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There are dozens of apps out there that offer a streamlined interface so you can find contacts and make phone calls quickly and easily, but how many can you count will put a widget on your Lock screen so you can make phone calls in Notification Center?

YoBu is a Notification Center extension that allows you to search for contacts by name or number, and then call them right from the Today view on your Lock screen.

After adding the widget to Notification Center, you’ll see a 10-digit keypad. Just like landline phones and old-school cell phones, each number includes a series of letters.

YoBu 2

When you start tapping numbers, a list of suggested searches will appear based on both the numerical input and the combination of letters associated with it.

For example, if you type in “926,” all phone numbers with those numbers in it will be listed, but so will all names with W, A, and N, or Y, A, and M. Narrow the search list further by adding more numbers (or letters).

When the person you were looking for appears on the list, tap the contact and the call will begin.

You can also add a new contact directly from the widget. I regularly get digits when I’m out at shows. It’s not that nefarious. It is usually band contacts. So, I’ll ask someone for a number, but have to quickly unlock my iPhone, open the Contacts app, and tap the “+” button before I get started.

With YoBu, I can tap the “+” button right on my lock screen and the app will immediately open to a blank contact form so I can enter the information.

YoBu 1

The most recent numbers you’ve dialed will also stay on a list in Notification Center so if you have favorite contacts that you call often, they will high on the list where you can simply tap their names to make a call.

I wish this worked for texting, too.

YoBu is available for free. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of this Notification Center widget? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Khan Rulzz

    Download it before Apple will pull out this app !

  • Derp

    Removed in 3…2…1…I guarantee this one ain’t coming back after it gets removed

    • B.A.M.F.


    • B.A.M.F.

      funny how its still available….

  • Linton Findlay

    Good callbar alternative

  • when i tap on the contacts nothing happens.

  • sirgeorge

    Hope in a future update have Greek too!!

  • B.A.M.F.

    I dont kno why everyone always says that apple will remove stuff like this??? wasn’t adding the ability to do stuff like this the hole point in the first place? And doesn’t every app get checked before it goes live on the app store??

    some ppl just make me smh…

    • Carlos Medina

      Cause they’ve let apps pass before with useful widgets to just then get pulled from the app store. Its happened twice already and its all been with pretty useful widgets. Sooooooo yea.

      • Didn’t they both come back?

      • Carlos Medina

        Yes but the point is they pull it just to bring it back meaning apple is very undecided when it comes to widgets.

      • TotallySerious

        Not launcher 🙁

    • :)

      You are clearly ignorant of the situation so don’t talk

    • George

      Because Iphones have 1gb of ram, soon it will explode.

  • Garry

    Well im already feeling this is useless as i try to type in more than 3 numbers it just says UNABLE TO LOAD

    • Did you allow the app to see your contacts?

  • Jason Baroni

    Thanks, IDB! On the rush here before Apple gets crazy.

  • Walcy Carroll

    Awesome widget, I am also using Swipe Dial, but this is pretty neat, i noticed you can start to use the keypad to spell out a business, such as Chanello’s pizza and it will populate also on the left, or if one of your contacts is home, or house phone,etc.

    • Walcy Carroll

      I have tested this with the phone locked, and unlocked no issues

  • Sagar Rana

    Best app ever create on App Store.. I’m sure Apple will Jealous and remove it 😉

  • Robert Cook

    It works fine…with the phone unlocked. It seems redundant if one has to unlock the phone for the call to go through; one might as well use the phone’s native dialer. Is there a means to get it to dial with the phone still locked?

  • B.A.M.F.

    still available…. lol

    so many ppl think negative right off the bat….

  • Andy

    This is so good …. This app is literally amazing. So convenient for a user to add and dial numbers… Even u can write the number first and and press the add contact button and it would populate the form for you.
    This app aint going anywhere from the appstore… Gosh chill out people.
    Haters gonna Hate and Ainter’s gonna ain’t

  • Andrew Wong

    This is a huge security leak. Didn’t people complain about this before when the address book was available and you could make calls even the phone was locked?

  • JF

    Free?? On Canadian apps store it’s 0.99$!?!