fly out of the box, offering smooth and enjoyable flying, and comes with a blade-guard for rookie pilots. The coolest part, though, is the built-in HD camera which will let you take high quality footage from an amazing vantage point – the sky.

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The Code Black drone fits into the palm of your hand, but packs in a lot of features into this small package. Charge the drone with the supplied USB cable, pack 4 AAA batteries into the controller and get flying. The 6-axis gyro technology offers great stability, and the ability to flip 4-ways (left, right, forward and backward). The Code Black is perfect for the new user and the expert, with a number of built-in flight modes to help you get airborne.

You will need to be quick as there are only two days left to secure your drone at the pre-order price. All orders ship free to continental USA, and with $100 off the retail price, there’s no better time to take to the skies with the Code Black HD Camera Drone, courtesy of iDownloadBlog Deals.

Check it out.

  • HerrPhillipp

    Cool thing! But I have something general to criticise. I like your blog and I am a regular visitor, but please forbear from this US-centric viewpoint – it is quite conspicuous. When there is no source for non-US inhabitants of this planet, please refer to alternatives or mention at least any info for the future – release/availability of this product for example! Thank you guys, you are doing a great job

    • But we did mention option for international readers:

      “It’s also available to international customers for $99 pre-order price (which also ends Thursday).”

      • HerrPhillipp

        oh sorry, that is embarrassing 🙂 I accidentally skipped this part. But beside that, I had the impression not for the first time 🙂

      • Andre

        Typisch Deutsch :’D

      • kafarek

        Unfortunately international customers doesn’t mean polish customers. 🙁

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  • Victor Molina

    It looks cool but to only get a 7 min fly time from a 30-40 min charge sounds dull. Would be interested if it was at least 10-15 min Mark .