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Microsoft’s cloud storage thing called OneDrive has been on fire lately. The service has been generous with free space in the past few months. For starters, each account gets fifteen gigabytes of free storage and Office 365 subscribers get to enjoy unlimited storage as long as they continue paying their subscription. For some time now the Windows maker’s been offering free OneDrive storage to US residents who’ve signed up for Bing Rewards program.

Starting today, this offer is now available globally so everyone can now get 100GB of free OnDrive storage for two years. Here’s how you can claim your free storage.

Just visit this worldwide link and sign in using your Microsoft Account.

Don’t have one? Create it here.

That’s it, you can now enjoy 100GB of free storage for two years, increasing whatever your existing storage allowance was. You’re not obliged to use Bing Rewards at all and you’ll only need to put up with occasional emails from Microsoft about Bing Rewards offers.

If you’ve already registered for Bing Rewards, you’re still eligible to take advantage of this offer. To check out your total storage capacity, use the free OneDrive iOS app or point your browser to the OneDrive web interface.

100GB OneDrive offer

It’s somewhat confusing the offer is only available through the aforementioned link to non-U.S. residents rather than via the Bing Rewards Dashboard.

I’m located in Europe and out of curiosity tried to sign up for the Bing Rewards program, but was greeted with the “Bing Rewards isn’t available yet in your country or region” message.

Using the worldwide link worked without a hiccup. For the record, I live in Croatia, a four million people country at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean.

OneDrive 5.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

We don’t have Netflix over here, iTunes movies/TV shows, Hulu and a number of other online services offered in other key European markets. So if this offer applied to my country, it should to yours beyond any doubt.

Compared to the likes of iCloud, Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, Microsoft’s service is in my personal well poised to soon become the best drive in the cloud overall.

OneDrive (previously SkyDrive, Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Folders) is available in 107 languages, offers the most comprehensive cross-platform file syncing solution, features the best-looking photo galleries on the web, has rather functional, secure and capable mobile apps and includes a whole bunch of other awesome features you should really check out.

OneDrive Albums web screenshot 002

On top of all this, OneDrive is supported across Windows/Office apps and the Xbox console and is getting increasingly integrated with more and more popular Microsoft services with each passing day.

Seriously, even if you’ve never used the service, I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try and, of course, taking advantage of this offer to bump your OneDrive to an additional hundred gigabytes of free storage.

Signing off, fans of Google Drive can claim 2GB of free storage for life if they complete a quick security checkup of their Google Account.

Source: The Verge

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    I’m on Mexico and I got my 100GB!

    • Jerry

      Como le hiciste? A mi no me carga el link, y si le doy refresh me da error :/

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Le dí al link, le dí autorizar y pum, me salió el mensaje 🙂

  • Armen M.

    15gb offered by default + 15gb if you backup your mobile photos/videos + 100 GB with this = 130 GB

  • blu

    I need to switch from dropbox to this. I am at about 85% capacity of my dropbox account (I have 9.75 gigs free from multiple promos over the years). The free 15 from Microsoft is a good start. Problem with this promo is what to do in 2 years.

    • Domodo

      Where was online storage 2 years ago? Now imaging where it will be 2 years from now. *mind blown*

      • blu

        Thats true. 2 yrs ago 2-3 gigs free was a lot

    • Rhaner Koury

      What about after 2 yrs?

      • blu

        you get 100 gb free for 2 years, after that, you either pay for it or go back to 15 gb.

      • Rhaner Koury

        That’s what I thought!!
        I’ll pass that!
        keep my 40 gb .

      • Kurt

        DropBox gave me an extra 50gigs when I got my Note…it was for 1 year, but its been almost a year and half now and I still have the extra 50 gigs. Maybe Microsoft will forget also 😀

      • Alex Nasonov

        I’m pretty sure that with samsung it’s 2 years of extra 50 gigs that you are getting.
        They take the gigs away after exactly two years of use.

  • ticky13

    I just logged in to OneDrive for the first time ever using my Hotmail/Outlook address and it says I have 1TB of storage. Not sure how, but I’m certainly not complaining.

  • I have 10b of storage but hardly use any of it because the Microsoft OneDrive client is so bad…

    Now and again it creates duplicate files and folders, there’s a maximum file / folder length, it doesn’t know how to follow symbolic links properly, on OS X the client will not let me put my OneDrive folder on an external hard drive even though the same external hard drive works fine on Windows 8, there’s no client for GNU/Linux, I could go on and on and on…

    I want to use OneDrive but often find it hard to do so when their client is full of so many bugs 🙁

  • It’s not available for Spain …. sniff snif ….

    • Andreas

      I think it’s same here (Sweden), because it just says something like “Ohoh, something went wrong” and not letting me claim the 100 GB’s extra storage. Sniff 🙁

  • Max

    lol. only for the first two years… Microsoft is now on the drug dealer attitude…

    • Kurt

      DropBox gave me 50 extra gigs for 1 year. It’s been about a year and half and I still have the 50gigs.

  • Rares

    You can get another 100gb free for one year if you have a dropbox account, check their twitter page.

  • William Z. 

    eh~~ the link is working for me.

  • Giel Konink

    Nooo in the Netherlands also not working 🙁

    • Yousef Diab

      Same in turkey! Does not work

  • The Guy

    Pointless, after 2 years its goes bye bye unless you cough up money, lol. Who the hell stores 100GB of stuff online anyway?

  • not working in my country

    • Lindsay Gerald

      Microsoft is now on the drug dealer attitude.

    • Alex Nasonov

      You can use ZenMate’s chrome extension proxy server (it’s free). Just select the US from the servers list and you’re good to go! It worked for me in Russia

      • thanks alex , but i used hotspot yesterday and i get it 😀

  • Brian Brown

    Christian, the link you povided doesn’t work for some trying access in certain areas. You should of mentioned to simply join Bing rewards, and claim the rewards and probably a direct link to that page would be best. It took me about 15 minuets to actually figure out what’s going on since after resetting microsofts account since a certain date logging in with Facebook is not possible

    Quite the runaround

  • digitalchet

    Does not work in Australia. Lame.

    • Chris

      Does if you do it from a VPN

  • Noah

    Pretty sure the deal is over now

  • The Zlatan

    How can i make this work with my university email?
    Already have OneDrive linked to the account, but can’t login via Microsoft. Says account does not exist. Anyone?