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The big news around the Apple blogs right now is the arrival of the first beta of Apple’s new Photos application for the Mac. Coming as part of the OS X 10.10.3 beta of Yosemite, Photos is the long awaited replacement for the aging iPhoto and to some extent, Aperture. In a world where we create gigabytes of photos each and every year, in part thanks to our iPhones, having a way to keep those images organized is vitally important to many of us. Apple thinks Photos, in combination with iCloud, is how we’re going to do just that.

But is it right?

My concern isn’t about the Photos app itself. On that subject, I’ve been using Photos for the last 24 hours and so far it’s behaved itself as well as anyone could expect from the first beta of something so complicated. Yes it’s stripped down compared to iPhoto, and no, it doesn’t feature the same complexities as Aperture, but given the syncing this thing is supposed to do with iCloud, it’s complicated enough to go horribly wrong. And when it does, I don’t think it’s going to be the app’s fault.

Which brings me to a question: Are you going to trust Apple with your memories?

More specifically, are you willing to trust Apple, a company that seemingly can’t make our contacts or bookmarks sync consistently across devices, with gigabytes of photographs of your kids, your pets or your loved ones? With the knowledge that Apple is notoriously bad at making iCloud do what it says it can do, are you comfortable with it holding on to all those memories, knowing they could so easily be wiped from existence? After all, one snafu somewhere along the complicated chain of iCloud Photo Library and everything gets wiped from every device you’re signed into. That’s assuming that part of the thing works as it’s supposed to, I suppose.

In truth, I’ve been fighting with iCloud Photo Library for the last 24 hours having tried, largely in vain, to make a small sample of my photos sync between iCloud, a MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone. I’ve got devices with no images on supposedly uploading content. I’ve got new images appearing some places but not others. I’ve even, on occasion, had it work flawlessly. Just not consistently. And that’s a problem.

Now I know it’s beta software on the Mac and I know that the service itself is even called ‘iCloud Photo Library (Beta)’ on iOS, and for that reason I’m willing to give Apple a pass for now. But it’s a lack of confidence in Apple’s cloud solution as a whole that has me clinging to my complicated system of nested directories and Hazel scripts as a form of photo management for now.

And before everyone points to other people who say this thing worked flawlessly for them – I’m sure it did. Brilliant. Great. Good to know. It still doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone and importantly, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to stop working tomorrow. Confidence. It’s all about confidence, especially where photos of the first two years of my young kids’ lives are concerned.

Once everything’s finished doing whatever it is trying to do with my photos and none of my devices think they’re trying to upload, download or anything else, I’ll run iCloud Photo Library alongside my existing solution and see how we go. If this thing works, then I’m all in. It’s cheaper than Dropbox and means everything is pushed to all devices with no input needed from me. I like that idea, if it works. That’s a big ‘if.’

Call me negative. Call me defeatist. Call me much worse, but until Apple starts to instil some serious confidence with regards to its cloud offerings, I’m going to be sticking with Dropbox or, at the very least, making damn sure I’ve got everything that’s in iCloud saved somewhere else, too.

I suggest you do, too.

  • FreeGreezyDoe

    I don’t trust iCloud with anything especially my homemade pornos

    • Rule #1 of Using The Internet

      If you don’t want people to see your porn / nude photographs don’t put it on the Internet!

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        that’s the thing I didn’t put it on the Internet but when u record stuff on iPhone it automatically uploads to iCloud

      • Not if you disable this functionality. You have full control over what is and isn’t uploaded to iCloud…

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        but its enabled by default if you didn’t know that it was there then you wouldn’t know to turn it off like most people

      • iCloud isn’t enabled by default unless you sign into it. If you skip this part of the setup then nothing ever gets uploaded.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        when u first restore an iPhone obviously ur gonna log into your iCloud and when u do that the option in photos app to automatically upload ur stuff to iCloud is enabled

      • You’ll only login to iCloud if you intend on using it. If you have no intention of using it you won’t log in to it. Yes everything is enabled by default if you do decide to use iCloud since this is much more convenient than enabling nothing by default and making the user choose what to enable and disable. If you want a granular control over what is and isn’t uploaded to iCloud then this is what the iCloud section of the settings app is for.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        …….or you log into iCloud to get all of your notes,apps and data back considering you basically can’t use an iPhone without having an email associated with it

      • peterbreis

        Not true. With iCloud previously you could choose to sync or not, or save your work to iCloud Drive, with Apples latest iteration in Yosemite it just does everything and you have real trouble tracking it, especially when it fails.

        So in answer to the original question:

        “Will you trust iCloud with your memories?”


        Especially when you see how many times Apple trashes your work and files without notice or even apologising.

      • Kr00

        No, it’s not enabled by default. Only a troll would attempt a comment like that.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        yea I troll an iPhone site on my free time…..go restore ur phone and see for urself dumbass

      • Kr00

        Give it a rest. Whenever you set up a NEW phone, not from a backup, you are asked either to sign into or sign up to iCloud services. You then have to switch ON iCloud photo syncing. It is not turned on by default. You’d better check your facts before going off like a whinny school girl.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        get over it im right ur wrong its turned on by default just give it up

      • Kr00

        Prove it! You can’t. I take back my comment calling you a troll, you’re clearly a moron. Quite clearly. You’re wrong, and crap at grammar.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        or its just the internet and i dont really care or think i need to spell perfectly for some butt hurt kid since im not being graded…youve understood me this whole time so it can’t be that bad…go restore ur phone from new and then come back so i can tell u ur wrong again get over it butt hurt boi

      • Kr00

        No, its an indication of your mentality. If you can’t be bothered writing correctly, how can anyone expect what you say has validation. You still have to prove me wrong, or can’t you be bothered doing the leg work. FYI, I have restored hundreds of iOS devices, as new, and all required photo stream to be turned on by the user. Do some REAL groundwork, then get back to me.

      • Kr00

        You’re still wrong, and illiterate. And what’s with all your “butt hurt”? You have a fetish or something?

      • jake kneller

        Well if you don’t know how to turn things on and off that’s your fault for not actually takeing time to understand the phone your useing

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        um or apple shouldn’t automatically enable things that invade ur privacy by default especially if it doesn’t describe what it does… im right ur wrong get over it homie

      • jake kneller

        No actually when you set up your phone you enable it it asks you if you want to use i cloud or not and you choose to use or not it’s that simple and another thing you have to sign into iCloud in set up as well before asking to use or not so you did enable it

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      If you need them, I have copies.

      • SoylentGreen

        +1 very witty ☺

  • Joseph an

    absolutely not because i lost so many photo that i was sure those stored on my iCloud but when i restored my devices plenty of them gone

    • This is what backups are for. Data is never 100% safe unless it’s in at least three different places at least one of which should be an off-site backup.

      • peterbreis

        That is not the story from Apple.

        Apple basically tells all its innocent customers to put everything on the Cloud.

        Nothing about backing it all up, because you are going to lose it. As I did when my photos went over the limit and iCloud began dumping older material to make way for new, unannounced.

        Most users think iCloud actually is a foolproof backup.

      • Kr00

        I’d love to see that press release where Apple TELLS everyone to put EVERYTHING on the iCloud. Is there a link to that announcement? Don’t use hyperbole mush do we?

      • SoylentGreen

        “Best practices” and what actually happens in the real world are totally different.
        Ps. You forgot that off-site backup should be in a fire proof “safe” 😉

      • True. Just don’t complain if you’ve lost all your data and haven’t been keeping backups 😉

    • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola


  • Chang in Charge

    not 100% no … I’m currently backing up with Shutter by Stream Nation, Google+, iCloud Photo Library, as well as a physical backup once a month. I’m paranoid about loosing photos.

  • No because it’s only 5GB free. I think it should be at least 10GB consider there are 16GB devices

    • It should be like Flickr and have free 1tb of storage that can only be used for photos.

      • Chang in Charge

        That’s cuz Flickr was out there selling people’s photos.

      • Flickr has privacy controls. You can set it so that photos aren’t public.

    • Martin

      Agree 5GB is a joke.. Even Google drive gives you 15GB.. And this is from Apple, and you pay them $700… Not fair at all 🙂

      • SoylentGreen

        50gig straight off the bat with Kimdotcoms’, has a photostream toggle and integrates with iFile well for uploads etc

      • Martin

        I got it, but the speed kinda sucks. And there are some limitations.. I prefer OneDrive 30GB and Flickr 1TB 🙂

  • Blip dude


  • justme

    No, in 5 five years when the cloud services have more security and stability….maybe.

  • iBanks

    Yup! Was the reason why I had purchased MobileMe

  • iBanks

    Yup! That’s the reason why I had purchased MobileMe

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I trust Dropbox way more than I ever will with iCloud

  • George

    Hell no, I don’t want my nudes leaked.

    • Kr00

      Neither do we!

  • Walcy Carroll

    it boils down to this for me, will i back up using icloud yes, will i also do a local backup yes, will i also do another backup using dropbox, or some rule using ifttt or something similar yes, so basically it always better to do multiple backups no matter what the service that goes for now or 2025..etc.

  • Jimmy Ekman

    Have already synced my previous iphoto library to all my devices and its working without problems for the time being. It feels good to have all my pictures in the stock app whenever i need, on wichever platform i am curenlty using. Backing up everything thats in the cloud ofcourse.

  • Falk M.

    Sweet Jesus no. Masters stay under my control, thank you very much.

  • James G

    I don’t trust any single source, app, etc. Multiple backups of everything that is important using a combination of:
    Time Machine, BackBlaze, iCloud Drive and soon iCloud Photo Library.

    Just don’t put all your eggs in a single basket and you can feel safe that your content will live on even if your hard drive fails, your computer gets stolen, iCloud breaks down or anything like that. Beta or not, you need multiple backups. Period.

  • john diaz

    There is nor will there ever be privacy anywhere in the world! technology is growing and so are the minds of hackers, privacy as we know it is no longer.

  • RandomAwesomeGuy

    I have never had iCloud lose an appoint or a contact or a photo with my use of their service on my iPhone and Mac. Is iCloud failing a thing?

  • I don’t trust ANY third-party HDD for handling my personal data. Will have to build my OwnCloud server before I can take full advantage of this cloud advancements…

  • Techsticles

    It’s kind of hard to trust a company that didn’t even acknowledge all the leaked photos that came from it’s service. Sure, it wasn’t officially “hacked” but it was a major security flaw. When was the last time a big co had passwords brute forced? I think “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” stopped me from guessing puzzles after three tries 20 years ago.

    The other thing is the horrible pricing compared to other services, some of which offer semi decent resolution photo storage for free.

    Apple needs to step up the game. After a backup, you’re basically left without any storage for anything else and my favorite thing is when I look at someones phone and see their phones aren’t even backing up because the backup size is too large because of the camera roll. Warn people to turn off the camera roll so at least the rest of the data could be backed up!

    At the very least, Apple should offer 5GB per device on your account, not 5GB per account. Really though, if you have a 16GB device, you should get 16GB of iCloud storage included; 32GB device, 32GB of iCloud storage and so on. How many billions of dollars do you need to make off your customers?

    • SoylentGreen

      Aslong as we keep buying they keep kicking in harder and with increasingly less interest in the people who allow them to exist, us, the consumers, a lot of users are just as bad for being so complacent.. As far as billions of dollars go, They want it all (or as much as is feasibly possible to have), evidenced by multiple lies, such as, the myth that factories in China are responsible, law abiding, non on site suicide, non on site abortions, verified and vetted by Apple!!
      This crony capitalist game that they are part of is the main problem, wall st. Banksters calling the shots through the marionettes on capitol hill, the non governmental Fed on record as being “above the law” controlling the boom and bust to the point where they decide when markets will crash, Signing everyone up to derivatives, you do know that the American people are the collateral for the government being held aloft by cash from wall st.
      It’s a big sham and the endgame is on, the confrontation will be at its greatest when they announce they are coming to take the guns.
      You should obtain a “ghost” AR16 and keep it secret☺
      There is a war on for your mind. An information war.

      • Kr00

        I bet you long for the days of Soviet Russia, right comrade?

  • SoylentGreen

    Strangely enough I thought “very funny” as anyone who knows an iota about infosec, knows fine well that Apple are capable and likely to ruin millions of “memories” going forward. Thing is, if you trust Apple to do anything important, such as, expect them to be responsible for, or even give one single solitary fig for, e.g. Years of (your)memories then your already on route to being well up the paddleless kak filled creek tbh. I like to play with idevices, they are ever so tactile and an absolute pleasure to own, but how can anyone trust a company that got caught with its hands in the cookie jar lying about errr, +Prism and who repeatedly refuses to comment on the myth that they perpetuate about no-one can read your imessages when they blatantly can.. Etc
    Laugh? I nearly died.

    • Kr00

      Walmart are having a sale on tinfoil hats this week!

      • SoylentGreen

        Do you even know where that term originated?
        No reply required.

      • SoylentGreen

        1 last piece of wisdom for you, what I said above is proven and individually verified multiple times and still very much in the public arena, tinfoil hat wearers is a term invented by the CIA to discredit whistleblowers and anyone who criticises the official version of events, or is uncovering lawbreaking by the elites, politicians and yada yada yada.
        No more food for trolls, so learn or don’t. who cares if you persist in publicly showing how ignorant you are?
        (Google: Rhetorical questions)

  • Joostiphone

    Oliver, why didn’t you create a Poll?

  • Brian Voll

    Definitely can’t trust it. I lost a few important files with it that I thankfully had backed up in other places.

  • BunnyLuv Mac

    I just lost half of my photos and all of my videos from a Photo “upgrade”. Tech support has been working on it over the phone for over TWO weeks already! No success. They just keep asking me to wait. Hey, APPLE came right into my home, STOLE years worth of memories from MY laptop, put it in segments on some nebulous, notoriously unreliable, CLOUD of theirs, and lost it. And they expect me to wait while they get around to giving me back MY memories. Kids, pets, homes, trips, wildlife, irreplaceable memories. I’m done with Apple. I hope and pray I’ll get my media back but the trust is broken. This love affair is OVER!