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Episode 94: Cydia gets a small visual refresh, Apple stops signing iOS 8.1.2, Sling TV features jailbreak protection, and ReachApp gets more new features. Plus, we talk about some brand new tweaks like WidgetCenter, Keyboard Accio, Photo Timestamp and more.

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  • noracuts

    Does anyone know of a quick-compose tweak for iOS8?
    I miss BiteSMS 🙁

    I tried Messages+ but don’t like it.

    • Jose Gonzalez


      Never mind, just saw its not updated for iOS 8.

    • Nathan

      Share widget for iOS 8 allows you to.

  • AAP

    the discount code “jailbreak” doesn’t reduce cost of flowers to 19.99….

    • DJMannyD

      I found it only works on the Web version not the mobile version of the site.

  • DJMannyD

    Sling TV App: Jeff, I just noticed that I had XCon installed along with my patch on Flex2 and it works but the 2 tweaks installed alone won’t work. I’ll look into this issue tonight but for now you can just install XCon and my patch on Flex2 to get it to work.

  • KoYe

    Jeff it is not the same about annoying pop up in Cydia ( App store or Cancel ) ” NO app store redirect ” it is the other one i think BigBoss has to fix it ..

  • KoYe

    Yes, it pops-up every time you open the Cydia