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The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts, updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today we have several great freebies including Mass Effect: Infiltrator, CameraBag 2 and more.


Mass Effect: Infiltrator – ($4.99 free) – IGN named this console-quality game set in the Mass Effect universe its Free Game of the Month for February. Find out how to get your promo code here.

Earth Primer – ($9.99 $6.99) – an interactive Science book that lets you do things like visit volcanoes, glaciers and sand dunes, and see how they work. Download for iPad here.

CameraBag 2 – ($1.99 free) – the iOS version of the popular Mac photo editor offers several filters and other tools. Download it for iPhone here.

ThoseDays – ($2.99 free) – a combination journal, todo list, reminders and photo management app with a beautiful, minimal design. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

gTasks Pro – ($4.99 free) – a powerful and well-designed task manager with a focus on the Google Tasks web service for syncing with multiple devices. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Emoji++ – ($0.99 free) – an iOS 8 keyboard replacement that claims to be the “fastest way to type Emoji on your iOS device.” Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

PowerCam – ($2.99 free) – another powerful photo editor with 8 camera modes, including Color Splash and Anti Shaking, and a variety of other tools and effects. Download for iPhone here.

Odd Bot Out – ($1.99 $0.99) – a beautiful indie puzzler that has you helping Odd the robot escape the recycling bin of the robot factory using blocks, electricity and physics. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

AutoSampler – ($1.99 free) – inspired by the effects of toy cameras, this app will turn your videos into retro-looking photos. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Tesla Wars – ($0.99 free) – beat back endless attacks of merciless enemies armed with chainsaws, fuel tanks and missiles in this fast-paced tower defense game. Download it for iPhone here.

Playworld Superheroes – ($3.99 $0.99) – this game offers stunning graphics and intuitive controls, and challenges players to create and become their own superheroes. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Apps still on sale


Kindle – (free) – Amazon updated the iOS client for its e-book service today with support for eTextbooks, Book Browser, and more. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Infuse 3 – (free) – FireCore’s popular media player was updated today with support for Google Cast (Chromecast and Nexus Player), and a number of improvements. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.


Chess like: Adventures in Chess – ($1.99) – this dungeon crawler-puzzler combo takes the familiarity of chess and puts it in a whole new world of possibilities. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Nutshell Camera – (free) – this app takes 3 pictures, allows you to customize them with text and graphics, and then combines them all into a short cinematic story. Download for iPhone here.

The Plug – (free) – a simple puzzler that tasks you with moving blocks around to connect a plug to its outlet. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Shipments – ($1.99) – a worldwide package tracker with support for over 200 carriers, push notifications and more. Download for iPhone here.

PDF Converter Master – ($1.99) – allows you to quickly convert PDFs into well formatted docx,pages,xlsx,numbers,pptx,key and more document formats, so you can easily edit or reuse them in iWork or Office apps. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

Stray Dog Simulator – ($0.99) – in this game you play a stray dog that must do things like find food, build up your dog pack and try to survive in a city filled with feisty cats and dangerous dogs. Download it for iPhone and iPad here.

9GAG Redhead Redemption – (free) – a satirical shooter in which you must help May escape the zombie apocalypse by taking up arms and killing the monsters one by one. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

As always, prices are subject to change at anytime—some promotions only last 24 hours—so don’t wait to take an advantage of a deal. Also be sure to let us know if we missed anything major down in the comments below.

  • Victor Molina

    Wish if every app has its icon next to it. I know it’s a lot of work but I think I would download more apps from these lists if I saw what app I’m downloading.

    And yes I could just click the link next to it but I’m too lazy and it would take time if you don’t have the latest devices