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With iOS app developers making over $10 billion in 2014, it seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie. There are already 1.4 million apps on the App Store made by dev-houses big and small, with thousands of new developers adding to the ecosystem each year. If you capitalize on this deal from the iDB Deals store, you could be one of them, and maybe get a slice of that $10 billion pie.

With the technology and resources available, it’s relatively easy and accessible to become an app developer yourself. The first and most difficult step, however, is learning how to program and develop iOS apps. That’s where this deal comes in: the Complete iOS 8 and Swift Developer Course contains over 70 hours of content to teach you how to develop for iOS.

The course takes a “learn by doing” approach. With over 350 instructional videos, it will teach you Swift, Apple’s new programming language, then walk you through the development of fourteen real iOS 8 apps using Xcode 6, Apple’s latest development environment. It will also show you how to leverage essential APIs to integrate other apps (like Facebook and Twitter) into your own. Beyond that, it includes crucial design app lessons, from responsive design for different screen sizes to storyboarding with Apple’s graphical interface builder. Check out the deal page for more details on what’s covered.

As an added bonus, it includes the Complete iOS 7 Developer Course for free! While iOS 7 maybe a bit outdated now that iOS 8 has been released, it includes another 36 hours of training that’s sure to help sharpen your skill set. Or you can start by learning to develop for iOS 7, build up some baseline skills, and then progress to the iOS 8 course.

With this bundle of over 70 hours of content, it’s for you to decide what route you want to take to create the next big app. Normally valued at $499 (plus an additional $499 for the iOS 7 course), this robust and comprehensive course can be yours for just $89 from the iDownloadBlog Deals store. Get it here