Tim Cook (One More Thing 001)

Bloomberg reports that Apple is working to start producing its electric car by 2020, to take on Tesla and other key players in the automotive industry. The report on Thursday follows word from the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Bloomberg earlier this week that Apple is planning an autonomous vehicle.

The Thursday report gives the first indication that Apple actually intends to bring a car to market, rather than it being a prototype it’s working on in its $6 billion research department “for the fun of it”.

Apple will be three years late to the party, if General Motors and Tesla reach their 2017 goals of launching electric cars that can go more than 200 miles on a single charge and cost less than $40,000.

Since it’s still early days for Apple’s car project, not a ton of details have been shared. However recent reports have shed light on the team that Apple is building, which includes David Nelson, an executive recently hired away from Tesla. Apple is said to have close to 100 employees working on the project.

The Apple Car story began growing legs earlier in the month, when the press discovered a handful of unmarked minivans driving around California with roof-mounted camera equipment, leased to Apple.

On Thursday, electric car battery maker A123 Systems filed a lawsuit against Apple for poaching its employees. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has made similar claims.

I guess it’s time to start saving your nickels, quarters, and dimes, ladies and gentleman. You’ve got five years.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Yongfan Men

    Then I will save the money from now on.

  • McBobson

    “Sorry, your car could not start because you have unsupported firmware. Please upgrade your car for only $115. Thanks!”

    • Virus

      remember back before ios4 when apple used to charge ipod touch users $10 for each update when iphone users got it free haha what a rip off

      • Jeffrey

        Remember back in the day when Windows was hundreds of dollars… Oh wait, they still do…

      • Virus

        Only an idiot would pay for windows when you could download it for free

      • Cameron

        As much as I want to pirate that crap OS I personally don’t feel it’s the right thing to do, coupled with potential legal trouble i must face if I ever need to service the PC, in case you’re wondering I have windows solely for gaming.

      • Jeffrey


      • Remember back when Mac OS X required you to pay a rip-off price for hardware in order to use it…Oh wait, they still do.

      • SoylentGreen


      • Cameron

        But of course, $100 windows 8 (slammed by reviews) is more
        Worth it than free OS X

        No explanation needed, have some of this cream.

      • Dan

        Windows 8 was initially slammed because people could not deal with the change. Once you got used to it, or installed something like ‘classic shell’ and got back the start menu, it was back to normal. Windows 8 actually performs very well if you have a good PC (mine boots in less than 10 seconds). When it comes down to it, I’d rather build my own PC for half the price of a Mac and actually have good quality parts (they blow the Mac’s specs out of the water by the way) and pay 100$ for my OS than pay through the nose for a Mac and have free OS updates. Microsoft is even offering a free update to Windows 10, so there’s that too.

      • Cameron

        The fact that windows 10 is coming out as free only enhances my point. Good quality =/= higher clock speeds. We all know DIY is always cheaper but when it comes to the laptop range this is generally not really possible, further more, running OS X, which imo, is way better than windows 8. You’re assuming that everyone needs that higher processing speed (basically specs) when there’s more important things to someone’s computer usage satisfaction. (This is the same stupid mentality that some android fans have). With a MacBook I can name a few that is generally not present in your DIY pc. Portability most importantly*, OS X, glass trackpad, MagSafe connectors, full support on the complete device by one party. Even if you bring in a windows Laptop to the equation, it’s likely you don’t get most of what I mentioned above. You also likely do not get looks and the built quality of a unibody aluminum.

      • Dan

        I wasn’t talking about laptops, I thought this was obvious. I absolutely hate laptops running windows and I agree OS X is superior. I don’t deny that Mac’s have advantages (and it is possible to build good looking PC’s), but I stand by my opinion that they are overpriced for what they are. Personally I use my PC mainly for gaming, so I do need the high specs/preformance, it has nothing to do with ‘stupid mentality’. I’ve tried Macs and imo I prefer windows (again, on a PC). Anyways, to each his own, but personally I would never buy a Mac, does not suit my needs.

      • Cameron

        I use both, MacBook and have a diy gaming PC running windows 7. So you should know where I stand. The thing about products running OS X is that it’s also generally assumed you run it on a laptop. Not many can afford the Mac pro. Not many would need it’s power anyway.

      • Haha, save that cream for your ass, my point still stands dude. Mac OS X (excessively restrictive, compatibility breaking haven) that comes on any Mac PC is as free as Windows 8/8.1.1 that comes on any Windows PCs. The difference is, you can get a 3 times more versatile hardware like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for a similar price to a MacBook Air ($1130), or a significantly better performing ASUS Zenbook UX303LN for a similar price to the 13″ MacBook Pro ($1300).

        If you haven’t noticed, both those PCs come with Windows 8.1.1 for free. Better luck next time in being a smartass…

      • Cameron

        That cream was actually for your impulsive reply. That screams butthurt. I just remembered your hypocrisy after.

        Except, to what you said above, Mac book users can simply pay the $100 and boot windows.

        “Comes for free”

      • Yeah, buy an overpriced and excessively restricted (due to it’s software) hardware just to later install Windows on it…I’d rather get a better bang-for-the-buck PC and sideload that excessively restrictive, compatibility breaking haven in a virtual machine (bit. ly/16paAIn) like Hyper-V (built-in).

        How that’s being hypocritical, only your dingbat definition knows…

      • Cameron

        What would posses someone to pay the same price for a zenbook instead of a MacBook pro? Where does the overpriced come from that since you said its the same? Because dual booting is $100 more? Why would someone pay for a non unibody, shit trackpad, no MagSafe, never having the option of OS X. Just to save $100? Where’s the bang for the buck?

      • Haha, can’t even research and it’s trying to play smartass. Here’s some newbie insight for you; for the same $1300 price as the 13″ MacBook Pro, you get:

        – a higher performing i7 4510U CPU instead of the i5 4308U
        — a higher performing Nvidia GeForce 840M Discrete Graphics instead of the Intel Iris 5100 integrated graphics
        – 100% more SATA III SSD storage (the added speed in PCIE SSD isn’t usable by intense video processing, that takes like 400MB/s max, it’s more practical for high-traffic servers, which no one in their right mind would be using a Laptop for in the first place)
        — a higher resolution QHD+ (3200×1800) screen instead of 2560×1600
        — a lighter package of 3.3lbs instead of 3.46lbs
        — a Touchscreen (although gimmicky in a Laptop-only PC, it’s still there at no extra cost)
        – The same 8GB of DDR3 RAM
        – The same AC WiFi technology

        Not to talk about the versatility and compatibility of Windows 8.1.1. The closest spec MacBook Pro would cost $500 more, and would still be lacking the features I — marked above. Learn to do your research before posting…

      • Cameron

        i expected the specs from you. And no, it doesn’t justify at all to me, 1. One slightly clocked higher Undervolted CPU. 2. Meh same reason as 1. Barely anything. 3. Ok that’s about the only value increase. Still doesn’t justify the $100 less without having the significant hardware of MacBook pros. The rest you listed there are the same and/or meaningless. Nope, I won’t choose zennbook and pay less for more ssd storage. Unless ssd gets to the same price as hard drives with the capacity, people would still use externals.

        I’m not going to trade my MacBook pro for a zenbook with 128gb more ssd and $100 less.

      • “1. One slightly clocked higher Undervolted CPU. 2. Meh same reason as 1. Barely anything. 3. Ok that’s about the only value. Doesn’t justify the $100 less without having the significant hardware of MacBook pros. The rest you listed there are the same and/or meaningless. Nope, I won’t pay for more ssd storage. Unless ssd gets to the same price as hard drives with the capacity, people would still use externals.”

        Haha, still can’t even research to compare the performance difference just goes by spec numbers…remain ignoramus all you want, google or bing is there whenever you’re ready to take the red pill.

      • Cameron

        I’m not in a position to research at this moment. But the only thing people would notice in usage is the ssd space and maybe the touchscreen. The rest has no difference unless you look at it on paper. What people do notice on MacBooks is the better trackpad, the MagSafe, the better built quality. Pretend all you like, you know I’m right.

      • MagSafe? Oh you mean this 1.5 star rated MagSafe sh*t (http://bit. ly/1DH410y)?

        Better build-quality and trackpad? All subjective there. The ASUS Zenbook is made of metal too and looks just-as good as any MacBook (just doesn’t have your precious Apple logo), and the Trackpad is more than sufficient to perform all Windows 8.1.1 gestures smoothly.

      • Cameron

        The trackpad is a con on all the reviews I saw on this model. I honestly thought those pictures were the MacBook air. For you the trackpad is sufficient. But clocked lower Undervolted intel processor is Insufficient? How are you capable of using this laptop as an example of MacBooks being overpriced is beyond me. All I see is a MacBook air copy with a shit trackpad and more storage for $100 less without any possibility of using OS X

      • “For you the trackpad is sufficient. But clocked lower Undervolted intel processor is not good enough?”

      • Cameron

        Is that a hackintosh link? Did they change anything from hackintosh since I last researched it a year ago? What I know is that drivers must be specific for Mac os and therefore making 99% of laptops pretty much incompatible and useless with hackintoshing. Only driver specifically made DIY pc can be used with OS X. Smoothness is the trackpad, not slightly faster processing to me, even if we called it even in that case, it certainly doesn’t prove “overpriced”

      • Nope, it’s a simple procedure for installing Mac OS X in a Virtual Machine on ANY of today’s high-end PCs, including the Surface Pro. You ignored the main difference between a low-end and a high-end PC (the performance difference), and you’re saying there’s no proof of why the MacBooks are overpriced…sounds like you’re the kind of person that goes out to buy good build-quality but low-performance Atom PC, cries about it being slow, then switches to an SSD and higher-performing CPU/GPU equipped MacBook and concludes “it’s much faster”.

      • Cameron

        Installing OS X Is not an issue, you just can’t do anything, trackpad don’t work, keyboard, wifi driver, can’t remmeber what else. Nope i came from high end gaming PCs who got MacBooks for actual work and realise that with Undervolted processors and shit graphics card that I can never get it to run games. But that’s not what it’s for. From an overclocked i7 to two Undervolted shit, there’s no difference. Trackpad, MagSafe, unibody aluminium. Unix OS, yes.

      • “Installing OS X Is not an issue, you just can’t do anything, trackpad don’t work, keyboard, wifi driver, can’t remmeber what else.”

        Just watch that simple tutorial and realize how long you’ve been living under a rock for…

      • jake kneller

        I have had way more problems with windows pcs that I have bought and built than I have had with any Mac I have ever bought or used and I didn’t need two computers to run windows and Mac I just used my Macs and windows ran better on the Mac anyway

      • “I have had way more problems with windows pcs that I have bought and built than I have had with any Mac I have ever bought or used”

        Good for you, did you want a cookie?

        “windows ran better on the Mac anyway “

        Sounds like you bought/built a low-performance PC, cried about it being slow, then switched to an SSD and higher-performing CPU/GPU equipped MacBook and concluded “it’s much faster”…just outright ridiculous, but no surprise.

      • jake kneller

        No I actually built powerful pcs actually spent more building one of than I did buying two macs and the thing still just isn’t as good it’s not just all in the hard ware software matters too

      • Dude, Windows running better on a Mac is only true if you build or buy a shitty performance computer. Period. Simply list the specs of both your PC and Mac here, and chances are, the culprit is your hardware, not Windows.

        You may not even realize it, but Macs are, guess what? PCs. Same hardware. Same processors, same RAM, same wireless chips, same storage drives, same optical drives, same LCD’s from the same manufacturers. Who really makes Apple computers? They’re assembled by Foxconn, from components made by Intel, Broadcom, Hitachi, Samsung, Sharp and a handful of other companies. Apple designs the case (including the logo), and they design the motherboard, that’s it. Everything else is made by someone else.

        So, enough with this “Windows runs better on a Mac” reality distortion field. Windows runs better on better performing hardware, simple fact.

      • jake kneller

        I know this but just like the iPhone’s and androids the SOFTWARE makes a huge difference

      • Yeah, but in this case, you’re talking about running Windows on a Mac. The software in both cases is Windows, so…

      • Jeffrey

        At least Macs have quality;)

      • George

        Microsoft is a software company dumbass, what do you expect?

      • Cameron

        Except, not really.

      • Jeffrey

        Charging money for an OS is not the only option to make money, dumbass, why the f*ck do you think Windows 10 will be free? Next time think before you comment please.

      • AppleNewsiDBIntentionallySkips

        Neither is charging outrageous fees for hardware the only way to make money dumbass, why the f*ck do you think Xaiomi is already owning a significant share of China’s mobile market?

      • Jeffrey

        Have I stated that that is the only way to make money? NO, I haven’t, DUMBASS. Also, who gives a f*ck about China?

      • AppleNewsiDBIntentionallySkips

        Did he state selling an OS is the only way to make money? NO, he didn’t, DUMBCUNT. As for China, your holy Crapple cares A LOT about china, that’s how they maximize profits you idiot.

      • McBobson

        I only had iOS in iOS 5 so I don’t know lol

  • Jonathan

    Jailbreaking this will be a joy ride. 😀
    (pun intended)

  • Virus

    it will have the spec of a Ford Focus and the price tag of a Ferrari

    • GuyWithTheThings

      And outperform everything else.

      • AppleNewsiDBIntentionallySkips

        Except the vehicles that were released around the same time period as it…just like the Note 4 outperforms the iPhone 6+ in both the speed and camera department.

  • Eikast

    I love Apple, but a car? -_-
    I would have been more impressed if they partnered with Tesla.

    • Apple wanted to buy Tesla, but failed.

  • The people that work at Apple and get to work on crazy projects like this just “for the fun of it” have the best job in the world!

  • Khan Rulzz

    Then jony ive will say one more thing 😛

    • BoardDWorld

      Or that it’s made of “Aluminium”…

  • nonchalont

    It would be intresting to see an apple car. I have an image of a cutesy, Volkswagen Beetle style vehicle with bells and whistle of an Apple Watch 🙂

    • SoylentGreen

      Yeah dude you can have the whole experience whilst sitting on the couch at 40 stone, stuffing GM food down your neck while some elite makes useable currencies from your planned obsolescence.

  • @dongiuj

    In time for the Tokyo Olympics? Shuttle service for athletes? Spectators?
    No doubt, if Abe is still in power, he will throw loads more of the TAX payers money away to apple to pay for them.

  • Payaso

    The iCar

  • Da Grant

    Lol try bringing that to the Apple Store.

  • Jeffrey

    ‘Rather than it being a prototype it’s working on in its $6 billion research department “for the fun of it”.’

    LOL. Wish I had $6 billion for the fun of it.

    • SoylentGreen

      In other news, Chinese workers assembling Apple products continue to commit suicide in unprecedented numbers whilst their wives undergo ‘on site’ abortions- all for the fun of it, or is it to try meet unrealistic targets set by your friendly fruity named friends?

  • John Wickham

    “Perhaps I’d like to design cars, but I don’t think I’d be much good at it.” — Apple’s own Jony Ive

  • Chang in Charge

    They are getting scary aggressive with new products. I’m really curious what company has even a reasonable amount of cash on hand to compete with them. It doesn’t seem like anyone can really play in the same league as them anymore. They are just overpaying all of the talent for whatever project is up next.

  • WiseBlasian

    Stop withthese goddamn apple car news. Its not gonna happen just like the iTV.

    • 9to5Slavery

      not very wise are you

  • Andres

    You would have needed to start saving up 5 years ago

  • Andres

    Where do you get it serviced? The Genius Bar?

    • RuddyN

      The iMechanic/iDealership they will soon build all over the country. Duh!

  • Michael Smith

    I already enjoyed watching Fifty Shades of Grey, Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son, Project Almanac, Black or White, American Sniper, The Boy Next Door, Blackhat, Mortdecai, The Wedding Ringer and Taken 3 on my iPhone 6 from
    “l M O V l E S A P P(dot)C O M”

  • SoylentGreen

    Why do people still believe this electronic ‘green’ car though is proven to be a complete myth, it is more expensive ( in monetory and carbon terms to generate and supply the electricity to charge the things up.
    Then there’s the whole autonomous car thing, No-one seems to be talking about the nefarious things that come into the frame with the introduction of this level off automation, it’s all Obama tinted spectacles just now but wait till your getting driven by some half assed robot car and someone decides to hack the onboard controller, it’s happening already, why would they open the doors further on something that brings marginal gain to our way of life but has so much potential to be used in a bad way?
    I think you need to ask yourself why we are being brainrinsed to think this level of invasion into your privacy is normal or let’s use the word reasonable instead of normal since everyone has as different ‘normal’. When infact it is the polar opposite of reasonable.
    Society as our parents knew it is all but gone along with the scruples and morals they maintained, it’s so obvious this it’s all by design, don’t let the power hungry and the über rich degenerate our fragile lifestyle any further.
    Never forget that right now there is a furious war on for every fiber of your thoughts & opinions, it’s an information war and this is the time to pick a side, bbc,msnbc etc are spitting out government talking points and the daily beast, prison planet, world net daily are telling the truth, (contrary to the teachings of Obama there is only one truth, we know 2+2=4 not the 5 that. The majority of people on capitol hill would have you believe) audience figures for these mainstream media outlets are given in fractions of fractions compared to 20 years ago, but people like Matt drudge aggregate the ‘actual’ news from the sources above (and many more), have Millions upon millions off daily consumers but they get absolutely zero cash from the government unlike the so called mainstream media, and the bbc continue to be funded in part by a television license tax on the British public. It’s a sick joke and the joke is designed to be at your expense, literally.
    and we continue to entertain there b.s whimsical nonsensical hobbies such as playing mind games with so called ‘green’ electronic autonomous cars.

    • rockdude094

  • George

    You guys are seriously believing all this crap? This is apples way of keeping the nasty apple watch news out of the press.

    • SoylentGreen

      Smoke and mirrors it could be, but knowing these people never let a crisis go too waste I’m inclined to think not, they are spectre lol

  • Dan

    Problem is, Apple being Apple, if you have trouble with you car, you will most likely need to buy proprietary Apple parts. We all know, those will be twice the price of regular parts. No more doing repairs by yourself or you will void the Apple care warranty.

  • Chris Longden

    Now I understand why they changed the 30-pin connector and brought out the lightning cable!

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    I was wondering me driving my iCar going to the office in a raining Monday when suddenly my iCar stops and displays “Your iCar run out of battery”.

    I get my iPhone to check the Internet to learn how make my iCar’s battery lasts 5 miles: “do not use sound system, turn off location services, turn off data, dim your screen, turn off background app refresh.”

    • except you won’t be driving the iCar; it will

  • singhay559

    By 2020 the major auto manufacturers will already have an advanced smart car. And im sure mercedes will be the dominant.

  • My long running bar joke is now coming to fruition I see! haha I have been saying I can’t wait till they release the “iCar” but never really thought it would happen.

  • Ariel

    Fingers crossed