Apple plans to release iOS 8.4 in the coming months, and it could include Apple’s new music streaming service, 9to5mac wrote in a report on Monday.

While iOS 8.3 hasn’t even hit the public scene, iOS 8.4 is currently in development at Apple, and is codenamed Copper after a popular ski resort in Colorado.

9to5mac reports Apple could bring the new music service to iOS in the coming months as part of iOS 8.4, though the company hasn’t made an official decision.

An official release date isn’t said to be set for the software that will also bring performance enhancements, however it will be released after the Apple Watch becomes available in April, the publication notes.

Utilizing features, partnerships, and the team acquired from Beats, Apple has been widely rumored to launch a paid streaming music service that will compete with Spotify and Rdio, thanks to deep iOS integration.

Source: 9to5mac

  • Jonathan

    8.2, 8.3 now 8.4?
    What’s tomorrow, 8.9?

    • Bass Head

      iphone 6s

    • Dany Quirion

      where have you been the past months? its been said since the start that iOS 8 would include many major updates, it be happy if i were you

      • Fouad Ab

        Yes your Right but this updates Will have no sence for Many people if not jailbreaken

      • Dany Quirion

        couldnt care less about jailbreaks

      • Hotrod

        Yuck, I guess you like STOCK phones…

      • igorsky

        Not everyone needs to customize the shit out of their phone.

      • Falk M.

        I’ll take stability over jailbreaking any time of the day since iOS now has almost all the features I need.

        There’s just one thing I’d be willing to sacrifice SOME stability for and that’s true multitasking, but I’d rather Apple get on that than somebody hacking together some code to do some funky scaling and mediocre workarounds.

        The prime time of jailbreaking is gone.
        It’s still important, since many people want/need jailbreaking and that’s great, but it’s become unnecessary for many of us.

        I used to jailbreak and hate it, since it was always a hassle, even though it wasn’t too difficult to do, it was just another thing to babysit and maintain.

    • Eikast

      IOS 8.5

      • Dany Quirion

        There wont be any 8.5

  • Guest

    Jesus christ Apple enough with this BS. Why not release a compact version with all of the features included in x.2, x.3 and x.4? Pathetic.

    • John

      I agree.
      How dare Apole constantly update their software with features and bug fixes and other stuff we don’t know about. It’s disgusting I have to download something and install it on my devices.

      Just like Christmas this shit should be once a year, they can get stuffed.

      • SoylentGreen

        You sound like an nsa troll

  • avd98

    Jesus christ Apple cut the crap. Why not release a compact version (iOS 9) with all of these features instead of this pathetic fragmented releases… Such a dumb move coming from a company like this.

  • Eikast

    So essentially down the road I’ll be tempted to be jailbreak free 🙁

  • This is presumably going to be like iTunes Radio in the sense that it’ll support two or three countries and that’s it right?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Pangu, TAIG, or PP better have some jailbreaks ready for these! Or maybe we’re just being spoiled this year for jailbreaks for every little release, but still.

    • John

      Yeah. They better have them ready or else I’m going to write a very reply on an Internet forum.

      • SoylentGreen

        You forgot to add your sarcasm addendum.

  • sdhn

    a good way to look at it i guess is iPhone 4s/ipad 2 -will- be getting these features instead of a maybe being cut off with an iOS 9 release that would have the same stuff … (like how iP4 no get iOS 8)

    • Tim Jinna

      iPhone 4 spec is too low using A4 chip (Good news for A4 chip is can jailbreak , go to any ios with out shsh blob)

  • justme

    first. need to fix iOS8.1.3 because it has many maaany bugs.
    apps crashing. the CC goes crazy when I turn it down in some cases.
    it gets lag when I try to switch between apps. (3 apps opened).

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Apple please chill

  • I really do hope Apple will fix the issues we have with third party keyboards. I barely use them because they take a while to show up and it switches back to the default keyboard from time to time.

  • Donovan

    Lets hope for jailbreaks, can’t use iOS without Tinybar and Swipe Selector anymore 🙁

  • Haha, what’s with all the complaining? This ain’t anything new, Apple is simply doing what others have been doing to their advanced OS; patching bugs they might have missed in the 1000s of lines of code and adding little improvements along the way. Apple didn’t need to do this much updates in the past ’cause iOS was extremely bare bone basic compared to the competition…

    • SoylentGreen

      +1 for telling it like it is in reality

    • N&LH

      The good thing they are working to fix the bugs and improve the OS, not like Microsoft.

      ’cause iOS was extremely bare bone basic compared to the competition”…IOS is an Operating System not a basic application.

  • Timothy

    …skipping 8.2?