Samsung Galaxy S6 schematics

Bloomberg is reporting Wednesday that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone, developed under the “Project Zero” codename, will come in two flavors, including a model with a display covering three sides. The other model will have a regular screen that doesn’t stretch down either side.

Sources with direct knowledge of the matter who spoke to the news organization report that both editions of the device rock 5.1-inch screens, are encased in all-metal bodies and run “Samsung’s most advanced processor chips.”

We recently reported that Samsung in a last-minute move dropped Qualcomm’s 64-bit Snapdragon 810 silicon which overheated during testing.

Samsung builds its own Exynos-branded mobile chips that are not as customized and optimized as Apple’s. Typically, an Exynos chip combines a series of off-the-shelf processing cores and rather slow Mali graphics, both licensed from fabless UK-based semiconductor maker ARM.

Apple’s chips, by comparison, use Imagination Technologies’ graphics and incorporate Apple’s own 64-bit “Swift” and “Cyclone” CPU cores designed to be compatible with the licensed ARMv8 instruction set.

These chips are built in sophisticated factories operated by Samsung and TSMC. The Galaxy maker is understood to have landed a contract to churn out the A9 chips which are likely powering the next iPhone and iPad.

Samsung recently invited select members of the press to its annual ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event to be held on March 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The invite graphics sports the “What’s Next” tagline and something resembling a curved device, or the profile of a thin smartphone with a camera bulge on its back (or is it a hint at a wraparound screen, perhaps?).

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 invite

Samsung’s own blog teased today that its 2015 flagship phone “will be intelligent and do all the thinking for users, allowing them to take amazing pictures under any conditions, without having to worry about anything more than just pressing the shutter button.” The post, entitled “The Future of Cameras,” defines Samsung’s camera progress by the number of megapixels in each year’s model.

Samsung camera progress

Last year’s Galaxy S5 has a 15-megapixel shooter out the back. Apple is rumored to stay out of the megapixel race with an improved 8-megapixel camera in the next iPhone.

The previously leaked image, shown below, has suggested that the Galaxy S6 may copy the iPhone 6 design wholesale, in spite of the $1 billion fine already imposed on the South Korean company over replicating the iPhone’s look and feel too aggressively.


Seen further below: the latest schematics and renders, shared by G For Games, that compare the Galaxy S6 to the iPhone 6.

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 render 002

As you can see for yourself, the placement of the speaker grille and the location of the headphone jack and microUSB connector seems to borrow a few design cues from the iPhone 6.

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 render 001

As for the three-sided screen on one of the new Galaxies, it draws inspiration from Samsung’s work on the Galaxy Note Edge, a premium version of the fabled phablet that distinguishes itself with a display that curves across the right side of the device. The wraparound screen serves a very practical purpose: the right side of the device acts as a sidebar to display application shortcuts, notifications and other information.


Conveniently enough, Samsung’s component-making arm is pouring a whopping $3.6 billion into a new plant that will produce medium and small-sized OLED displays for smartphones and tablets.

According to Reuters, the investment should be made from 2015 to 2017, with the new line initially set to produce curved panels like those on the Galaxy Note Edge (and presumable on the new Galaxy S6).

The new factory should help boost Samsung’s components sales to offset weaker smartphone earnings. In addition, the firm is investing $14.6 billion in new semiconductor plants in Pyeongtaek, some 70 km south of South Korea’s capital Seoul.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge image via The Verge.

Source: Bloomberg


  • Shawn

    That way you can be sure you crack the screen if you drop it on its side

    • BoardDWorld

      The Note Edge is a gimmick, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t favour the Note 4 over it. It becomes awkward to hold and offers know real benefit in functionality over what’s already available on the standard screen.

      • Digitalfeind

        Gimmick for you useful to some. I don’t like Samsung but it’s rather stupid to say something is a gimmick just because you do not use or like it. Everyone was saying Siri was a useless gimmick, a front facing camera was a useless gimmick, and large phones were a gimmick.

      • BoardDWorld

        Your comment is laughable. I’ve never used one daily, only at a store. This isn’t my opinion, it was the opinion of every reviewer I viewed on YouTube. It’s based on the screen becoming wider and offering no additional or practocal functionaly over what already exists in the Note 4. I have never considered anything you’ve mentioned as a gimmick. They have all offered immediate useful functionality. At this point in time the Edge is still a gimmick.

      • You may not have considered the other features a gimmick, but now you’re proudly joining that herd. The edge screen has many potential uses that you’re just too blind to realize at this moment, probably waiting till Apple does the same. Uses including:

        – Quick switch/multitasking between apps in a single tap
        – Dedicated notification banner placeholder, reserving your entire main screen to the content that currently matters most.
        – Dedicated status bar placeholder
        – Dedicated media controls placeholder when in the right app
        – Dedicated gesture surface to perform Activator-like actions
        – etc

        Still think those are all “useless” as you’re ignoramusly implying?

      • BoardDWorld

        I said.. nothing that can’t already be done.

      • *nothing that can’t already be done in a less efficient manner

        Just like everything you can do on the iPhone 6+ is doable on a smaller phone like the iPhone 5, but less efficient due to the tiny screen.

      • BoardDWorld

        I think you both (@Digitalfeind) need to go into a Samsung outlet and really see what’s more efficient. Just because they utilised the edge it doesn’t make it more efficient, not in it’s current form.

      • GustaMusta

        If apple will do it, they will do it in an intelligent way, that will make users to fall in love with it :p

      • Yeah, put their branding behind it, just like they did with the iPhone 6+…brings nothing innovative to the phablet market, doesn’t even match the top phablet series, just goes bigger like phablets did years ago, yet it’s now the top seller…thanks to such loyal followers.

      • GustaMusta

        I agree, there isn’t any innovation, but iPhone itself is a great device, the only thing missing was a phablet category. Phablet + iPhone makes a great phablet device.

        And Thanks to Android users for their love, because “..
        85% of new iPhone buyers are switchers, and mostly from Android” 😉

      • Good point.

      • And switchers from other brands*********

      • Digitalfeind

        Just because you have no practical real world use for it does not mean others don’t.

    • FreeGreezyDoe

      lol you fanboys have a problem with every new feature if its not apple but if it was it would be “groundbreaking and so innovative “

      • Shawn

        Difference between innovation and Gimmick. And why would you call me a fanboy. I’m the furthest thing.

      • Well actually, innovation fits the conventional noun definition of gimmick (http://bit. ly/1yleZSI). I know you’re only referring to the verb definition, but then again, almost everything “innovative” is unnecessary nowadays (as show by Apple sales), despite the lots of very helpful uses they bring.

      • Shawn


      • Digitalfeind

        There’s no difference they’re both opinions

      • Shawn

        I’ll agree to that. I guess the word I should have used is usefulness.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    surprise us this time Samsung.

  • InfinitePlusOne samsung.

    but someone please help me.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      “unwanted website visit” Quit watching porn! 😛

      • Guest

        seriously i just jailbroke and no i dont watch it. and its on cydia?? :/

      • InfinitePlusOne

        I think its fixed. turned off WIFI,Mobile data, and uninstalled PreDelete from cydia. now it works. relief..

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        To (try) fixing it, maybe conduct a semi-restore then reinstall the tweaks again.

    • Jonathan

      I think that’s scareware. Just ignore it.

  • Wade Mason

    Why? What’s the every day practical use of a screen sliver?

    And, if it’s touch sensitive, how do you hold it?

    Lastly, good for Apple for staying out of the megapixel race. Unless you’re printing photos larger than 16×20, it’s just not necessary. Uses up valuable storage space for no reason. Apple’s 8 mp sensors are consistently as good, if not better than all the other flagships.

    • diggitydang

      You just, errrr, can’t hold it like that. You have to hold it like this…

  • Fanboy 

    Samsung logic:
    “3 sided screen is better than 1! Take that Apple!”
    “iPhone has a protruding lens, so lets make a bigger protruding lens! Take that Apple!”
    “We got sued for almost $1B by Apple, so lets blatantly copy the iPhone 6 design! Take that Apple!”

    • Benedict

      The Galaxy S4 had already a protruding lens!? Also the S5 and my Nexus 5. It even has QIS before.

      • Fanboy 

        I know. But Samsung being Samsung must make a BIGGER, FATTER protruding lens than iPhone’s if not they will feel threatened by Apple. We have officially entered the protruding lens turf war with Samsung guys.

      • Typical fanboy idiocracy…

    • Benedict

      The Galaxy S4 had already a protruding lens!? Also the S5 and my Nexus 5. It even has QIS before.

      And btw: When it comes to borrow designs – this is the Sony Z4

      • hush

        which sony looks like and was obviously inspired by the iphone 4/4S.. take into account the ‘backside of the medal’ as well

      • Benedict

        …you mean the sony inspired iphone 4S named “JONY”??

  • R4

    Samsung doing what they do best. Copy apple and add useless features to it. gg

    • smh

      Then those useless features get added to cydia and everyone is like wow this is awesome. Hypocritites

      • R4

        Not everyone, some people but yeah I agree with you. I personally only have around 10 minor tweaks and apps.

      • Fanboy 

        What useless features have been copied from Android to Cydia that we were amazed at? Notification center & toggles are the only features from Android that I found actually useful that Cydia copied. Everything else has been creative innovation from the jb community that Android has never had.

      • Benedict

        Almost every single jb tweak (except iOS specific) exists on Android before! Cydia tweaks always tried to mimic android devices. I always wonder why people who like to customize like that wait for jailbreaks and riped off tweaks and don’t just get what they want with an android device!? It’s so easy! Can you even use a normal “unbroken” iphone anymore?

      • Fanboy 

        You repeated the same comment. So give me examples of these android features that Cydia copies?

        I have a list of tweaks installed at this very moment that I can guarantee you dont resemble Android features whatsoever.

        You sir, obviously have no credibility by starting off with “almost every single jb tweak exists on android before”.

      • Benedict

        Sorry, but I can not guarantee 100% of all tweaks are available on android. Nobody can. I could have used “the bigger part” instead, which can be 99%. If you just look through the top 20 jailbreak apps (source Giga) for iOS 7/8 you find apps like
        VideoPane, FlipControlCenter, Zeppelin, SwipeSelection, Purge, YouTubetoMp3, Swipey, BrowserChange, Fancy, HomeScreenDesigner, Winterboard, Activator, Bloard, FirewallIP7, MyWi, Barrel, MxTube, DockShift, GridLock,…
        But perhaps you can name some which are not available on android.

      • Fanboy 

        Sure I can, these are ones I use that surely weren’t copied from Android

        • Apex 2 (awesome way to group apps together)
        • Auxo 3 (reinvented multitasking menu)
        • BioLockdown (use your fingerprint to lock not only apps, but settings, toggles/widgets, even powering down your device)
        • Springtomize 3 (customize every single aspect of your device)
        • NoSlowAnimations, Slide2Kill8 Pro, SmartBatterPercentage, StatusHUD 2, TypeStatus…

        I could go on and on. The jb community is awesome at developing awesome tweaks, not copying useless android features.

      • Benedict

        ■ Apex Launcher, Nova or Go Launcher

        ■ Android Switcher, paranoid android, TouchWiz
        ■ FingerSecurity (Motorola Milestone)
        ■ see Launchers, cyanogenmod
        ■ Animation/Transition, Kill Apps, Battery Percentage show/hide: native in several Android Roms, StatusbarVolume, TypeStatus: don’t know it, but it’s iMessage specific

      • Fanboy 

        • Apex 2 is completely different than this Nova Launcher you mentioned
        • You started mentioning custom ROMS (the equivalent of jailbreaking), which means these arent built-in android features that we “copied”
        • Kill Apps surely doesnt kill apps the way Slide2Kill8 does, of course we can show/hide battery percentage that is not what SmartBatteryPercentage does (SBP hides the battery % until you reach 20% or below).

        Therefore, my argument still stands. PLENTY of unique jailbreak tweaks that offer new innovative tweaks. We dont copy android gimmicks 🙂

        1 thing I do see more often that not would be android themes, but that doesnt count as “features”. The same way that android instantly released an “iOS 7 theme” for its androids when iOS7 was released 😉

      • Benedict

        All Roms, even from Samsung, Sony or LG are customized Roms from ASOP and include features (menues, settings, launchers, gestures, etc.) perhaps other don’t have. So you can’t compare that. Jailbreaking is just more like rooting – not a whole new customized rom. So customizing was always a part of android and provided a huge potential for new features.

      • Fanboy 

        Well talking about how fragmented Android is a whole other topic (some phones get good features, others dont? lol) but the point was that the jb community doesnt need to copy features and the majority of Cydia tweaks are innovative features. (Notification center, toggles/widgets WERE copied, and a few tweaks here and there such as JellyLock which gives us the Jellybean Lockscreen are a few exceptions.)

      • Benedict

        Yes, you have stock features and additionaly extended or specific device features depending on the brand. The iphone has it’s iOS features everybody needs to except – thats why there is jailbreaking which produces it’s own fragmentation- or in a more positve way – variety. 🙂

      • NekoMichi

        I did just that based on the same logic that Android would be customisable like jailbroken iOS. Unfortunately that was certainly not the case and did not work out for me at all, and I ended up switching back to jailbroken iOS.

        iOS jailbreaking is its own ecosystem, it’s not a wannabe Android platform for Apple users, contrary to what you suggest.

      • To each their own. Having just recently began using Android (after 5 years with a jailbroken iPhone), I had no problem finding similar or even better alternatives to what I had on Cydia, some of which were already built into the OS (eg. Bluetooth file sharing, automatic data limiter, live wall papers, etc.). And with SmartPhones like the OnePlus One that were built to be easily personalized, I’m able to further personalize my SmartPhone without experiencing any lags/crashes.

      • NekoMichi

        To each their own indeed. Android isn’t bad at all, and I do miss some of its features when switching back. But at the end I suppose how things go really depends the individual using the OSes.

      • Oh but you will very soon my friend, most likely within a year. What kind of phone did you switch to?

      • Speculate all you like dude. I’m the one experiencing it here, and it’s already more customized than my 4s could be without lagging due to lack of RAM, and still have no system lagging.

      • Benedict

        Hmm, sorry for that you did not find what you were looking for. I think we have the same opinion that Android is more customizable in gerneral. That’s why you can get different features on diffrent devices (Samsung, LG, Moto, Google, HTC,..). If you find your prefered device than you good – if not you can download and exchange e.g. the launcher and other stuff. If that’s still not enough you can get a super-customizable android rom like cyanogenmod or paranoid or whatever and customize the hell out of it. Annnnd if this still won’t satisfy you, you can get the AOSP and do your own rom. That’s why you can’t talk about Android as “one” version like iOS. All Android versions are customized which defines Android.

      • NekoMichi

        Now that you mention it, I still have my Android device lying around, do you have any suggestions for custom ROMs to try out? I got as far as rooting the device and experimenting with features but never really explored any further than the stock ROM. I managed to brick it several times but saved a couple of Clockworkmod backups which was really helpful.

      • Andrew


    • BoardDWorld

      A lot of their features are very useful, also functionality in the way similar features are implemented are arguably much better.

    • FYI, it was actually Apple that 90% copied the Samsung ATIV S design from 2012 into the iPhone 6/6+. Samsung just isn’t like Apple when it comes to lawsuits, so, you never heard of Apple copying them…

  • iRy757

    I forgot about this company to be honest.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe


  • Andres

    Ok Samsung can spend their money in a feature on a phone that won’t blow everyone away. And still not get as many sales as Apple

  • Imitation at its best!

    • Not quite, meet the iPhone 6/6+ from 2012; the Samsung ATIV S.

  • Andy

    “Apple is rumored to stay out of the megapixel race with an improved 8-megapixel camera in the next iPhone.”

    You don’t even need rumors to know that Apple’s going to keep using a 8 megapixel camera. I know megapixels aren’t everything (ISP, image quality, sensor are equally important) and while Apple has been making incremental improvements each year, surely they can’t stick with 8 megapixels for the next decade. Technology advances each year, and considering that the camera already sticks out on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you’d think Apple would at least make some improvements especially considering that it’s the most popular camera worldwide. Some may argue that the camera is not the main reason people get an iOS device, it’s for the Apple experience… but let’s be honest, the camera is probably one of the most used features of the phone. Even the iPad Air 2 received a significant upgrade with its camera.

    But who knows, maybe one of the “innovations” in iPhone 6s is that the camera doesn’t stick out and stays flush, so they can justify staying with 8 megapixels again for another year. While Phil Schiller can yet again tout how they’ve somehow managed to improve the amazing low light performance with even better color tones and accuracy thanks to the super fast A9 chip.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      The camera design will stay the same (Think 3GS, 4S, etc” but the internals will be improved. It may still be an eye sore to most people but theres 2 ways of looking at it, one being how it adapts to your lifestyle and another is whats it essentially used for. Many don’t look at the numbers of megapixels, or how much processing speed it has, all they know is can I use it for this and how would it work for my everyday use.

  • Ron G

    Im definitely interested in this. 2 things that always bothered me about Samsung phones were the speaker placement and the cheap plastic build. Both of these look to be corrected with the S6. And if the camera is improved like they say, not just the MP count but the lens, I will give it strong consideration.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      the two things that bothered me of samsung were how “Great” they think they are and how many people do they have to rip off.

      • Dan

        Funny how you can take your sentence and simple replace Samsung by Apple. To each his own huh? I’d feel ripped off paying 1000$ for a phone that has 1GB of RAM (and no don’t say it’s not needed, the iPad air 2 has 2 GB) and a 8 MP camera (yes MP aren’t everything, but this is 2015 and some people like to zoom into their pics).

      • Wade Mason

        Some people think that a picture should be taken properly in the first place so that drastic “zoom” cropping isn’t needed at all.

        If 1 GB of RAM is a deal breaker, why does the iPhone 6 outscore competitors on bench tests? Sure, they upped it for the iPad, but that’s like making sugar sweeter.

        And what phone costs $1000? Off contract 128 GB 6 Plus is $949, they don’t get any more expensive than that, and there are 8 lower cost iPhone models (off contract) in the entire range. Not counting color finishes.

      • Dan

        Well in Canada, the iPhone 6+ is 859 for 16GB, but come on, 16 GB, really? It shouldn’t even exist. So imo it really starts at 969 (64GB), add the taxes and it’s well over 1100$.

        For me, 1GB RAM is a deal breaker, apps refresh, safari web pages as well. My 5S did this, and I tested a 6+ and it does as well. I don’t care about bench tests, I care about the experience.

        Concerning pictures, I don’t really ‘zoom crop’, but I do like to zoom in to see certain details. With 8 MP, the pics are tiny.

        Anyway that’s my opinion. If this all changes in the 6S +, I may very well buy it.

      • Wade Mason

        Didn’t know we were discussing different currencies.

        Is the refreshing really a RAM issue though? I always shut background apps down every day or so and still experience the refreshes. Dunno how/why.

        I’m happy with 8 MP basically because you have to store the photos somewhere. I think its a nice compromise. If they increase base storage in the next few years, by all means bump it up to 10.

      • Ron G

        Everyone copies everyone all the time. Burger King copies McDonalds, Pepsi copies Coke etc. All competitors “borrow” ideas from one another and tries to make them better. Look at whats going on with wireless carries. T-Mobile is coming out with types of plans/pricing now AT&T and Verizon are trying to follow. And dont act like Apple has never copied anything from Samsung/Android. Competition makes everyone step their game up.

      • iPodDroid

        There need to be more people like you Ron.

      • Wade Mason

        It’s one thing to borrow ideas and what not… but Samsung crosses the line by targeting IP then dragging out litigation as long as possible. They paid the $1B settlement with profits from the offending phones sold “in the mean time”.

      • Benedict

        Take just some minutes at a store and use a Galaxy Note 4. If you see the features and stuff you can do with it, you wouldn’t even take another android phone in consideration nor use your iphone another minute when it comes to productivity! If you are just interested in the stuff you already have, then – of course – this is the best you can think of. I wish more people would think outside their box. These devices are indeed kinda “Great” (and waterresistant 🙂 )

  • iPhoneWINS


    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Sorry, but “iPhone WINS” is lamer 😛

  • Jason Baroni

    So no one will talk about their camera lens protrusion?

  • iPodDroid

    Honestly rather wait to see what they reveal instead of listening to reports that may or may not be true, and mindlessly jumping on the hate wagon with the other sheep.

  • Pantufa

    how pathetic can a company be? they don’t have shame to copy.

  • john diaz

    Isn’t life an imitation of something that already exists. From the moment we’re born we start learning by copying people around us. so let Samsung be.

    • Wade Mason

      Except 90% of life is “open source”… Samsung continually rips off protected intellectual property (not just Apple’s, everyone’s).

      • Benedict

        Apple is smarter. All parts in an iphone are from companies like Samsung, Qualcomm, SanDisk, Sony, LG, ARM, Texas Instruments… and they sell it for 5 times more.

  • alex5723

    How many screens to you get after putting a back cover guard on the S6 ?

  • n0ahcruz3

    Choice is good.

  • lol good luck samsung

  • diggitydang

    It’s pathetic but the decline in Samsung’s success has already started. It’s getting to be desperate times… And I’m enjoying watching it!!!

  • jack

    dog-eaters never learn. they need to design something new not imitate

  • gittlopctbi

    Quite frankly, that’s a good looking phone. Also an ingenious way of creating more screen space without making a wider phone.

  • @dongiuj

    Apple design is better and I hate the screen wrapping round that far on the edges.

  • iPhoneWINS

    still won’t be better than iPhone