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A huge trend in consumer electronics is the “smart home,” bringing modern mobile technology into every-day household items like furniture, appliances, and light bulbs. At the iDownloadBlog Deals store, we have some nifty smart home accessories with exclusive discounts. From smart bulbs to smart scales, we’ve put together an exciting collection of deals that will help turn your smart house a smart home.

ilumi A21 Smartbulb – Take charge of your lighting for up to 20 years with this color tunable, energy efficient LED light. Using the free iOS app, control and program the ilumi Smartbulb to synch it with your music, save and your replay your favorite lighting scenes, or wake up with a scheduled sunrise. Save $10 with our exclusive deal.

ilumi Par30 Lightbulb – The big-brother to the A21 and boasting all the same features, you can bring control and class to your overhead lighting with this larger version of the classic smart bulb. Save $10 off the MSRP with our deal.

idb revogi

Revogi lightbulb – A hit at 2015 CES, you will never get bored choosing from the 16 million colors available with this Bluetooth controlled smartbulb. Manage up to 10 bulbs from the free iOS app, controlling brightness and timing, while getting 90% more efficiency than a normal bulb. Get 30% off with our deal.

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Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote – Bring serenity back to your living room, with this powerful, universal Bluetooth remote. Controlling all devices through your mobile device, the Bluemoo automatically upgrades itself, adding new features and functionality to keep you on top of your devices. Get 35% off with our deal.

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Foscam Wireless Security Camera – Keep an eye on your home with this versatile, Wi-Fi-enabled 1 megapixel security camera. Check up wherever you are with the free smartphone or web app, offering 24/7 peace of mind You can even save and store with the built in DVR. Get over 45% off with our deal.

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‘Prep Pad’ Smart Food Scale & Nutrition Tracker – Use this amazing smart food scale to analyze the quantity, calories, carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals in all of your foods. Use the prep-pad and iOS app to help you keep track of your meals, set dietary goals and save, share and track your progress. Get 33% off with our deal.

All deals ship free in the USA, but are only available for a limited time so lighten up your life with these exclusive cut-price offers.