Apple has seeded iOS 8.3 beta 2 to developers, now available to download over-the-air or from the Developer Center. Along with the iOS software, Apple has also seeded Xcode 6.3 beta 2 with Swift 1.2 for developers to begin using with their apps and a new beta for the Apple TV.

iOS 8.3 beta 2 follows the release of the first beta close to two weeks ago. Apple is expected to release iOS 8.3 to the public sometime around the launch of the Apple Watch.

The first iOS 8.3 beta brought users CarPlay support, new emojis, support for Google 2-step verification, and the beginnings to bring Apple Pay to China.

The release notes for iOS 8.3 beta 2 say the release fixes the dialog that appears when connecting an iPhone to a CarPlay-compatible car.

We’re working on gathering the latest changes; if you find anything let us know —

  • somehow I dont get OTA ..

    • DorHirschel

      same – had the same problem getting 8.3 beta 1 OTA..

      • I guess maybe because iOS 8.2 is still out apple not allowing it go OTA

    • Jake Dai

      Me either.

    • Adam Baligian

      I read that they won’t OTA 8.3 as 8.2 is still in beta and not yet released publicly.

    • Roberto Rehberger Junior

      Same here…

  • Dalton

    Just looked at the release notes on the Dev portal. Verizon users who use VoLTE. There’s a problem with LTE Voice on 8.3 beta 2 (again only for Verizon). Just as a forewarning.

    • Austin Dean

      Anyone want release notes?

  • Jake Dai

    Does anyone meet the input access issue in beta1? And does beta2 fix that?

  • NP92

    Bug fixes?????

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Does it include the middle finger emoji like promised from before?? Thats what we all want to know!

    • John Wickham

      Who promised you that?

      • Evade3rs

        Like who the fuc$ promised that?

  • Falco

    iDB do something about your website performance, its a pain to visit iDB, site is loading faaar to long…I love all your articles but come on…i have to wait at least 5 to 10 seconds to start reading trough the news, not to mention when you click on one article and want to go back and the mainpage has to load again..

    • Hmmm

      I have a MBP 15 2014 and my internet is garbage like 3MB Broadband and this site loads instantly for me.

      • Falco

        MacBook Pro Retina 2014 – 16GB RAM, 2,5Ghz Quadcore. My internet is not the fastest but still faster than yours. I’m using Safari 8.0.3 and every site loads fine just iDB needs a lot of time…
        Which browser do you use? Maybe its an Safari issue?

      • Hmmm

        I use Google Chrome. I just tried it in Safari and it does indeed load slower, not that much slower, however I have adblocker on Chrome but not in Safari.

      • Falco

        Just tested with chrome. Loads a lot faster but i have no adblocker on chrome. I think its the combination of safari and adblocker that makes the website load that slow. Disabled it for iDB and now im happy 🙂
        Thanks for testing by the way!

      • SMFH

        WTF? You have an i7 Quadcore laptop of course it loads instantly…

      • Falco

        seems like its the adblocker that slows down the website.

      • George

        Loads in 2 seconds on my nexus 6, it’s obviously bad on the iPhone with that 1gb ram.

      • Falco

        I’m using a MacBook Pro Retina 15″ with Quadcore CPU and 16GB Ram..on my iPhone it loads just fine

      • NP92

        Adblocker slows Down of course. It sucks but works.. Almost.. 😉

    • Mike Dukarm

      Thank God thought it was just me

      • Mike Dukarm

        Love the website but it had got to be by far the worst website to navigate. Much better the way it was before

      • Falco

        I just realized the websites loads a lot faster when i turn off my adblocker O:

      • damn dat avatar tho

      • Anmol Malhotra

        wtf! Before reading your reply i thought you are replying to yourself only! :p 😀

      • lol

    • Jeffrey

      Thought it was me!!

    • daniel awde

      Try cleaning dns cache
      And iDB should do little more clean up in Javascript the new interference is kinda good but takes too much time to load
      *feeling disappointed*

  • NP92

    omg emoji:O ( lol ) bugs and stable is what im waiting for:)

  • ericesque

    From now on I’m using the Simpsons emojis!

  • Russian in SIRI?! wow huge update

    • Danilo Gonçalves

      Do you know if portuguese is avaiable too?

      • ericesque

        I’m hearing yes.

      • Danilo Gonçalves

        i hope really so

      • I think so

  • Diogo Pires

    Portuguese Siri!

    • Danilo Gonçalves

      Opa! Antes tarde do que nunca! Funcionando bem?

  • Apple has learned five new languages: Russian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Thai

    • Guest


    • Jeffrey

      Dutch for life! FINALLY IM SO F*CKING HAPPY!

  • Originalgoast

    I think this is an important fix. Airplay menu is now not the size of a mini window. It now scales to how many devices you have.

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    No OTA for this one. I got my hands on it though its on the net just a heads up.

  • Daniel Zuniga

    Does anyone have any download links to the second beta since its not OTA?

  • Golffy Nien

    Anyone have problem use Siri on iOS 8.3 beta 2?

    • JCL969

      I do! Immediately says “Sorry, could you say that again?”. No opportunity to even speak. I have search for other people complaining about this and have found nothing!

      • droid_dna

        Same!! I’m not the only one.

    • Peter Colbeth

      I have a problem, siri does not work with my iphone 6 , downloaded the beta 3 times, but still no go…. not working at all!

    • JCL969

      The developer chat rooms say to “reset all settings”. It seems to have fixed the issue, but you’ll need spend a little time resetting up wifi passwords and screen backgrounds, etc…

  • jb dev

    My id is
    Please send me profile..for beta versions..plz