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The differences between Apple and Google’s strategies in the mobile space couldn’t be more obvious. One company is making a big bet on privacy. The other, is making a big bet on everything but privacy. These strategies give each companies different priorities, and mobile payments is once again a clear illustration of that.

Apple clearly states that absolutely no data is collected or shared when making purchases with Apple Pay. As Tim Cook said before, the transaction is just between you and the merchant. No one in between. Your privacy is one of Apple’s priorities.

Google, on the other hand, has different priorities when it comes to mobile payments. Based on its long-time business model, Google wants to collect data about what you buy so it can serve you more targeted ads.

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating look at Google’s attempt to revive Google Wallet to compete with Apple Pay. I’ll spare you the details of the hurdles the company is facing due to the fragmentation of Android, but I do want to highlight one point of the story, which clearly illustrates the difference in priorities between Apple and Google.

Back in 2010, the three major US carriers AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile started working on their own mobile payment system called Softcard. The project failed and now Google is interested in picking up the pieces to use it as part of the Google Wallet revival.

But the carriers still want a slice of the mobile payment market, and Google is willing to give them just that. Of course, Apple doesn’t share any of the revenue generated through Apple Pay with carriers (why would they?), but Google is now approaching and luring them with an offer they can’t refuse.

The WSJ has the money quote explaining “Google is offering to pay them to feature Wallet prominently on their Android phones and is dangling the promise of more revenue from advertising tied to Google searches made on the phones.”

Google technically doesn’t care about making your purchases faster or safer, but Google cares greatly about collecting data about your purchases so it can display even more targeted ads for you when you search the web for example.

Priorities indeed.

For a complete look at the story, hop over to the WSJ.

  • Fanboy 

    Which is exactly why only after being released 4 months Apple Pay already accounts for 66% of all mobile payments. While Google Wallet has already been around for a whopping 45 months!

    • Haraesh Jayalingam

      Apple Pay is secure and all but they should start expanding. I know its been only a few months but sooner the better cause Google Wallet has already expanded to many countries worldwide

  • I’ve had a Google Wallet card for the longest time, never have ever used it…

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Your data is belongs to me.

  • The_Kingfish

    Google Wallet can’t be as bad as MCX’s CurrentC system which is planned to employ outdated QR codes and requires your bank account number, SS number and e-mail address to use. They gather data with every purchase to send you junk mailings and special “offers” and they’ve already been hacked even before launch (the first week of being introduced) where new users’ e-mail addresses were involved in a massive data breach. Their iOS app has almost 3,600 reviews and close to 99% of them are one star. And in order to get merchants on board, they’ve required that Apple Pay compatible NFC terminals be removed or disabled from stores. Target, Walmart and CVS are all refusing to accept Apple Pay. CurrentC will hopefully fail and fail hard.

    • p1noyako

      Target accept Apple Pay lol

      • LuisFRocha

        Target accepts Apple Pay only on their iOS app, not at their stores’ checkout terminals.

  • Dante Arellano

    Nah google u just fuckk up all the people by now all the personal info its been stolen thanks facebook,thanks twitter etc ironic even samesung wants their fuckking os amadroide whata fuckking shitte

  • Well written. Can’t ever trust that spyware named Google. Even to simply use a gift card to purchase an app on the PlayStore, you’ll have to hand over your driver’s license and bank statement to confirm your house address…thankfully, there’s trustworthy 3rd party app stores like Amazon.

  • Guest

    Expected: Google Wallet sucks and Apple Pay is far better
    Reality: GOOGLE IS SATAN

  • mp

    Shouldn’t the title of the article be: Google Wallet, your data, your money and your information is our priority.