Making anonymous phone calls that lack Caller ID credentials has always been possible. In fact, many countries have their own specific prefix codes in order to block your phone number from being displayed on a recipient’s Caller ID. For the US, that code is *67, but in iOS, there is no easy way to add the prefix to a contact that you wish to call. Call Enhancer is a jailbreak tweak that makes anonymous calling much easier on iOS, and it brings with it one additional key benefit.

This additional benefit is a new interface that prompts whether or not you want to make a phone call upon tapping a contact. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally called someone from my contacts due to an inadvertent tap. Call Enhancer provides you with the opportunity to confirm your intentions before the call is initialized. Some may not like this functionality, believing that it slows down their workflow, but if you find yourself subjected to a lot of unintentional phone calls, then I recommend giving this a try.

From the confirmation interface you can choose to complete the call as normal, or you can complete the call anonymously. Anonymous phone calls are simply prepended with the Caller ID blocking code for your country. You can also choose to cancel the phone call by using the ‘x’ button residing beneath the two phone call buttons.

Venture over to the stock Settings app once Call Enhancer is installed, and open the tweak’s preferences. There, you’ll find a nicely designed preference panel, with several options geared towards configuring the tweak to your liking. You can enable Call Enhancer from the Keypad interface, or system wide. You can also choose your Caller ID prefix based on the country you reside in.

CallEnhancer 2

There are several styling features that can be customized by means of Call Enhancer’s preferences. There’s the Dial Tab style, which allows you to swipe on the green phone call button to reveal the anonymous button option. You can also choose to tap and hold to reveal the anonymous button, or always display the button.

Next, you’ll find the system-wide style, which is the confirmation interface that ensures that you actually want to complete a call upon tapping a contact. This setting defaults to “show always” which I recommend keeping that way.

CallEnhancer 2

Lastly, you’ll find the button style, which lets you customize the look of the anonymous button option within both the keypad dialer and the systemwide dialing interface. There are four button style to choose from, with some style being more discrete in appearance than others.

I really like Call Enhancer, because it brings functionality to the table that I’m able to derive real-world benefits from. I can’t stress how many times I’ve accidentally dialed a number, and I’ve always wanted to be able to block my Caller ID on the fly. With the way I use the Phone app, Call Enhancer makes the Phone app better.

What do you think about the feature set brought forth via Call Enhancer? Would you consider using it? Call Enhancer is $0.99 on the BigBoss repo.

  • Uhm, what’s the difference between this prefix stuff and enabling the “Hide my number” (something like that) option in Settings > Phone? All I’m aware of is one shows up as “Blocked” the other shows up as “Unknown”, but isn’t the end result the same?

    • This allows you to do so on a case-by-case basis, which is the biggest difference.

      • Matatanps

        Jeff that’s this work with call bar app?????

      • Chris Buck

        does Not seem to after enabling all settings and 2 resprings…don’t see any difference or the icon to call block on phone or callbar area:-(

      • Feivl

        Hmm, no it doesn’t. It jumps to call the person (with callbar) immediately, when I hit a contact in favorites. Would love to be asked, before callbar takes over. Did I miss something?

    • Rahimo

      1st- it is faster..
      2nd- this is not a permanent caller hide !! it is between your hands all the time .. but going to settings>phone>flip that switch bla bla bla .. long time to do it twice or more

      • 1st – Jeff already stated that
        2nd – You could easily toggle it with Activator or some CC toggle.

      • Rahimo

        is it included in Activator’s switches ?? IDK

    • The Guy

      I see no option under Settings > Phone to “Hide my number” or whatever…

      • It should be under the “Show My Caller ID” option…

      • The Guy

        You’re showing a screenshot of something that isnt even iOS 8, its not even iOS 7 for that matter…looks like iOS 6 or something thats years
        ago, lol. Anyway this is all that’s under Phone options.

      • Looks like they removed that option or maybe it’s Carrier dependent. I never updated my iPhone 4s past iOS 6.1.2, couldn’t stand the new lazy-fugly-flat UI and there wasn’t anything major “new” to official iOS that I haven’t already been accomplishing with Jailbreak tweaks for years.

      • The Guy

        The new flat UI is mainly for those that like pretty stuff, perfectionists, etc…but to each their own. Anyway, its carrier dependent as I found out from another friend. Really has nothing to do with the improved interface but the security, geez, you are probably being hacked as we speak on that old OS, lol…if you were a security freak like some of my friends you would think twice very quickly. Anyway, next time don’t jump the gun in thinking that the option is to everyone’s avail, seems its only available on crap networks like at&t, tmobile, etc. at least in the U.S.

      • Haha, I rely mostly on myself than the OS for security. I simply think b4 I tap/click, that way, I’ve eliminated the PEBCAK malware and barely have anything to worry about regardless of which OS I use. That’s why I’ve never got a malware over the past 8 years of using Windows. You should try it too if you’re a real security freak.

        Eitherway, thanks for confirming that it’s carrier dependent.

      • The Guy

        That is what we security guys call a fallacy, “the absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence.” You must understand that nearly 30% of malware, viruses, etc are undetectable and are unknown…its the equivalent of saying I feel fine but go to the doctor and find out you have cancer… I wouldn’t expect most people to know that as most people are not security professionals, rule one, nothing is 100% safe, but you have no more patches on an old OS leaving yourself open. learn to do better fellow. I would bet everything I currently have and will have that your system is infected. Hope this helps you one day, try to be more safe, it will help less informed folks like you, okay. Later.

      • Yeah, where would you like to meet to make that bet? Bring all your cash with you…installing the latest patches for security is good practice, but these particular Apple patches bring fugliness with them. I can live without those patches by being more cautious. You could be on the latest and still be infected by malware that hasn’t made headlines yet…

      • The Guy

        Would you rather wear a seat belt before a crash or after? No matter how cautious one can be, we can not control the other drivers on the road. So, whats your point, because this is getting increasing silly. We’re talking about the most beautiful OS by apple to date, usually their updates just make it more attractive unless the person themselves is not.

        I’ll met halfway, but you must be valued at least close to my equivalent because I’m not taking much less from this easy win.

      • Using your analogy in terms of installing the update, that’s like getting the latest safety pimps (e.g. automatic breaking, parking assistant, etc.) on your vehicle. No matter how top-of-line your vehicle is rated in terms of safety, if you’re careless with your driving, you will still get into an accident pretty quick. Someone with a vehicle that doesn’t have the top-of-line rating in terms of safety, yet performs defensive driving very well, is still more safer than you’ll ever be in that vehicle. That’s my point. I can live without those new safety pimps and still be a safe driver, ’cause I properly practice defensive driving.

        You find the latest iOS attractive, good for you, I wish Apple were not such a dictator-like herd master, thinking they know what everyone likes. Simply providing the option of themes would solve the problem, but they wouldn’t bother doing that with such followers that’ll love whatever they throw out…

      • The Guy

        You’ve got it all wrong…we’re talking about the crash, not whats leading up to it, lol, keep up bud. So no matter how safe you are, we have to survive the crash because we can’t control the other drivers that hit us, even when our rides are parked.

        Now, if you don’t like something, you can always not use it so what is the point here?? And contrary to popular belief people don’t sit around wanting to theme their phone, unless they are geeks per se, they just want a phone that does what a phone should do and do it safely.

        You’ve still no point…

      • Haha, that analogy is seriously inapt dude, ’cause a seat belt is a very common safety measure already in place in most vehicles, as are the safety measures that have been in iOS for years. The new iOS security patches are like adding an additional safety layer, like automatic breaking, they don’t make you completely safe from malware/accidents. Yes you can’t control other drivers on the road, so, even if you have automatic breaking, you can still get into a severe accident…so what’s your point?
        Yes I said I don’t like the latest iOS version, hence why I’m not using it, so what’s your point of arguing again?

      • The Guy

        Going in circles here about a simple analogy you fail to grasp…I don’t know what to tell you at this point, maybe you will figure it out later???

        And for the smart phone being a smart phone it does so as it should, not seeing the point again unless you don’t know how to use a phone…which by how this conversation has gone I would suspect you don’t know how…I’ll leave this alone because I feel like I’m talking to my 8 year old. Please don’t reply as I will entertain this no further. :/

      • Yeah about time you gave up on the dingbat logic to defend Apple…it was getting nowhere. Try using conventional logic next time…

  • Jude Dalida

    what about those people with CallBar app. Will it work?

    • Gabriel Anaya

      Agreed, it’s nice but if it doesn’t work with call bar then I honestly don’t think I’m getting it

  • Chris Tangler

    jeff, did you just put your real phone number out there for everyone to see??

  • Mike Santoro

    Does *67 calling get charged when using Verizon on mobile?

  • I trust our readers won’t do anything malicious. We have good readers.

    • Rahimo

      Thanks for your trust man .. we do love what you guys do !!!

  • Rick Hart

    It doesn’t work with hold2speak Jeff

    • Chris Buck

      Says it does in there description in cydia.
      But doesn’t seem to work with callbar tweak. Will keep trying

  • A’bdullah Q’annass

    Can u guys give me code for STC Saudi Arabia ,, I cant find it anywhere 🙁

    • Rahimo

      it is not about “Carrier provider” .. it is about “Countries” so look for Saudi Arabia .. if you didn’t find it .. try #31# .. that’s all what I can do !! 🙂

      • A’bdullah Q’annass

        I tried every code none worked for me. The tweak preferences says I should contact my Carrier. I did twice but they say “there isn’t such prefix”.

  • Pakoala

    Not working in Mexico with Telcel Company

    • Armando Gutierrez

      Telcel doesnt allow this (neither Movistar).

      • justme

        Las dos son basura, pero es lo que tenemos :/

    • Max

      and I just bought it! :/

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Idk for what reason but even after using the anonymous calling feature it shows my number, and yes i am pretty sure I’ve set the correct prefix code for my country, may be it doesn’t work for some countries.

  • Shingo

    callbar compatibility?

  • Rahimo

    my home country is at the top of the list .. Algeria #31# haha

  • Macdemon

    We have had the ability to withhold our number from people we call for many years in the UK, we just prefix the number dialled with ‘141’.


    • The Guy

      And the article states that already….you didn’t read a thing…lol.

  • The Guy

    Kind of silly really as there are plenty of services that can unblock, blocked or unknown numbers, I like CallUnblocker for example…fun to call them back and they are wondering wtf just happened.

  • ilikeiphone

    I know the prefix in my country, and I personally don’t answer anonymous cals. so no..

  • Allen Greathouse

    So is that Jeff’s real number up there???