iPhone VPN

With news of the massive Anthem/Blue Cross hack last week, another huge corporation has been crippled by a digital security breach, exposing private data for millions of customers. At this point, taking steps to protect oneself online is just common sense, and utilizing a VPN service is an easy way to decrease your risk when browsing the web.

Whether it’s keeping your browsing history hidden, staying protected when using an unsecured or public wi-fi connection, or accessing content outside of geographic restrictions, a VPN is the safe and sensible choice for browsers across the world. With these offers from iDownloadBlog Deals, you’ll be able to get several years of a VPN service at a heavily discounted (and affordable) price.

VPN Unlimited: 3-Yr Subscription

VPN Unlimited

With this special deal, you’ll get three years of protection, an unlimited high-speed connection and unlimited bandwidth. Offering a fresh new interface and choice of servers from across the world, you can even access hands-on statistics for each device used. Best of all, for three years of secure VPN access you will pay just $19. Check out this deal!

NordVPN: 2-Yr VPN Subscription


This $39, two-year deal offers you double the security with NordVPN’s double-data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption. You will also benefit from its strict no-log policy, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your browsing history is nobody’s business but your own. The NordVPN comes complete with an automatic kill switch, shutting down your site as soon as the VPN connection drops. With these features, it’s sure to appeal to the connected user on the move. Check out this deal!

Anonymizer Universal VPN: 3-Yr subscription

anonymizer vpn

For those with multiple devices, Anonymizer Universal is the market-leading product from the Anonymizer team, enabling up to five devices to be connected simultaneously. Using proprietary servers, you can be confident your information isn’t bouncing all over the internet, and can expect 24/7 support from the US-based team. At only $55 for 3 years, with this deal you’re saving a massive $185. Check out this deal!

Tiger VPN 2-Yr Subscription


Do you want the one of the most secure browsing experience money can buy? Alongside 256-bit SSL encryption, Tiger VPN uses 55 nodes in 40 countries to offer the most effective VPN solution we’ve encountered. It can be used anywhere in the world, and with 1Gbps servers, you won’t be waiting long for downloads. At $49 for 2 years of service, you’re saving more than $100 off the retail price of $180. Check out this deal!

Regardless of your online behavior or connection method, a VPN is a simple, easy, and effective way of keeping you, your family and your devices safe and secure at home or on the move. These deals offer you a range of solutions for every budget and for every platform.

Have any questions about any of the deals above? Feel free to email us – deals@idownloadblog.com.