Sprint 90USD Family Share Pack plan

Friday, United States wireless carrier Sprint kicked off a new promotion offering customers up to ten lines of shared unlimited talk and text and twelve gigabytes of LTE data in exchange for $90 per month.

Also, the data access charge for phones on the $90 Family Share Pack plan went from $25 to $15.

The aggressively priced plan, Sprint insists, is a better value than comparable offerings from rivals AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. The carrier says the promotion is available until March 12, 2015.

“For customers switching their number to Sprint from another carrier, Sprint is waiving the access charge for handsets, tablets and mobile broadband devices on 12GB or higher data allowances for up to 10 lines for one year,” said the company.

Caveat: all devices must be purchased through Sprint Easy Pay or the Sprint iPhone for Life Plan. Waving of the access charge ends on March 31, 2016.

Price-wise, Sprint’s offer is competitive to T-Mobile, especially compared to AT&T’s and Verizon’s pricey $160 per month offerings. The firm calculated that a family of four will save $720 in data access fees for the year.

On the downside, the carrier does not treat you to unlimited international texting like Verizon and AT&T do nor does it match T-Mobile’s unlimited international data and text.

Non-Sprint customers are further motivated to switch away from their current carrier by activating a 12GB or higher Family Share Pack plan to get an American Express Reward Card worth up to $350 per line.

The switching offer is available at Sprint stores, Sprint.com and Sprint Telesales.

You must first register at sprint.com/join2015.

Source: Sprint

  • Iliyan

    In the UK, I pay £15 a month ($23) for 300 minutes, 3000 messages and unlimited 4G data. Without a contract.

    • Josh

      Again, compare the size of the UK to the size of the US and how much more infrastructure is needed here than in the UK. The UK isn’t even the size of California.

      • That is really a great point and something I never really thought about. Nice work!

      • Manuel Molina

        I laugh at stupid comments about how carriers in other countries are better when they are the size of one state in the US. Good point.

  • Jim B

    In Sweden, Tele2 gives you unlimited talk/sms/mms plus 100GB 4G data for 548SEK ($65). You can chose 20GB 4G of data with unlimited talk/sms/mms for 298SEK ($35). And on top of that all incoming cellphone calls are free, you’re not getting ripped off like in the states.

    • Josh

      Nobody is getting ripped off. Tell me, how big is Sweden compared to the U.S.? Let’s not go that far, how big is Sweden compared to Texas? Texas is almost as big as Sweden, and that is just one state out of the 49 other states left. So more infrastructure (antennas, satellites, etc) are needed

      • Jim B

        Bud, I can care less how big is Sweden or Texas. All I care is my bottom line. The fact that in the states you’re getting charged for the incoming calls in a big Tex bs. Then, data, I mean come on are you still living in the 90’s? Here you can buy a prepaid plan for $10 with 3GB of data and unlimited in carrier calls plus very, very chip calls to other carries.

      • Josh

        Buddy, here in the United states, we don’t get charged for incoming calls, neither outgoing calls. It’s unlimited calling and texting. And if you are really data hungry, T-Mobile has a $50 plan with 2GB of data and everything unlimited.

      • Jim B

        Of course you don’t get charged for unlimited, it’s unlimited. But any other plans you do. But for $50 here I can get that same plan (unlimited talk/sms/mms with 50GB of data. 48GB more

      • Josh

        Yes, but here I get coverage in over 3.806 million square miles or 9.800 million square kilometers compared to Sweden where you only get coverage in over 173,732 square miles or 449,900 square kilometers

      • Jim B

        Dude, you can have all coverage you want all I’m saying is that you’re getting ripped off when compering two plans. On top of that, you probably stay withing 10-15 miles of your home, interstate travel to you is overseas adventure. It’s like owning a Ferrari in both Germany and the USA. Yes, you have more highways in the states and all but in Germany you can really put the pedal to the metal and drive is without any speed limits on a lot of the Autobahns in Germany.

      • RuddyN

        We aren’t getting ripped off. As Josh pointed out our country is FAR bigger than yours, I don’t know if you comprehend that or not. Your phone company doesn’t have much area to cover, which means less equipment on their end, which means lower prices on your end. Do you understand how that works? Because you seem pretty dumb right now.

      • Jim B

        Keep telling yourself that. Somehow in the states you’ve been brainwashed that it is ok to pay for the incoming calls, It’s ok to pay for your own heath care, it’s ok to have crappy vacation or no vacation at all while rest of the western world in enjoying them all free. When compering both Sweden and the USA of course the USA has more land to cover but at the same time it has more people as well. If you look at the population per sq. mile you’ll find out that the USA has 84 ppl vs. 57 ppl in Sweden. But I guess you don’t get it so get in line sheep, pay for your incoming calls, work 60+ hrs per week, don’t you even think about vacation and get fat while paying $50 bucks for your unlimited with 2GB of crappy data.

      • RuddyN

        Lol.. When did this become about medical care and how many hours I work a week? You really are an idiot.

  • Juhweetwelwie

    I have the best carrier contract plan ever. I have got 16G unlimited, 200 minutes and unlimited messages. I live in the Netherlands and got a plan for 60 euro a month for the iphone 6 plus 64G at the provider Hi. But because I have all in one at home from KPN I get double data and minutes. So normally I have 8G and 100 min. But with this deal I have 16G and 200 min. Plus I got a free Spotify premium account for 2 years, and when I listen to songs on my phone it wont decrease my data! Ow and 6 euro from the 60 is for insurance so its actually 54! So awesome :D!

  • I’m luckily still on the AT&T iPhone Unlimited Data plan, back from 2009. I don’t mind AT&T at all besides the lack of service on major interstates and at large capacity venues (concerts, sporting event, etc.). I would have expected that to get much better by now, but I haven’t ever been to a Cubs or Cards game where I didn’t inevitably lose almost all service by the 2nd Inning.
    Back in 2007, I attended Bonnaroo and had no service by the time we arrived. My friend however had Verizon and never had a single issue. There is no way you can tell me AT&T, 8 years later, still can’t match this quality? I just don’t get it and guess I never will.
    With all that being said, all my friends with Sprint have issues almost anywhere they go and I do not live in a big city. I also used to sell Sprint years ago and would never EVER switch over to those fools. Great price plan I hope other providers will try to compete with, but the service itself is complete garbage.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    And competition is getting fierce.

  • Dante Arellano

    Hey all of you i have iphone 6 plus on tmobile unlimeted plan 80 bucks i use like 45gb for month only using the iphone no hotspot WHY WHY WHY should i pay almost $100 to the shitte of sprint cdma speeds for 12gb for share thats is like 3gb for head fuckk.people or those fuckkers of sprint and verazion just dont get it straight or what?

    • RuddyN

      Yet another child left behind.