HypeDock Preview

One of the things that I appreciate about Windows is the ability to view previews of running apps by hovering your mouse cursor over an app in the Taskbar. OS X doesn’t natively allow you to do such a thing, but it’s nothing that HyperDock—a $9.99 purchase from the Mac App Store—can’t handle.

I don’t know about you, but I usually like to know what’s behind a door before I open it. Clicking on an app in the dock with stock OS X is like opening a door without knowing what’s behind it. OS X provides little context as to what’s running in the app, which can be frustrating.

In Let’s Talk iOS episode 43, we outlined some of our favorite Mac apps, and HyperDock was among them. HyperDock allows you to change the behavior of the OS X dock, and one of its headlining features is the ability to show full previews of running apps.

Having previews of running apps means that you can hover your mouse over the app, and a small preview box will pop up outlining what you will see when opening the app. In my opinion, such functionality is an absolute necessity, and it’s one of the reasons why I install HyperDock immediately after performing a clean install of OS X.

HyperDock does much more than just enable app previews. It brings Windows-inspired window snapping, and features special previews for apps like iTunes, Spotify, and Calendar, and more. To me, it’s far and away one of the best ten bucks I’ve spent on my Mac, and I’ve been using HyperDock for many years.

Again, you can purchase HyperDock from the Mac App Store for $9.99. While that may seem like a lot, it adds a piece of functionality to OS X that I simply can’t live without, and I’m sure many others feel the same.

If you’re sitting on the fence about Hyperdock, you can download a free trial from its official website to take it for a test drive.

What do you think about HyperDock? Do you use it?

  • Okitavio

    I find Mission Control a million times more useful than the Windows preview thing

    • Yes, but Mission Control doesn’t show you previews of minimized windows. That’s what makes Hyperdock so great.

      • Okitavio

        Ohh, I see. Never realised that

      • jake kneller

        Just replaced mission control with hyper dock and I’m really liking it thanks jeff

      • Doesn’t right clicking the icon in the dock and selecting “Show all windows” do this?

  • ??

    Is there a way to make App Expose work when using a program in fullscreen mode? Love to be to swipe down and see only the open windows for that app. Mission control shows you everything which is not what i want

    • James


    • Andrew

      Not sure, but “BetterTouchTool” might be able to do this. I’ll check for you in a bit.

  • Nice but way overpriced.

    • Not when you use it each and every day. And they haven’t charged any “upgrade” fees in years. Definitely worth every penny, and I’m the definition of a penny-pincher.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    This is the kind of thing that should be a feature to the new OS X, not a separate app.

  • andyr354

    Love this program. The functionality should be built in though. This is one of the places Windows is way nicer.

    • Tronjheim79

      Along with Aero Snap. Good thing there’s BTT.

  • Hmmmm

    I don’t have this problem? Probably because is set my dock to be hidden unless i need it so i always instinctively go into mission control to go to apps that are already open or just swipe until i see what i want. not a big deal.

  • Saudor

    If you buy it from the guys site, it should offer more features. There’s a note regarding this on his site somewhere. Something to do with Mac store restrictions.

    I bought this a year or two ago, it’s so useful quickly sort through apps without loading the entire mission control

  • Imran Ar

    Yes, Its very handy. Yes, It’s toooooo pricey

  • Roboter

    I’ve got another one for you Jeff. It’s called “BetterSnapTool” and have some nice snapping features.

    • James G

      BetterTouchTool has that and more.

  • John

    Tried buying this from the guy’s website and it was paid for but I never received a code. I then emailed the guy 2 separate times asking to resolve the problem of not receiving any code after paying him and he never responded. This was over 2 months ago. Disappointing.

  • Chris Tangler

    hey i wanted everyone to know that the MAS version and the version on their website isn’t the same. website version has more options, or at least it did 2 years ago when i bought it

  • Andrew

    I’m a bit… “frugal”. So I don’t tend to use apps that aren’t free, but I bought this app about a few months ago after using the trial and haven’t regretted it. Totally recommend it! Aero snap is pretty much the only thing I like in Windoze, along with the window previews.

  • Damian Bonadonna

    This app is not supported anymore by the developer. Not recommended.