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As each year passes and mobile technology advances, our mobile devices become increasingly essential to our lives, holding everything from apps and media files to documents, photos, contacts, and more. That makes consistent backups a necessary safety precaution. With this deal, you can get a lifetime of reliable mobile backups from IDrive for just $10 at iDownloadBlog Deals.

IDrive uses secure 256-bit AES encryption, meaning it’s safe and secure. With the optional user-defined password key, you can access your backed up files from any mobile device or the web. That means wherever you are you can access your contacts, photos, videos, calendar events, notes and more with this solid piece of software.

The software also works across all major operating systems,  meaning you can back-up your iOS device and restore it to Android if you want to. It even works with social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, enabling you to share files with your friends and relatives.

This backup and security comes at a cost, of course, but with our exclusive deal you can get it at a pretty irresistible price: $10 for a lifetime account. Unlimited data, for up to 5 devices. No additional fees or upgrades required. If you use this on 5 devices, that’s $2 per device… for life. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

The IDrive is compatible with the following mobile devices

  • iOS: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, requiring iOS 7.0 or later. Optimized for iPhone 5 and higher.

Check it out!

  • John Smith


  • John Smith

    And this is a good deal 🙂 i got it 🙂

  • Khalid Tahhan

    Great deal but jeff and company you need an alternative customer support team than zendesk… airheads central.. might stop buying these deals if i face such bad customer support again. they just copy paste replies and if they dont know the answer they just close the support request…

    • Paymon John Vafa

      yeah customer service is key. Better to charge a bit more than to treat your buyers like dog shit. #sorryformylanguage

  • Snailpo

    Can I take it off from a device and use it on a different device or does that still count on my 5 devices?

    • Jordan

      No, the devices limit counts as the first 5 devices added. So once you have used all 5 devices, you won’t be able to remove one device and add another in it’s place.

  • Cho

    How much gigs do u get with this lifetime? Quite new to these online lifetime storage.

    • Cameron Nelms

      It’s unlimited

      • its not unlimited. I see its 1 TB

      • Jordan

        It actually is unlimited – due to a display error in some versions of the app, it may show a 1TB limit, but you can safely ignore that. This is indeed unlimited (the only limitation is 5 devices) and you will be allowed to exceed 1TB of storage as long as you’re within the 5 device limit.

  • Chinh

    I don’t get it. Just purchased but it’s asking $4.99 a month for upgraded backup ???
    Are they saying I can only upgrade like once a month?
    No details given anywhere haha

    • Sam Hasrouni

      Great buy! Definitely worth the $10.

    • Paymon John Vafa


    • nags9100

      Do you recommend me to buy?

      • Chinh

        Hard to say

  • Stefano

    LOL but lets work it out right now:

    you and your wife: 2 devices
    three years later, 2 contracts and 5 devices later… because you’re an overzealous son of a gun and needed that skin 6+s, you now need to pay $49.90 former devices

    • Khalid Tahhan

      The wiser way to do this is purchase one account today for each person. That way, each person will have 5 devices before needing to upgrade. So if we say u upgrade ur phone once every 2 years. Thats 10 years.

    • Chris Gaunt

      $49.90 is not correct. The website offers this same service (unlimited mobile for 5 devices) for $4.99 a year.

  • alex5723

    Only for new accounts.

  • thecrack101

    best deal ever!

  • Dan

    More like for the lifetime of the company… I prefer to stick with trusted sources.

    • mp

      Good point Dan. Also if their customer service is shite as pointed out by Khalid, how long will the company last; unless is 6 months considered a lifetime in the tech industry?

  • JulianZH

    Will it work just like iCloud?

    • Chinh

      Doesn’t replace nope. Just like others. It backs up in background

  • Chris Gaunt

    Maybe it would get removed because you can’t read the headline. It does say mobile backup.

    • Eli Montoya

      Well that wasn’t my main concern, but the fact that it’s only for pictures and videos. Contacts and calendar are already covered in iCloud. And upload speeds are quite slow as well. I don’t even wanna go through the whole refund process. I just deleted the app. Soooooooo pointless. Might as well have a second private Facebook account and uploading all media there. Same shit different toilet.

  • Ted Forbes

    If it backs-up everything from the mobile device forever and ever then its worth it. I wont buy anything else just yet, cloud service is becoming big competition so storage and backup prices will continue to drop.

  • Flarga

    Is it a $10 dollar subscription, or $10 one time and that’s it?

    • Jordan

      It’s a $10 one-time purchase for the lifetime access