Workflow, the powerful automation app available on the App Store, is extremely popular right now, and for good reason. It’s one of the first apps that brings true power-user features to the iPhone in an easy to digest package, and it capitalizes on the openness brought to the fore by iOS 8.

In fact, yesterday, our own Timothy Reavis posted an article to showcase 10 popular workflows. In his post, he highlights ways to view source code, shorten URLs, scan QR codes, and more—all with Workflow.

In and of itself, Workflow is a powerful app. But how much more powerful could it be if it were able to work closer together with Activator for jailbroken iPhones? Profluence, a brand new tweak that lets you invoke Workflow automation by means of an Activator gesture, helps to answer the question.

After installing Profluence, you’ll need to venture over to the stock Settings app to find the tweak’s preferences. Inside the preferences, you’ll find all of the workflows that you have created under the Listeners heading. If you find that one of your recent workflows isn’t showing up, you can always tap the Update Listeners button to refresh the list.

To assign an Activator gesture to a workflow, tap the workflow that you wish to use, and tap the Activator gesture that you want to assign to the workflow. For my Combine workflow, which takes the last two screenshots, combines then horizontally, resizes the final image, and uploads to Dropbox, I assigned a simple double-tap status bar gesture.

Invoking a workflow by means of Activator will launch the Workflow app and progress through each step of the workflow like normal. The main difference here is that you no longer need to open the app first, or tap a shortcut icon on your Home screen to launch automation. Now, whenever I want to upload a combined screenshot to my Dropbox account, I simply take two screenshots, and double-tap the status bar.

Workflow is currently $2.99 on the App Store, and Profluence is $0.99 on the BigBoss repo. Profluence is a combination of what are arguably the two most powerful tools on both sides of the fence, the Cydia Store and App Store.

What do you think?

  • I think this is worth it for $0.99 but should you not want to pay the $0.99 it should theoretically be possible to do the same thing with Activator without this tweak. You’d just need to create web clips for each workflow and use Activator to launch said web clips…

    • Good point. Yeah, it’s the convenience factor.

    • You can also do it manually with Activate Link. That and Activate Command + Workflow can make for some insane automation in iOS.

  • Carlos Medina

    I want to buy Workflow but i can’t think of automation tool to justify the purchase.

    • Steven Miller

      I’m sure there are some awesome automation recipes out there!

      • Carlos Medina

        Is there a difference between Workflow and IFTTT?

      • iPodZombie

        Yes, IFTTT is limited to two steps per action. Workflow allows many steps, and its functionality allows so much flexibility that it almost amounts to its own scripting language. For instance, there is a workflow that searches for pizza restaurants in the area, presents you with a list, then calls the one you select, waits until the call ends and asks for the delivery time, which it adds to your calendar.

        Its ability to make homescreen shortcuts is also really handy. For instance, I currently have a workflow shortcut that automatically searches Google Maps for transit routes to my home address.

      • Carlos Medina

        Seems much more lengthy with much more recipes and better then IFTTT. If only they can have it for Mac as well but thank you for the example. Ill see if i can think of an automation process for myself

      • iPodZombie

        I agree. Actually, for Mac your best bet is Apple’s Automator, which comes preinstalled. It’s very similar to Workflow in the manner that you can assemble custom actions – it even calls them workflows. Given the less restricted nature of the Mac, it’s also a lot more powerful and can be extended with third-party actions and custom scripting.

      • Carlos Medina

        Yea i figured that would be the closest relavant option to a workflow. I need to learn how to use terminal, Automator, and AppleScripts although applescripts are pretty much in conjunction with automator.