App Recap

The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts, updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today’s selections include some solid app deals, a handful of great new puzzle games, and more.


Photo Artist – ($0.99 free) – powerful photo editing tool to make beautiful and stylish photos with various effects and wonderful textures, stickers and frames. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Air Transfer+ – ($1.99 free) – moves whatever you’re seeing or playing—text, web address, photos, videos, etc.— on your Mac/PC to your iPhone/iPad with just a single drag and drop. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Video and Photo Transfer – ($2.99 free) – allows you to send photos and videos to and from your computer quickly and easily with support for background transfers. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

ColorStrokes – ($1.99 free) – the mobile version of the most popular Color Splash app for Mac. Download for iPhone here.

Textever 2 – ($6.99 free) – a quick and easy app for your diary, journal and life log that syncs seamlessly with Evernote. Download for iPhone and and iPad here.

Parker Planner – ($1.99 free) – a calendar app with a quick and easy to-do list, a clever note-taker and super fast two-tap entry. Download for iPhone here.

Binaural Energy – ($1.99 $0.99) – features that have been engineered to help you wake up, quickly give yourself an energy boost, and give yourself the raw energy you need in order to take charge of your day. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Meet Science – ($6.99 $4.99) – inspires all school-aged kids to explore fundamental concepts of Magnetism and Electricity (1st Edition) with variety of fun features such as animations, experiments, and mini-games. Download for iPad here.

The King of Fighters – ($2.99 $0.99) – an in-depth port of the popular 2D fighting game series “KOF” that offers high-resolution graphics, various game modes and more. Download for iPhone here.

Fresh Air – ($2.99 $0.99) – a beautiful and intuitive way to see the weather and immediately understand what it means for your plans. Download for iPhone here.

Other apps still on sale:


Facebook Messenger – (free) – Facebook updated its Messenger app today with an iOS 8 extension, meaning you can send content in Messenger without having to leave other apps. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

WordPress – (free) – the popular blogging platform today updated its iOS client with a new WYSIWYG visual editor that gives you a better idea of how your post will look once published. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.


Ahoooj – (free) – you must navigate a canoe down a lengthy river, that gets more dangerous the farther you go. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Rotate – Zen Journey – (free) – experience the zen state of “Anatta” by putting on your headphones, relaxing and letting your mind enter this abstract world of colors and shapes. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Forge by Adonit – (free) – a virtual whiteboard for mind-mapping projects that lets you sketch, add images and more. Download for iPad here.

Tiles² – (free) – a deceptively simple tile matching game in which you must drop groups of three coloured tiles into the game grid to make squares of four tiles of the same color. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Fast Company – (free) – a new way to get caught up on the most interesting stories of the day, view magazine issues and browse all content from Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Facebook Ads Manager – (free) – manage and create Facebook Ads on the go for your small or medium business with these powerful advertising tools. Download for iPhone here.

SquareCraft – ($1.99) – a unique puzzle solving game in which you design your own shapes on drawing squares, and then manipulate those shapes to fill gaps and clear lines. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

TWIST3D – (free) – a 3D Rubik’s cube-like puzzler that offers a unique matchmaking experience with in a gorgeous and minimalistic package. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Fast Player – (free) – plays almost any file format media from both local—files you have transferred or downloaded to your device—and streaming sources such as UPnP/DLNA media servers. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

As usual, prices are subject to change at anytime, so take advantage of all the above-mentioned discounts before it’s too late. Also, be sure to let us know if we missed something down in the comments below.